1859 February 8 Letter Horace S. Eldredge


1859 February 8 Letter Horace S. Eldredge


A list of prices for machinery.




Nelson Gavit


Horace S. Eldredge


1859 February 8


Great Salt Lake City


Business Matters
Financial Matters

Item sets


The following bill was furnished by Mr. Gavit, and is enclosed to show to any one who may wish to purchase.

To H. S. Eldredge,

I will make the following machinery at prices as below stated viz.-- ready for operation

One 36 inch cylinder machine with 4 copper drying cylinders.-- Callinders-- Felting-- Belting -- Steam & water pipes -- & every fixture necessary to make & finish paper complete for Twenty eight Hundred and fifty dollars; weight of above about 16000 lbs
2 Rag Engines with Rolls 24 inches long, wrought iron spindles with one Extra bed plate for each Engine-- all to be complete ready for operation (except the wood work which can be made at the mill for about $30 each) for $350 -- each-- or $700 for the two engines

2 Engines about 1200lb each 2400 lbs
One 3 knife rag cutter with 3 extra set of knives for $145 -- weight about 800 lbs

One screw & nut for dry press -- screw 4 inches diameter wrought iron-- nut of brass $130 -- weight about 250 lb.

200 feet 1 in. steam pipe with the necessary brass locks & fittings $90-- weight about 500 lb--

One water pump of sufficient capacity to supply the water necessary for $175 -- weight about 300 lb--

250 square feet of duster wire cloth --$30 -

Phila Feby 8/59 (signed) Nelson Gavit