1859 (Likely September) Memoranda for William H. Hooper


1859 (Likely September) Memoranda for William H. Hooper


Hooper is to seek government appointments and protect private land purchases. Utah state boundaries are suggested and Hooper is to purchase a paper machine.




[Brigham Young]


William H. Hooper


1859 Likely September


Great Salt Lake City

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For Hon. William H. Hooper, Delegate from Utah.

Endeavor to obtain the grant of city and town sites to the authorities thereof, and to have the pre-emption laws extended over the Territory of Utah.
Use your influence to have our Chief Justice, Associate Justices, District Attorney, Surveyor General, Marshal, Secretary, and Indian-Agents appointed in accordance with the following names, giving preference in the selection to the order in which the names stand under each office as follows:--

For Chief Justice For Associate Justices
Daniel H. Wells Elias Smith
George A. Smith Hosea Stout
Seth M. Blair Thomas McCullough
Aurelius Miner James Lewis
John F. Kenney of Iowa Zerubbable Snow
William G. Mills

For District Attorney William I. Appleby
James Ferguson
David Candland Marshal
Jesse C. Little John Kay
Robert T. Burton
Surveyor General Judson L. Stoddard
Albert Carrington George Chase
Jesse W. Fox Richard Bentley
T. D. Brown

Post-Master Secretary
William Clayton N. H. Felt
Curtis E. Bolton William C. Staines
John L. Smith James Leithead, David County,
Alonzo H. Raleigh John Eager, San Pete County,
Joseph L. Heywood John T. Cain

Indian Agents
Isaac Bullock
James Brown 3d
Jacob Hamblin
Thomas S. Smith
John Rowberry

Look after the Fort Bridger claim bought by Lewis Robison, also the Good year claim bought by Capt. James Brown, both of which claims were made when this country was owned by Mexico.

Get a settlement and payment of Ex-Governor Brigham Young's accounts with the Government of the United States.

You are at liberty to write to Pres. A. Calkin, Liverpool, England, to send you br. Thomas Williams or some other suitable person to act as your clerk.

Try to induce some person who will be pleased to help improve a new Territory, to purchase a paper machine and bring it here. In this connection liberty is taken to refer said person to Mr. Nelson Gavit, 224 North Broad Street, Philadelphia, Manufacturer of paper machinery of every description.

If required, concede to making meridian 115 Nevada's eastern boundary; and in efforts for the admission of Utah as a State, permit our state boundaries to be South either by latitude 39 - 30', or 39", west by meridian 115 east by either meridian 109 or 110, and north, if possible, by latitude 44; but in no event suffer boundaries to interfere with our admission, unless they undertake to run said boundary lines through Great Salt Lake City; and also concede, if necessary, to any name for our State that the majority may insist upon. In debating boundaries and names let them make the demands, and accede thereto in a manner that will make the most capital possible for our admission.