1854 January 22 Address at the Tabernacle


1854 January 22 Address at the Tabernacle


Address (January 22, 1854)



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Thomas Bullock

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An Address of President Brigham Young
at the Tabernacle Sunday Jan 22d 1854

Our Bishops have not prepared for the Sacrement to day. it is true it is vary cold. <to day>, yet their does not appear to be that interest to attend and partake of the Sacrament in the afternoon that their ought to be. I can remem - ber when the whole Church could get into a room much smaller than this. then their was a greater Desire to attend meeting than their is now. The People are like the tide they Ebb & flow but I understand that our meetings blessings & ordinances are to cheer the Saints at all times. When I think of celebrating the death & sufferings of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ I think it is a great priv - ilege and a subject that should stimulate evry Latter day Saint at all times. their should not be any one that should think it was a trouble to meet together to partake of the Sacrament. but many seem to look upon it as quite non essential as not nessary to our salvation as the sectarian world look upon baptism. I will appeal to this people. In the mornig the house is full, but in the after - noon their is but few assambled to partake of the sacrament esspecially if it is cold. but I feel diferent upon this subject. If my circumstances will not admit of my attending through the day, I should prefer to attend in the after - noon so that I could partake of the sacrament which is the most interesting to me. I wish to appeal to your feelings and ask you a question, that when you was seeking with all your might to know the will of God & willig to go to almost any length to hear the Elders of this Church preach was you then afraid that a little snow or cold would hurt you? No you was not. I have know people go four or five miles through the snow to attend a good meeting. and I never saw the time when I
could go through the snow any better than I can now. again I will appeal to you, when you was seeking the fulness of the gospel was not your feelings captivated with the light & glory of <Zion> the gospel so that you felt it to be uppermost in your minds above all things els? I can remember when this whole people could get into a room 12 by 15, then the people seemed anxious to know what they could do to redeem Zion, and build
up the kingdom of God. when I compare the Saints at the present time with those days I places them in a situation in some respects that are not pleasing to me, you have not improved as you should have done you are not as good as you should be, you do not essteem prize the Blessings of God which He is pourig out upon you as you should do. you are not as perfect, Holy, or sanctifyed as you ought to be. you are not as Godly as you ought to be. for instead of going backward and growing Cold & indiferent you should go forward & your desires should be on the increase for Godliness righteousness & truth. It shows how man is tempted and wanting in victory and does not learn to overcome as he should do. this is for the want of knowledge. if the Saints knew & understood what was in futurity they would be more faithful & diligent to improve evry moment & make a right use of evry blessing bestowed upon them. I have thought man was not capaciated to receive and retain the blessings which God has in store for him while here in the flesh, (I mean both sexes) their is now many with us that are old members of the Church that lived in the days of Joseph that heard him speak of the great things of the kingdom of God & the words of the prophets and have set under his teachings from day to day. and it has been a source of grief to me many times to think that those brethren have not made more improvements than they have, that they have not learned more in this great
school & that they have not applyed the knowledge given them more to the governing of themselves in their evry day walk. yes it is a shame to you all that you have not made greater advances in the knowledge & things of God. and that you have not arived at a greater state of perfection in the governig of youselves in all things. and I will not excuse myself in the matter. can <do> you believe that man can live long enough in this world to govern & controll himself perfectly so that in any moment of sudden excitement he will not speak wrong or in a passion. I can and do believe it, I know it. and can do it, so that if a person comes to me in anger or with a spirit that I do not like. 1 can hold & govern my tongue. We are in an important school here on Earth and we should improve all the time to the best advantage, we should school & controll organization so that we should do right in all things. we should also teach our Children evry righteous principle which will be for their sal - vation & benefit
Their is nothing <wanting in> Lacking with the Lord in this matter, He has done all that he can do so that we can be as perfect in our sphere as God is in his. Can we increase in this perfection? We can. I will appeal to you when you first received this gospel you felt like praising God all the time for you had received new light, knowledge, and truth which caused your souls to rejoice in your Lord & Savior and their is a continual increas of light & knowledge revealing unto you then why should you not increase in perfection. It is a marvel and a wonder that the saints have not got to a place whare they will live better than they do. I wonder that they have not got to a place whare they will do right. I marvel esspecially at those who have been associated with Joseph the Prophet for years that they have not made greater improvements than they have but when
I contemplate the Kingdom of God as it now is on the earth beig preached all over the world & I see men gathering here from almost evry nation under heaven I do not wonder that they are as they are, But when I look upon the saints that have been with Joseph for years I say they ought to be better than they are, they ought to be better than others. Some that have been in this Church twenty years do not know how to judge things. they do not know how to judge as they should for another. I will ask those that have been in the Church for a long time if your life course and conduct <is> such at all times as to strengthen & confirm new members in the faith. and I will ask all that are in the Church if you persue a course that is calculated to make others believe the gospel which you have em - braced. you should all live in a manner that would lead all men to believe that you had something that was good. And I will ask the Eldars if you feel towards the <wold> world as you should feel. And Parants do you train up your Children in the way you should. teach them & correct them without getting angry, if you have been a faithful student you will feel right as a parant should to - wards their children. Can you correct your child in earnest & not get mad. Can you have any wrong feelings if you are right. counsel with your children in wisdom, teach them the consequances of doing evil without being angry your - selves. tell them what will do them good & save them from evil. What kind of a president would you want to lead you, you want a man that can chastise any member of the Church when it is neccessary without getting angry himself. any member in the Church that has not the priesthood should see one doing wrong that had the priesthood and he should correct him in the spirit of meekness & humility & the man haveing the priesthood should riseup in anger and say 0 you have no business to correct me I have the
priesthood and am a great man. Well says the other I feel to warn you against evil but we will wait & see how it will come out, which is the most justified the man without the priesthood. But bless you you cannot hurt the priesthood the Lord has sent the Priesthood to this world many times and taken it away from the earth and left the world in ruin because of the wicked - ness and abominations of men, they were not worthy to have the Priesthood with them. you frequently hear men tell about their individual rights How would I go to work to contend for my individual Rights in the Kingdom of God. What rights have you had. you had better wait untill you know what your rights are I do not know that you have any rights. The Priesthood, Salvation, and evry blessing that we partake of is the free gift of God to man according to our faithfulness & diligenc in keeping his commandments & doing his will.
The High Prists may ordain some men & send them out to preside over certain places afterwards the same authority may think it wisdom to organize a military to take charge of the same places durig war some may then say I will not be ruled by the military I want the priesthood to govern. but I would ask ho sent the men, the Priesthood as much in the second instance as in the first. and if the people should oppose those who are sent to preside over them they would oppose those who sent them. For instance should the ministers of a kingdom who are sent to other Nations to preside or to transact & do business met with un - just opposition their opposers would soon feel the power of the King. I have the right to do good in all the world but I have no right to get out of my place and do wrong. and that is the trouble with many of this people they are doing things which is not right many times instead of doing good. and thus men
will lean towards the works of the Devil & commit sin, and this tends to disorgan - ization & to death. the feelings are these I will do as I please and be damned. Well as you have an agency & continue to cherish this feeling the Lord will let you do as you please untill you are damned, and become disorganized. for the Lord will finally destroy death and him which has the power of it which is the devil. If I do right I shall go to God and receive all the God has to be - stow upon me. If the Lord sees fit to take all that I have from me my wives children & all that I possess it is none of my business. it is all right, I have no reason to complain, He gives and he takes away & this is his right. I feel anxious for the salvation of this people, and I feel to bless you with all that I have Yes I Bless this people with all the Priesthood, Keys, & powers, that has been bestowed upon me. Yet I will say again that it is a shame to all the saints that you do not improve more, that you are not nearer God than you are, and that you have not more of his spirit & principles dwelling in you.

May God Bless you amen.