1860 April 12 Letter to William Brebner


1860 April 12 Letter to William Brebner


A draft for Catherine Kent was paid.




Brigham Young


William Brebner


1860 April 12


Great Salt Lake City
Aberdeen, Scotland


Financial Matters

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Great Salt Lake City, U.T.
April 12th 1860

William Brebner, Esq.
Aberdeen, Scotland,

From a letter just received from Asa Calkins, 42 Islington, Liverpool I learn that you deposited £84.2.0, with Orson Pratt, on the 12th June, 1857, for Mrs. Catherine Kent, of this City, and for which you received a draft upon me in her favor. It appears that you forwarded the draft to her, but by addressing it to Mrs. Catharine Kent, instead of Mrs. [-] as formerly, she did not receive it, and it was returned to you from the "Dead Letter Office", consequently never presented at my office for payment.

Understanding the Wm. H. Hooper, of this City, formerly acted as her Agent, I learned from his bookkeeper that, on her presentation of papers received from you, he opened an account with her in March, 1857, and has since paid her in full of the draft, and at this date there is balance against her. I have now authorized Mr. Hooper to draw upon me for the £84.2.0, it will not therefore be necessary for you to get a new draft nor take any further action in the matter.

Your's respectfully

Brigham Young