1860 April 17 Letter to Jacob Bigler


1860 April 17 Letter to Jacob Bigler


Counsel for travelers to use caution after an Indian was killed by a U. S. Marshall.


Indian Affairs


Brigham Young


Jacob Bigler


1860 April 17


Great Salt Lake City
Nephi, Juab Co. U. T.


Indian Affairs

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G.S.L. City, April 17, 1860.

Bishop Jacob Bigler,
Nephi, Juab Co., U.T.

Dear Brother:-The late killing of an Indian near or on the Sevier. reported to have been done by one Johnson and U.S. Deputy Marshall Kirk, will doubtless much exasperate the natives in that region, for which reason I wish you to advise all persons going from your place to Fillmore to be very careful to go in companies reasonably strong and properly armed, and to be very carefulto be surprised.

Br. Lewis Robison's boy and some others will start in the morning to haul wheat from Fillmore, and I do not wish them to proceed from your place unless they can go with enough otherrs to be safe, for the wheat had far better remain at Fillmore than to sacrifice lives in its transportation.

Your vigilant attention to this matter will oblige,
your Brother in the Gospel,

Brigham Young