1865 February 7 Letter to Mrs. H. Laziers


1865 February 7 Letter to Mrs. H. Laziers


Chase Oliphant was cut off from the church. There is not much more Brigham can do about his conduct.




Brigham Young


Mrs. H. Laziers


1865 February 7


Great Salt Lake City
Syracuse, New York


Church discipline

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Presidents Office,

Great Salt Lake City, Feb 7th 1865 Mrs. H Laziers,
Syracuse, New York


Your note of Dec 28th last, respecting Chas. H Oliphant and his conduct in your country, has just been received Such acts as you describe in your letter we do not countenance in Mr Oliphant or any other person; but are utterly opposed thereto as a society and as individuals. In his case, we did all that we could to express our thorough disapproval of his conduct. Upon his return from the East, both he and the woman he brought with him were cut off from our Church; and we withdrew our fellowship from them. This was all that we could do under the circumstances, and it was all that any society could do in the case of the transgression of one of its members. I would like to know if he is writing letters to Syracuse; if he is, I would like his letters sent to me, so that I can have the proof of what he is doing.


Brigham Young