1865 March 13 Letter to Octave Ursenbach


1865 March 13 Letter to Octave Ursenbach


Ursenbach is counseled to stay and build his silk business in Utah.




Brigham Young


Octave Ursenbach


1865 March 13


Great Salt Lake City


Business Matters

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Presidents Office G. S. L. City.
March 13 / 65

Elder Octave Ursenbach,

Dear Brother:

Your favor of the 9th instant in which you state, that, if I wish to go to the Sandwich Islands and raise silk, you will sell your place, gather your means and take your family this Spring with those who are called to there, has been received.

The raising of silk on the Sandwich Islands would benefit us but little, if any here in Utah. By developing the silk business here in this Territory, in the course of a few years it can be made useful and profitable to the people generally.

As your business, according to your statement, is not remunerative, and you are therefore being placed in "a very hard fix,'' from which you are anxious to get delivered, you had better sell up your place and move down to the Colorado country. By applying to Bro. Erastus Snow, at St. George, he will be able to direct you as to where you had better settle. The climate is mild there, and if you can cultivate the ground to advantage, and probably do very well at the silk business. Those who are being selected for the Sandwich are either men of means to go ahead and purchase land, &c., or brethren acquainted with the native language. There will be but a few families in all selected to go to the Islands. I remain Your Brother,

Brigham Young

P. S.

If it does not suit you to go to the Colorado, if there is any other place in the Territory that will suit you, you are at liberty to go there.