1865 April 17 Letter to Charles B. Hancock


1865 April 17 Letter to Charles B. Hancock


Hancock will not be reinstated to the office of Bishop. He should focus on righteous living that will bring blessings.




Charles B. Hancock


Charles B. Hancock


1865 April 17


Great Salt Lake City
Payson, Utah County


Church Leadership

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President's Office
G. S. L. City
April 17th, 1865.

Chas. B. Hancock,
Payson, Utah Co.

Dear Brother:-

Your letter of March 24th, stating your circumstances and feelings and the difficulties you have had to contend with, and asking me to give you the office of Bishop again, has come to hand.

I do not see how I could give you the Office of Bishop again, seeing that there is a man filling that Office at the present time, who magnifies the Office and calling in a wise and proper manner and acts to the satisfaction of all, so far as I know.

The better course for you to take is to live your religion, and continue to pursue such a line of conduct as will result in bringing down the blessings of the Almighty upon you and His peace in your heart, and in preserving the confidence and esteem of your Bishop and brethren.

With love I remain Your Brother,

Brigham Young