1865 April 17 Letter to Dwight Eveleth


1865 April 17 Letter to Dwight Eveleth


An inquiry for Eveleth's address so Brigham can advertise his business of commission merchant.




Brigham Young


Dwight Eveleth


1865 April 17


Great Salt Lake City
San Francisco


Business Matters

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576 - 577
President's Office,
G. Salt Lake City,
April 17 /65

Elder Dwight Eveleth,
San Francisco,

Dear Brother:

You have been doing considerable business for one and another in purchasing goods, &c., in San Francisco without receiving anything as a remuneration for the time you have spent and the trouble you have taken in such matters, and I have understood that you are willing to enter into the business of Commission Merchant and are desirous of advertising yourself that title in our papers to secure the business.

I was about drawing up the advertisement for you, and having it inserted in our papers -- as I am desirous that you should have all the business that we can place in your hands -- but, not knowing what address you would wish to put in the advertisement, I thought it would be better to write to you and have you send me your address, or, what would be still better, write out an advertisement and send it to me, and I will have it inserted in the papers, and the public can apply to me as a reference.

We feel the spirit of the times here; but everything is moving along very quietly, and the people are enjoying themselves and are industriously pursuing the labors appropriate to the season.

With love and praying the Lord to bless you,

I remain Your Brother, as ever,

Brigham Young

P. S. Bro. G. Q. Cannon sends his love to yourself and family