1865 April 20 Letter to Daniel H. Wells


1865 April 20 Letter to Daniel H. Wells


Wells is counseled to return home due to poor health.




Brigham Young


Daniel H. Wells


1865 April 20


Great Salt Lake City


Missionary Work

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President's Office G. Salt Lake City
April 20th, 1865.

President Daniel H. Wells,

Dear Brother:-

As near as I can understand from the various letters which have recently reached here from England, Your health is not good, not so good probably, as your own silence or moderate expressions on the subject would lead us to suppose. I well know that before you would complain, or have it thought that you were failing in health, you would die in the harness without a murmur; your naturally quiet and uncomplaining disposition would lead you to do this in preference to making any parade of, or even saying anything about, your bodily ailments.

We do not want this feeling to prevail with you, for we do not want to lose you, nor to have your usefulness curtailed or impaired in the least degree through inattention to your health or through your laboring in a climate or under circumstances that would be unfavorable to your enjoying that blessing. If you do not feel that your health is going to be good in England, either try the Continent or come home: but do not stay there while the climate or the labors are wearing upon you.

You and your wife could return home on a fast steamer in July and be in time to come across the plains with the brethren. The Office could be left with Brigham, Jr., and such help as he may have there to assist him. We are sending quite a number of very capable men there to assist you in the labors of the ministry, &c. and if you should leave for home I will warrant it to be all right with the Lord and your brethren, and it will be overruled for good.

I have an idea that the climate of the Sandwich Islands will agree with you admirably, and if you should return home this Summer, you could take a trip down to the Islands in the Fall and try their effect upon your  health. I have suggested to Bro Arza Hinkley to get ready to go down there this Fall with the hope that the climate will have a beneficial effect upon his health.

With love to yourself and Sister Hannah, and to Brigham and Katie in which the brethren join, and praying the lord to give you great wisdom and to reveal [the rest is missing]