1865 April 25 Letter to Ezra T. Benson


1865 April 25 Letter to Ezra T. Benson


If the brethren can leave their labors Brigham and others will hold meetings in Cache Valley. Five brethren were killed by Indians in Sanpete.


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Brigham Young


Ezra T. Benson


1865 April 25


Great Salt Lake City
Logan, Cache County


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Presidents Office
G. Salt Lake City
April 25th, 1865.

Elder Ezra T. Benson,
Logan, Cache Co.,

Dear Brother:-It is the intention of myself and the brethren to hold a two day's meeting at Logan on Saturday and Sunday, May 6th and 7th, and we hope that it will be convenient for the Saints to give a general attendance to those meetings Bishop Budge is here and thinks that the time I mention will be convenient to hold meeting and that yourself and the brethren would like to have us do so. If it is not right, and does not suit the brethren, you must blame Brother Budge, as I would not have thought of appointing meetings and calling the brethren from their labors in this busy time had he not thought it would be all right. I intend to visit Cache Valley any way, so if it is not convenient for the brethren to attend meeting, do not give out the appointment.

There have been some Indian disturbances in Sanpete Co. and five of t brethren have fallen; but the Indians who committed the depredations were from Elk Mountain and have returned there. Every thing is moving along peaceably in the City, and the warm weather which we are now having is cheering to every body.

With love I remain Your Brother,

Brigham Young