1846 March 5 Address near Farmington, Iowa


1846 March 5 Address near Farmington, Iowa



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MHBY 64-64

8:30 am. I told the Camp that three teams were wanting to draw the cannon, that there was corn to husk where we should go tonight, that the first Company (composed of the Twelve and Bishops) were enough to go out today, that when the Camp was organized every wagon must be numbered with the initials of the Captain's name, etc., that I wanted to go ahead with the Pioneers to help counsel in their arrangements, that there was one family who had no means of going and they must be divided amongst the different teams and no one be left who wanted to go, that the Camp had better eat all their provisions as they needed except biscuit, crackers, parched corn meal, which would lighten our loads and when we get to the Missouri river we would go to work and get flour, etc., and prepare for our journey over the mountains--that good economy, virtue and industry was better than Gold or Silver; at the close of the meeting individuals offered teams to draw the cannon.