1846 March 22 Remarks at the Chariton Encampment


1846 March 22 Remarks at the Chariton Encampment



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I said I wanted a new leaf turned over, and if there was not, a scourge would come upon the Camp; we must give more attention to keeping the Sabbath, and quit shooting and trading, and not pass it off carelessly as any other day, for I know it is wrong; we will tarry here tomorrow; let the Camptains of Companies select a few good hunters, let them meet on the campground before day, and organize, and go and bring us in some deer, turkeys, etc., for we want some fresh meat; and let no man go who is not sent; let others be engaged in getting grain, others in browsing the cattle and feeding the horses; others in burning coal, some in chopping wood, some fishing, etc. When we get to Miller's encampment seven miles ahead, we will organize, and if Bishop Miller moves again before our arrival he will be disfellowshipped from the Camp, unless he repents. Captain Rich took one acre of wood land to clear for corn, when he did in three or four hours, supposing the Camp going on, and the exigency of the case would justify it on the Sabbath.