1846 April 12 Remarks to the General Council at Locust Creek


1846 April 12 Remarks to the General Council at Locust Creek



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MHBY 131-132

I [Brigham Young] told them [the general council] that I was satisfied that we were taking a course that would prove to be salvation, not only to this camp, but to the saints that were still behind. I did not think there had ever been a body of people since the days of Enoch, placed under the same unpleasant circumstances that this people have been, where there was so little grumbling, and I was satisfied that the Lord was pleased with the majority of the Camp of Israel. But there had been some things done which were wrong. There were among us those who were passing counterfeit money, and had done it all the time since we left Nauvoo. And there were men among us who would steal, some pleaded our suffering from persecution and said they were justified in stealing from our enemies because they had robbed us, but such a course tends to destroy the Kingdom of God.
I proposed that we proceed to the New purchase on Grand River, Iowa, and fence in a field of two miles square, build about twenty log cabins, plough some land and put in spring crops, and thus spend our time till the weather settles. Select men and families to take care of our improvements and the rest proceed westward.
We will also send men back from Grand River to look out a new and better road, to pilot the next company so they may avoid the creeks, bad roads and settlements through which we have passed. Then those who follow can tarry on Grand River or go on to the Missouri bottoms and other places where there will be plenty of feed for their cattle, and tarry through the winter, and come on another season as soon as they can make their way through. I also proposed that we select a number of men out of each company and send them tomorrow to Judge Miller's in the neighborhood of Grand River to work and get corn and other provision for the Camp; also that we select a company to start about Tuesday and go on the Northern route to Grand River--find the best road and a good location and let the Camp follow at short stages; one hundred wagons will be sufficient to cross the Mountains this season. H. C. Kimball motioned and it was voted that my views be carried out. I motioned and the council voted to proceed direct to Council Bluffs.