1846 April 19 Remarks at Pleasant Point


1846 April 19 Remarks at Pleasant Point



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MHBY 136-137

I [Brigham Young] said I was thankful for this meeting, a privilege that we had not had since we started, owing to the inclemency of the weather. I never felt a sweeter spirit than that which I have enjoyed since we started. I have seen things I did not like, but I could not get angry, when I saw any of this people taking a course that would finally destroy them it caused me to rise in the strength of the Lord and admonish them using the authority of the priesthood. We would call out those who were to cross the mountains and we would take the public teams and load them with church property and no longer suffer our hands and feet to be fettered as they had been by men smuggling the public teams. We would help the saints on the Grand river, and locate those who cannot outfit to go over the mountains this season, and let them put in crops, and erect taverns and resting places, from one point to another, even to the Missouri river, where they can winter their stock without much grain.
[Elder Taylor preached]
I said that many who could not walk a mile when we started, would, before we got to our journey's end, walk twenty miles in a day. There is Dr. Richards, who has to be poulticed all over to keep life in him, before we get to the pass in the mountains, he will skip and run like a boy, with a gun on his shoulder, after deer, elk, and buffaloes. Geo. A. Smith who could scarcely ride on horseback when we started can now skip into the wagon like a boy. Elder Kimball, Elder Geo. A. Smith and Bishops Whitney and Miller bore testimony to the truth of my remarks.