1846 May 31 Address at Mount Pisgah


1846 May 31 Address at Mount Pisgah



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MHBY 172-173

I urged the importance of the brethren working together for the general good, and the responsibility of all equally to preach the Gospel and save the saints in this time of scarcity and trouble.
Ninety-nine hundredths of the means raised by the Sectarians for evangelizing the world are spent in fighting each other; and the Latter-day Saints have never been united as they should be.
It has been reported the past week to new comers and news has been sent back that the Twelve command the people and are going to take everything from them. I shall command when God requires it of me.
I want to know whether those that have recently arrived here will be united and work for the general good, and not desire to separate themselves.
There are some who are always doing good; others will do as Brother Brigham or the Twelve say, but never step forward and say, here is all I possess, take it and dispose of it for the good of the cause.
Elder Geo. A. Smith moved that those who are going on help build a fence around the field, when many voted.
I advised that all the brethren help build a fence around a farm of five hundred or a thousand acres, and plough all they can at the same time, and explained the general principles in the letter of instructions to President Huntington.
Exhorted the saints to live up to all of their privileges, for the saints have to become so pure that their bodies will be changed in a moment as Jesus was, and not rest in the grave one hundred or a thousand years.