1846 June 7 Remarks given west of Mount Pisgah


1846 June 7 Remarks given west of Mount Pisgah



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MHBY 179-180

12:15 pm
I followed Elder Kimball and counselled none to start without ample supplies for we would probably be more strict about provisions when we reached the Missouri river.
I rejoiced in the nobleness of soul evidenced by many of the brethren who were going forward, who un hesitatingly left the farms they had commenced; when we reached the Bluffs it would probably be one continual train from Nauvoo thence.
I told the saints they were hedging up their own way by the course they were pursuing; some say, I am poor, I have done all I could for the church; now, for Heaven's sake, don't leave me. I want to go with the Church, and every man that could start, is on the way; their faith is, that the Twelve might get far ahead of them, and the Devil help them
I can safely prophesy that we will not cross the mountains this season, and that is what many of the brethren wish, they would rather go to hell than be left behind.
I instructed the sisters to keep themselves and tents clean, and not to dictate those over them, it was their duty to raise all the children they could lawfully, and rear them up in the name of the Lord, watching over them and keeping them from playing with ungodly children, or from falling into danger, or exposing themselves to sickness; and when they have raised them up to deliver them over to their father's charge. Instead of meddling with their husband's business, they should be careful of his feelings, and seek his interest, and men should be kind and affectionate to their wives, not abusing or exposing them to hardships.
Men will be selected to go to the settlements for supplies, that we may have them at the lowest prices.
I recommended traveling by companies of tens, the company first ready to start to have the privilege.