1843 July 29 Remarks in Nauvoo


1843 July 29 Remarks in Nauvoo



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A man should, in the first place preside over himself, his passions, his person, and bring himself into subjection to the law of God; then preside over his children and his wife in righteousness; then he will be capable of presiding over a branch of the Church. But many Elders are contending about presiding over churches, when they are not capable of presiding over themselves or the least child they have.
The first principle of our cause and work is to understand that there is a prophet in the Church, and that he is at the head of the Church of Jesus Christ on earth.
Who called Joseph Smith to be a prophet? Did the people or God? God, and not the people called him. Had the people gathered together and appointed one of their number to be a prophet, he would have been accountable to the people; but inasmuch as he was called by God, and not the people, he is ac-countable to God only and the angel who committed the gospel to him, and not to any man on earth. The Twelve are accountable to the prophet, and not to the Church for the course they pursue; and we have learned to go and do as the prophet tells us.