1843 July 30 Remarks in Pittsburgh


1843 July 30 Remarks in Pittsburgh



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MHBY 140-141

I asked the following| questions, and reasoned thus,--Why do the people oppose the gifts and graces of the Gospel?
If a man can get faith by the power of God, and the gift of the Holy Ghost, so as to lay hands upon his wife and children or friends, when they lie sick and languishing nigh unto death, and command the fever or disease, or the power of the Destroyer, or even death itself, to cease its work and be still, and the person is relived, I ask what harm is there in all this? Or if a man, by faith and humility before God can get the testimony of Jesus Christ, and prophesy of things to come, or be able to speak in tongues or cast out devils, I ask what harm is there in all this? Does it do any harm? No, it does not.
I know the New Testament is true, for I have proved it according to the pattern given--namely, by believing in Christ and obeying the Gospel; and I know that the signs do follow the faithful believers; then I ask, Do these things harm anyone? No, they do not.
Again, the kingdom of God must be concentrated--the people must be together and gathered into one place. How would the King of France or England look undertaking to reign over a kingdom, when their subjects were scattered all over the world, except in France or England? So with the Saints, they must be gathered together, and this work has already commenced.
Who is the author of this work and gathering? Joseph Smith, the Prophet, as an instrument in the hands of God, is the author of it. He is the greatest man on earth. No other man, at this age of the world, has power to assemble such a great people from all the nations of the earth, with all their varied dispositions, and so assimilate and cement them together that they become subject to rule and order. This the Prophet Joseph is doing. He has already gathered a great people who willingly subject themselves to his counsel, because they know it is righteous.