1843 August 27 Remarks in New York City


1843 August 27 Remarks in New York City



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President Young arose and addressed the meeting in an interesting manner upon the subject of the gathering, the building of the Nauvoo House and Temple. He spoke of the Priesthood, and said that it was a perfect system of government.
Afternoon: (HCK, GAS, BY)
President Brigham Young said the scriptures had been mystified to that degree that the greatest divines of the day are as ignorant as the dumb ass concerning the things of God; comparatively they don't know their right hand from their left. We try to revere the scriptures and to make them so simple that the people can understand them. Place a man in this room who is ignorant of science, and take everything out that he can see and then ask him if there is anything in the room. He will say, No, only we two. I tell him there are millions of live animals in the room(C)(C)that we even breathe them; and I will show him by the aid of the microscope that there are live animals in a drop of water, which appear to be eight feet long; but he won't believe it until he sees it through the magnifying glass. So with the unbeliever in revelation. He does not believe in God, in angels or in spirits, because he cannot see them; but let him have spiritual glasses, or obey the commandments of God, get the spirit of God, and then he can see the truth.

A hymn was then sung.
Then several questions were asked as follows:
1. Can any officer in any branch of the Church say that his word is law and shall be obeyed?
Answer: He can say that his word is law; but does that make it so? Yes, if he has the law of God and delivers it: otherwise it is not.
2. Is it right for a priest to be appointed to accompany a teacher to the house of each member, when his duty is set forth in the Covenants?
Answer: Yes, any officer from a high priest to a deacon may visit the Church or members, and be set apart for this purpose, if the Church will receive it.
3. Can a branch of the Church make by-laws on the principle of expediency, which are not specified in any revelation?
Answer: Yes, if they wish, they may make laws to stick their fingers into their eyes; but it is like the man who habituated himself to sticking his fingers into a knot-hole in a board partition every morning, until custom compelled him to do it; for having omitted it one morning he felt so curiously at the breakfast table, that he could not eat. He then bethought himself, went and put his finger into the knot-hole and returned with a good appetite, and ate a hearty breakfast.
Elder Young said that if elders or high priests are so situated that they cannot get word from the Prophet or the Twelve Apostles, they may get a revelation concerning themselves. The Twelve may get a revelation in any part of the world concerning the building up of the kingdom, as they have to establish it in all parts of the world. So any person can ask the Lord for a witness concerning himself, and get an answer, but not to lead the Church: that belongs to the head of the Church.