1846 June 28 Afternoon Remarks at Council Bluffs


1846 June 28 Afternoon Remarks at Council Bluffs



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MHBY 200-201

I instructed the newly arrived brethren to report themselves and be enrolled in a company as one would be selected to go over the mountains and put in seed; for I was aware, that all that men and hell could invent to hedge up the way of the camp, would be hatched up.
I moved that we all go over the mountains, leaving our families, which was sustained by unanimous vote.
I asked, who would volunteer to leave their families and go over the mountains. Scores voted.
I said, if the Church is blown to the four winds and never gathered again, remember I have told you how, when and where to gather, and if you do not go now, remember and bear me witness in the day of judgment.
When God tells a man what to do, he admits of no argument, and I want no arguments, and if they will go I will warrant them safety in so doing.

John Taylor Journal; CHC 3:63

Brother Young spoke and said that the companies must prepare teams and grain and implements of husbandry to send over the mountains as the season is so far advanced that there must be something done and that quickly; and as the folks were not willing to let the Twelve go ahead any faster than they did, they must send on men and teams to prepare a place and plow and plant to receive us; for if we do not send men ahead it will throw us back another year and we will have to buy another year's provision. He then said he wanted to know their numbers, for he was determined to go and leave his family if he could get any volunteers to go with him, and leave their families in the care of old men and boys. They would take mules, horses, and swift cattle that could travel thirty miles a day, and take grain and corn along, they then commenced numbering and numbered forty, among whom were the twelve. There were a great many men down who could principally all go, and there were a good many not at meeting. They spoke of the practicability of going this fall. Brother Brigham thought we could do it in thirty-five days.