1853 December Ellerbeck Entries


1853 December Ellerbeck Entries



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Thomas Ellerbeck

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Thursday 1 Decr 1853. Very fine day 9 to 5 In In Dept for B. Y. Govr. Office
Friday 2d Decr. 1853 1 day History.
Saturday 3rd Decr. 1853 1 day in Post office & History
Monday 5 Dec. 1853 Fine day. warm - noon -
9 - 12 1-5 References for writing History from High Council Min.
Tuesday 6 Decr. 1853 Clear fine morning, some little frost in night ice 3 in thick
Prest. Youngs house &c is shingled. 8 1/2 - 2 at Chh. History
Wednesday at home
Thursday 8 to 12 Cleaning out Chh. History Office after putting the curtains up - & 1 to 6 3/4 in Govr Office 10 L. Co a/cs Bro Hiram B Clawson having called me away from Church History by Governor's orders
Bro Hosea Stout arrived in city from San Bern China Mission He Brought a sample of San Bernardino Cotton & a map of the city of San Bernardino
Tuesday 13th Decr 1853 Messrs Reece started for California
Wednesday 14th Dec 1853 Elder O Hyde returned from Bridger - reported that the boys were located in the nicest spot he had ever seen & in a fort which could withstand five thousand indians The City Wall is progressing pretty well - a good many of the Wards having begun [?] [?]
Thursday 15 Dec 1853. B Y [?] Bro Hawkins - & visited his Mill Thursday