1853 August 31 Special Order to David Moore


1853 August 31 Special Order to David Moore


Orders to provide arms and provisions for company and move them to Fort Hall to aid in conveying wagons and property from that post.


Navuoo Legion


D. H. Wells


David Moore


1853 August 31


Great Salt Lake City
Weber, Utah Territory


Nauvoo Legion
Special Orders

Item sets


Head Quarters Nauvoo Legion
Adjutants Genl. Office
G. S. L. City Aug[st]. 31 1853

Special Orders
No. To

Major More Weber Military
District Utah Territory

I You will forthwith proceed to raise from your command Thirty Yoke of Oxen and eight Men with one baggage wagon to carry provisions blankets &c

II You will organize the company by appointing the most suitable person Captain and see that every one is suitably armed and is provided with thirty Days rations.

III You will start this frorce so organized, with the required am't of cattle to Fort Hall without delay to aid in conveying the wagons and other property from that post and direct them to report themselves to Captain Bryant Stringham upon their arrival and act from thence under his direction

IV Make report to this office of your doings herein and let no hindrance delay or failure interpose the rapid full and entire execution of this order

D. H. Wells.