1853 September 30 Letter to Samuel W. Richards


1853 September 30 Letter to Samuel W. Richards


Response to Samuel W. Richards mentioning temple wall construction, immigration, church publications, supplies and Indian conflicts.




Brigham Young


Samuel W. Richards


1835 September 30


Great Salt Lake City

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G. S. L. City, Sept 30th. 1853

Dear Bro. Samuel,

Your  [illegible]  letter of July 22d, arrived this day, and I feel to praise the Lord continually for the great prosperity he is extending unto our efforts to spread the gospel and bring to pass salvation.

We are also abundantly blessed in the vallies of the mountains, our crops are bounteous, our health good, and spiritually and temporally we are constantly and rapidly advancing on the great pathway of truth.

Should the coming winter prove mild, the wall around the temple Block will probably be finished by next spring, as also a ditch and earth Wall entirely around this City, in both of which works and in building and in all manner of labors the brethren are very spirited.

This year's immigration are arriving in goodly numbers, and mostly in good health, faith, and spirits, and generally they have been highly blessed in their journeyings, and will probably all reach here without any of them being much, if any, incommoded by cold & Snow.

With the exception of the Book of Mormon, Book of Doctrine & Covenants, and a Hymn Book, it will <not> probably amount to much to forward, or bring any of our publications to the mountains, as most of those who care for them there will bring them along with them, and those who would like to read them here, can accommodate themselves by borrowing

You will be duly notified of your successor, but in any event I do not expect you to leave your post until someone appears officially authorized to relieve you.  I wish you to bring or forward to me 2 Dozen Bottles of best copying ink, and two copying Books, 9 inches by 12. with the accompanying all [hard to read]  papers, &c.

In looking over my assortment of Mill Irons I find that I have none on hand that entirely suit me, I therefore wish you to purchase for me six of the best [illegible]  upright saws that the English market can afford, to be Six and one half feet long, I wish you to be very particular, and procure the best, common saws I do not want.

Please say to such brethren as may have a little surplus means that an assortment of best English files will meet a ready sale here, be of benefit, and one person could bring [illegible] more according to his means, and the aggregate would perhaps supply the market.

Please say no more about the £ 10.0.0 Company, & about no one for less than £ 13.0.0.

But little has occurred with the Indians since our last date, except that Bro. Wm. Hatton was killed while at [on?] guard [illegible] at Fillmore on the 13th inst, and 2 [5?] Indians have been killed at Manti, date not heard, and some Indian driving has been done in the South part of Utah County, particulars not received.

May the Lord bless & prosper you

I Remain

Your Brother in the Gospel


 Signed​  Brigham Young