1854 January 3 Letter to Bishop Hunter


1854 January 3 Letter to Bishop Hunter


Proposal to use labor Tithing to repair a fence in order to secure a field for grass and hay.




Daniel H. Wells


Letter to Bishop Hunter


1854 January 3


Great Salt Lake City
West Jordan, Utah


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Great Salt Lake City Jany 3rd 1853

To Bishop Hunter
West Jordan Ward

Dear Brother,

We have been at considerable expense, fencing and endeavoring to take care of a pasture field across Jordan, for which we have as yet received nothing. Owing to the high waters of last season, we find that a large portion of the fence was laid low, and poles &c swept away.

We have considered that it might give you a small winter's Job, to work out labor Tithing, to take hold of that field fence, and put it in complete order, and repair. We are exceedingly anxious to have the benefit of that field for grass and hay, it would be of great service to us if we could have it well secured. Lend us your efficient aid in this work, and let us have a good substantial enclosure around that field before Spring advances.

With Sentiments of High esteem
We remain your brethren in the Covenant

signed Danl H. Wells