January-April 1833


January-April 1833


Brigham Young and Joseph Young serve a proselytizing mission in Canada.




January-April 1833


Brigham Young


Ontario, Canada
New York

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Missionary Work

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[Brigham Young, Journal, 1832-36, Ms. Brigham Young Collection (MS 1234, bx 71, fd 1, LDS Church Archives. Brown, hard cover, 6 1/2" high (16.6 cm) x 4 1/4" (10.7 cm) wide. A square piece of white paper is pasted on the front of the book with the handwritten words: "Prest. B. Young's Journal 1832, 33, 35, and 36" written in brown ink. The journal contains 24 leaves, 48 pp., cream colored, faintly lined paper, unnumbered; following the 12th leaf are two inserts sewed into the book: the first insert measuring 4 11/16" (12 cm) high x 3 3/4" (9.5 cm) wide, 8 leaves, 16 pp., unlined cream colored paper, the last 3 pages blank; the second insert measuring 5" (12.5 cm) high x 4" (10 cm) wide, 6 leaves, 12 pp., unlined cream colored paper. The first page of the diary begins with the entry "Apriel 9th 1832;" the first page of the first insert begins, "Sept 3th 1835;" the first page of the second insert begins, "about 11 A.M. wee ware in Buffalow." Following the last page of the second insert, the 13th leaf of the main diary contains the entry for "November 12 - 1833" written on the top half of the page; the bottom third of the page, written upside down is the entry of "Sept 3<th> 1835." The book was turned over and used for the May 3 - Sept 3 1835 diary, following two leaves containing miscellaneous items.
Starting from back of the book: The first leaf is blank; the second [p. 3] contains "Art thou a brother or brethren, I salute you in the name of the Lord . . . ." on the top two thirds of the page; the bottom third contains a mathematical calculation and Brigham Young's name written sideways at the bottom of the page. Page [3] contains an account of money received under date of "Apriel 30<the> 1832." Then on page [4] begins the diary entry "May 3th 1835."]


2 day of Janu[a]ry [1833] Brother Joseph and I started for Canadia was gan till the firs of March tr[a]veled 5 or 6.00 miles held a bout 40 metings Baptized 14 in Canadia 9 of them myself

may the 6 [1833] I Baptized Sharlott Bond in Mendon.

s[eptember]. 22 [1833] I Baptized Eliza Jane Pharcher in Arvon. [[remainder of p. 2 blank]]

1833 Apriel 30 Started for Canaday went to Palmiria took a bote went to Lyonds Spent the 1 day of may with the Brotherin

thirsday 2 [May 1833] Preached at Brother Drowns and the Lord pord out his spiret apon the Peaple and I had good liberty in speaki<n>g

friday the 3 [May 1833] Baptized 6 held a prair meting in the Evening and then Prached to them

4 [May 1833] went to Sodas and the next morning Baptized 2 a sunday the same day returned to Lyonds held meting at Brother Drowns had a good time

6 [May 1833] left Lyonds for Aurilius - held a meting on the 7 day evening mothe[r] was sick -

8 [May 1833] preached at 4 P.M. about 1 mild west of Troopsvill I spoke from Jen 48-& 49 Dut 33 Iz 11 Eze 37 [[p. 3]]

9 day of May [1833] held a meting at the brick Chool house west of Clarks vill

10 [May 1833] left Aurrilius went to cambius took dinner at E. Pr. D. Watters put up in the town of Granby at Tinkin,s

11 [May 1833] went to Brother <James> [added in pencil in another hand] Lakes put up for the day preached in the evening at the new chool house

12 [May 1833] Sunday preached 9.o.c. A.m. at the new chool house and at 3. p.m. north chool house put up at Brothers Wm Drapers the presence of the Lord was with me.

13 [May 1833] monday wee left Brother Drapers took dinner at the widow Williams then took [[p. 4]] our Jerney stade at Mexecoe at Morton Tavern

14 [May 1833] went to watterton cald at c coson Morton stade at D[..]t Greenes they ware all well at Both placees

15 [May 1833] went from peattertown to Indin River falls to Ira Patton

16 [May 1833] found Brother David Patant in good sperits preached at the chool house in the vilige at 6 ocl[o]ck P.M.

17 [May 1833] taried at Ira Patten and Preached at half past five P.M. and Brother David Patton spoke after me

18 [May 1833] sat[urday] preached at Bats inn at 4 p.m. and a sunday <19> preached at Shantyvill at 10 A.M [[p. 5]] and in the after part of the day preached at the Parker Choole house

20 [May 1833] monday morning Baptized 7 seven and then <brorthering> left the place <in good sperits> for the north and stoped in the town of govunar and found Joseph T. Works in tolarable helth

21 [May 1833] left the plase for Ogdensburg cold at Depayster left J. T. Works at coson F[e]llows went to Ogdensburg crost the river to Prscot that nite

22 [May 1833] took the steam boat great Britton landed at Kingston and from their to Brother James Lukes [Lakes?] found them all well and in good sperits [[p. 6]]

Sunday May 26 1833 preached at Brother Myrics barn at 10 oclok, and at 4 P.M. at Brother J. Lakes held aprare meting

27 [May 1833] monday went to Loburro had a prair meting in the evning, found the Brotherin in good helth and in good sperits their has been 17 Seventeen Baptized sence Brother Joseph and I left heir

29 [May 1833] wensday held a meting at Brother Daniel Wood,s at 3 oClock P.M.

30 [May 1833] thursday went to Brother N. Lake held a meting at one o clock had good liberty in preaching

31 [May 1833] preached at 1 o.c. P.M. at Brother Wm Draper,s [[p. 7]]

June 1th 1833. preached at 10 A.M at Peater Bices - took dinner at Brother Picksleys then attended Reform methodis quarteley meting in the afternoon 2 day [June 1833] Sunday held meting at Broth Daniel Wood at 10 A.M. at 4 P.M at Stiles barn and Baptized three

5 [June 1833] held meting D. Wm Drapers

6 [June 1833] Preached at W. ( at 10 A M at 4 P.M. at Peter Brisses

7 [June 1833] Preached at East Lobourgh at the stone school house then returned to D. W. found Brother James and Denies Lake and their famuley

8 [June 1833] Saterday met in confrence with seven Elders and the [[p. 8]] Brothen two teachers ordained

9 [June 1833] Sunday preached at D. W. at 10 A.M at 4 P.M. at frend stiles Barn

10 [June 1833] ordained 1 Preast then returnd to Brother Lake (2 town

14 [June 1833] atended a <prair> meting at the Sameul Sn[i]der

15 [June 1833] Prached at the schoolhouse west of the Switsur chapiel in the open are [air] at 10 A.M. Brother J. Lot spoke then went to Bowers chapel to attend an apoin[t]ment at 3 P.M. the key was refused and it rained so wee had no meting

16 <Sunday> [June 1833] I preached at the read [red] Choole house 3 miles west of Bro[t]her Milets

17 [June 1833] Preached at the Loge Choole house west of Brother Milets [[p. 9]] went <from> Brother Millets to Brother Hartmans

18 [June 1833] went to Brother Gorge Hartmans

19 [June 1833] Preached at Brother Lewis Hartmans at 3 oclock P.M. had good liberty

20 [June 1833] Baptized 1 then went Brother D. Wood

21 [June 1833] Baptized Brother Henery Wood,s whife

22 [June 1833] Preached at Brother D. Wood at 10 A.M. had a good time then went to the water and Baptized 10 and their had a meting the childrin was was brought foried [forward]

23 [June 1833] Sunday went to Adzets 4 miles west of Watterloo Preched at 10 A.M. then returned to watterloo Preached at Smith,s Inn at 3 P.M. Brother J. Lot was with me this day then went to Brother J. Lakes that nite [[p. 10]]

June <the> 25 1833 went to my apointment by Bours Chappel but it rain<ed> in so that wee had no meting taried at J. Lakes that week

29 [June 1833] <Satder> Brother D. Lake and myself went to Lobourough a sunday

30 [June 1833] I. Preached at D. Wood,s at 10 am <had the cakrement ordained one> then returned to J. Lakes that nite

July 1 <the> - 1833 Brother J. Lake and his famely and my self started for the ohio - N. Fellers and D. Lukes and A. Lake acompened us to Kingston wee then took the steam boat grate Briton and a fridia morning <the 6> wee landed at the head of the Lak[e] [[p. 11]] we then took wagons and went to Bafalow and wee had a good and safe Jorney and then wee put the goods and apart of the famely on board of the steam boat and J. Lake and his whife and the rest of the famely and my self went by land and a thursday [11 July 1833] about 10 oclock wee arived at Curtland [Kirtland] and found the famely and goods safe arived and found all the Brotherin well and in good sperits and found Brother Basley and Brother Avrey and Brother Knobles their--

a Satday [14 July 1833] Brother Bosley and I. went to Charadon [[p. 12]] I. Preached in the town of Charadon at 10 A.M to acrouded Congration and the[n] returned to Curtlan

on Manday 15 - 1833 left Curtlan for mendon Brother Booth and Mr Murrey brought, Brother Bosley and B. Knobles, D. and J. Wood and my slef [self] to Fair Port and Mr Murrey and Brother Booth returned back to Curtlan and wee tarred the next day at 3. P.M. and then took the steam Boat Ohio and landed in Bufulow awensday [17 July 1833] at 12 oclock and tarred a the stagehouse till 10 P.M. [[p. 13]] and then took the Stag for Avan and arived at Brother Eber Wilcox a thursday a bout 12 oclock and attended meting at Brother Bosleys and found the Brotherin all well an in good sperits - a satterday [20 July 1833] went to Brother Bonds in Mendon and found them all well

21 [July 1833] Preached at Brother Ira Bonds to a large - congre[g]ation and Baptized one and then returned to Brother H. Kimbel--

thursday 25 [July 1833] Brother H. K and J. Young and my self started for Lyondstown we arived their safe and found the [[p. 14]] Brotherin all well and in good sperits

26 [July 1833] wee went to Aurilius after my Children and found them and mother Works famely well

saterday 27 [July 1833] returned to Lyonds

28 [July 1833] Sunday at 10 A.m.- I. Preached to a large congregation had a good tim and liberty in speaking

August the 9 [1833] - Brother H. Kimbel and myself started for Lyonds and arived ther the next morning and found them all well

11 [August 1833] Sunday - I. Preached at the Read Chool house twice and then held a meting at Brother Thomas Colborns, monday the 12 Baptized 4 held meting [[p. 15]] at nite and next day <13> [August 1833] started for hom the 14 [August] - stopid at Brother H. Kimbal staied at Brother I. Bishops

15 [August 1833] went to Aravon and Jenneso found them all well

16 Brother Joseph and mi self started for Lyonds staed at mendon that night

17 - went to Lyonds found found them all well

19 Brother Joseph and my self held 2 metings and the power of God was manafes

Monday the 20 [August 1833] - in the evening held meting at the Jeffers Chool house and had a good time

21 [August 1833] started for mendon staed at Brother Morton that knight

23 went to Springwater Valley found Fererymorze [[p. 16]] well and in a good place

26 [24 August 1833] Commenced the too day meting I priched at the Brick Choole house in the evening

25 [August 1833] sunday wee had a precies time and the Power of god was manifest

26 went to mendon took dinner at the spring,s in Arvan

27 Spent the day at mendon

28 we[n]t to Canandagua Preached in the Chool house in No nine in the evening

29 went to James Murreys Preached at night

30 [August 1833] returned to Brother Mores Preached in the Chool house to a large congregation in eveni[n]g [[p. 17]]

Sept 1 <the> 1833 Preached in the town of Lyonds at 10 A.M. to a large congration and again at 4 P.M. and the presents of the Lord was with us

2 [September 1833] Preached at the Jefferes Choolhouse in the evening to a large congration Staed with Brother Drown

3 tusday Preached at the Tailor Chool house in the evening to a large congration Staed with Brother Dickson on over nite [[p. 18]]

Sept 4[th] 1833 an Elder of the Church of <Christ> - Bee it knone to all persons that I. Brigham Young have Mareid Jonathan Hampton and Julia Foster acording to the lawes of the State of New York in the Presents of Abigal Foster Orson Foster and Trew Glitton - held a meting in the evening [On a loose slip of paper is the note: "Jonathan Hampton Aged 22 years Julia Foster Aged 21 years"]

5 [September 1833] Brorther Joseph Young came to Lyonds which rejoised my hart wee held a meting in the evening at the Stone Choole house and Staed at Brother Van Dikes

6 fredia wee went to Brothers T Powers in Sodas held a meting in the evening

7 went to Brother Dealin,s. [[p. 19]]

Sept 8[th] 1833 Brother Joseph and I held a meting at the F[u]lkins Choolhouse at and 10 a m and then at 4 P.M - at the G S. Granger Chool house to [a] large and Attive [attentive] congregatian Staied whith Brother Granger

9 [September 1833] Preached at the Choole house in Brants Setlemen[t] Staed whith Brant over nite

10 held meting at Con- Norton choolhouse

11 held meting at Brother Granger Chool house

12 [September 1833] held meting at the New Chool house nere Joh[n]son Black Smith Shop -

13 went to Lyonds [[p. 20]] found them all well held meting at nite

14 Satterday went to Butlar found Mr Votes Peaple well wee ware recived as frends by the fameley Brother J. Hampton went with us from Lyonds, wee Preched to quite a congration and they ware verry attentive - I beleve that the word took affect

15 [September 1833] Sunday wee Preched at 10 A.M. and then at 5 P.M. and the word of truth sunk in to their harts

16 wee then returned to Lyonds then took the Canal for home

17 [September 1833] about 11.o.c. A M Brother Joseph and I arived at Brother Morton,s found them all well and my little girls ware well [[p. 21]]
[blank page [22] ]

[Two inserts sewed into the book here]

November 12 - 1833 wensday morning saw a remar remarkable seene the starse falling in everaderecttion by thousands, this morning betwene day and sunrise went to the river and Baptized Brother J. M. Hill

Item sets

2 January 1833 - 1 March 1833

2 day of Janu[a]ry [1833] Brother Joseph and I started for Canadia was gan till the firs of March tr[a]veled 5 or 6.00 miles held a bout 40 metings Baptized 14 in Canadia 9 of them myself 

[Also included on this page is an entry for May 6 and September 22]

may the 6 [1833] I Baptized Sharlott Bond in Mendon. s[eptember]. 22 [1833] I Baptized Eliza Jane Pharcher in Arvon. [[remainder of p. 2 blank]] 

[[pp 48-47 (first leaf starting from back but continuing numbering from the front) blank]]

Art thou a brother or brethren, I salute you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, in token of the everlasting covenent; in which Covenent I receive you to fellowshi<p> in a determination that is fixed, immoveable and unchangeable to be your frind and brother through the grace of God, in the bonds of lov, to walk in all the commandment<s> of God blameless, in thanksgiving forever and ever.

[sideways on the lower half of this page is randomly written names and numbers as follows:]

Brigham Young

344 11.14
190 21 55
---- ------
18,14 32 69
32 69

[[p. 46]]

30 April 1833 • Tuesday

Apriel <the> 30 1833 an count of monney recivd
by J. Foster whife - - - - - - - - - - - - 4/- $0.50
by J. Hartman and L - - - - - - - - - - - 4/6 0.56
by Brother Milet - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1/4 0.16
by - J. Van Lover - - - - - - - - - - - - 8/- 1.00

[[p. 45]]