1854 January 31 Letter to C. C. Crow


1854 January 31 Letter to C. C. Crow


Replying to questions about the prospects for employment as a lawyer in Utah.




Brigham Young


Letter to C. C. Crow


1854 January 31


Great Salt Lake City
Lebanon Tennessee

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Great Salt Lake City, U. T. Jany. 31 /54


A Joint letter from yourself & R. W. Phipps, of Oct. 24th/53, is before me, and I cheerfully comply with your polite and earnest request.
The strong force of circumstances in settling a country so wild, so far inland, and so remotely isolated from all other white settlements compelled each person to rely mainly upon his personal exertions, and for the first few years, nearly all professions and trades were merged in the operations connected with farming.

As a matter of course, since provisions have become Plenty, various persons are annually leading out into different trades and professions more suited to their tastes, and former habits; still, up to the present date, the opening for lawyers to obtain a living and Place by the practice of their profession alone, has been rather poor, and will Probably continue so as litigation is contrary to the genius of our institutions. However, to the young, enterprising, and well intentioned, Utah Presents, and promises a fairer opening for Success, than any portion of the earth that I am acquainted with, and the channels are already quite numerous, and varied, and the variety is constantly increasing.

So far as I can judge your true feelings by your letter, I can see no bar to the success you desire, should you conclude to come to Utah. ln case you thus conclude, and wish to know the best time for starting across the plains, and the mode, and kind of outfit, I take this opportunity to refer you for such information, to Gen[l]. Horace J[S]. Eldredge, our Agent at St. Louis.

Trusting that my reply is sufficiently explicit and will prove satisfactory,

I remain Respectfully 
Your Friend
 Brigham Young

C. C. Crow Esqr.
Lebanon Tennessee