May 1835


May 1835


Brigham Young is ordained as a member of the Quorum of the 12. He serves a proselytizing mission in New England.




May 3, 1835 - May 31, 1835


Brigham Young


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[Brigham Young, Journal, 1832-36, Ms. Brigham Young Collection (MS 1234, bx 71, fd 1, LDS Church Archives. Brown, hard cover, 6 1/2" high (16.6 cm) x 4 1/4" (10.7 cm) wide. A square piece of white paper is pasted on the front of the book with the handwritten words: "Prest. B. Young's Journal 1832, 33, 35, and 36" written in brown ink. The journal contains 24 leaves, 48 pp., cream colored, faintly lined paper, unnumbered; following the 12th leaf are two inserts sewed into the book: the first insert measuring 4 11/16" (12 cm) high x 3 3/4" (9.5 cm) wide, 8 leaves, 16 pp., unlined cream colored paper, the last 3 pages blank; the second insert measuring 5" (12.5 cm) high x 4" (10 cm) wide, 6 leaves, 12 pp., unlined cream colored paper. The first page of the diary begins with the entry "Apriel 9th 1832;" the first page of the first insert begins, "Sept 3th 1835;" the first page of the second insert begins, "about 11 A.M. wee ware in Buffalow." Following the last page of the second insert, the 13th leaf of the main diary contains the entry for "November 12 - 1833" written on the top half of the page; the bottom third of the page, written upside down is the entry of "Sept 3<th> 1835." The book was turned over and used for the May 3 - Sept 3 1835 diary, following two leaves containing miscellaneous items.
Starting from back of the book: The first leaf is blank; the second [p. 3] contains "Art thou a brother or brethren, I salute you in the name of the Lord . . . ." on the top two thirds of the page; the bottom third contains a mathematical calculation and Brigham Young's name written sideways at the bottom of the page. Page [3] contains an account of money received under date of "Apriel 30<the> 1832." Then on page [4] begins the diary entry "May 3th 1835."]


[blank space, the following entries (upside down) of Sept 3, and 26, 1835 are the continuation of the text from turning the book over at this point and commencing the record in 1835 from the back. [p. 23] ]

[[pp 48-47 (first leaf starting from back but continuing numbering from the front) blank]]

Art thou a brother or brethren, I salute you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, in token of the everlasting covenent; in which Covenent I receive you to fellowshi<p> in a determination that is fixed, immoveable and unchangeable to be your frind and brother through the grace of God, in the bonds of lov, to walk in all the commandment<s> of God blameless, in thanksgiving forever and ever.

[sideways on the lower half of this page is randomly written names and numbers as follows:]

Brigham Young

344 11.14
190 21 55
---- ------
18,14 32 69
32 69

[[p. 46]]

Apriel <the> 30 1833 an count of monney recivd
by J. Foster whife - - - - - - - - - - - - 4/- $0.50
by J. Hartman and L - - - - - - - - - - - 4/6 0.56
by Brother Milet - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1/4 0.16
by - J. Van Lover - - - - - - - - - - - - 8/- 1.00

[[p. 45]]

May 3th - 1835 this day held ameting with my brotherin the 12 in the evening we met at the house of President Joseph Smith <Jr> at two oclock in the morning of the 4 [May 1835] wee the 12 started on our mishon to the east acompened by two other Brotheerin, brot on our way to Fair Port, by - El[d]or Rodger Oorton, and Wm Bosley, at 6.o.c; in the morning went <went> abor[d] of the Steam Boat Sandu[s]key Saftley arrived at Duncark harber <140 miles from home> at 4 P.M - [[p. 44]] whare I found Julious Morton and his famely they ware well. I putoup with him that mi - in the evning of 5 in - P. Pratt and my self Preached in the acadamie to a large and a verry atten<tiv> Congration - in the evening of the 6 [May 1835] we L. Jonson and my self held a meting in the Villege of Laonia -

7 [May 1835] tended a meting 2 miles west of Laonia - P. Pratt preachd

8 went to Westfield in companey with P. Pratt and L. Johnson and Brother Fisher whare I found the remainder of my Brotherin the twelve wee held our Confrence on the 9 [May 1835] and [[p. 43]] on the 10 Brothers T Marsh and D. Patten preached to a large Congreation 11 [May 1835] Confrence in the fore noon at 3 O.C P.M. I Preached - and the next morning took our leve of one another, their ware in the corse of the meting twelve Baptized -

12 [May 1835]; reterned to Laonia attended ameting in the evening the next morning started on our Jerney, traveld 10 miles putup with Brother Tinney in Hanover Brother Wm Smith that evening Preach<ed> on the evening of the 14 [May 1835] I Preached in Nashville to anatentive congr[ega]tion

15 [May 1835] Brother Wm Smith and my self viseted Elder Nickerson and som other Brotherin, in the evening I Preached [[p. 42]] in the Mc Bride Choolhouse 197 miles

16 returnned to Brother Tinney held a meting in the evening

17 I prached in the Chool house 2 miles East of Foriestvill I was folard by Brother - Wm Smith in the after noon I prachd at 5 P.M. at block chool house - and the next day wee held a meting with the Brotherin and setled som dificulty in the Church <ordained Wm McBride an elder> in the evning held a meting at Elder Nicker<sons>

19 [May 1835] wee started on our jurney stade with Brother Knight started the nex morning and arived at Doct Cowdrey [[p. 41]] the 21 [May] whare wee found our Brotherin the 12 our confrence convened the 22 [May] wee had a good time David Presied preachin on satterday and sunday their ware 2 Baptized; 25 [May 1835] started with Brother J.P. Greene and A. Orton for the purpis of visiting the remnen<t> of Joseph and here wee are at Big Valley at Lenard tavaren <J P. Greene prached that evening>

27 [May 1835] J P. Greene A. Orton and mi self started for the Cold Spring 12 miles down the river wee their saw meney of the seed of Joseph among them ware two Chefts one a prsbeterin the other a Pagon

28 wee went and praid with the Prsbterin Cheft [[p. 40]] I then felt my mind at liberty wee returned to the big Valley that night 29 wee went to the Little Valley I Preached in a tavern

30 [May 1835] I then returned to big Valley and Brothers J P. Greene and A. Orton went down to the Prispterin metin house among the natives on the sabbeth day the 31[May] J P- Greene preached and gave them the book of Mormon, I preached at the great Valley at Lenyards tavern -
monday the first day of June Elder Green and my self started on our journey for the east

June 2 <th> [1835] wee ar now at Brother Eaton in Rushford Brother Greene will tarrey her[e] I Preached at 5 oclock P.M at the house of Mr - [[p. 39]] Chapman's 3 <the> [June 1835] Brother Eaton' son cared me to Brother Markes in Portige I Preached in the evening

4 [June 1835] they Brother Marks's son then carried me in a one horse waggon to geneseo I then got achance to ride to Lymia their I found Brother Bishops famely they ware well, I stade their that nite - 5 [June] went to mendon found Brother Morton,s famely and father Tomlinsons and they ware all well and in good sperits I then went to the cannal that nite and arived at Lyons town the 6 [June] whare I found som of mi Brotherin and som of them had started for the Confrence in [[p. 38]] Jefferson County. their I lerned that Brother O O. Hyde and mi self was sent for I their foun[d] Brother Smalley and he acompneyed me to Kirtland wee had a meting a satterday Luke Johnson Preached I spoke after him on the 7 [June] sunday O. Pratt Preached in forenoon to a large congration folard in the after part of the day by J. Boington I found the Brotherin all well and in good sperits -

8 day of June monday I left Lyonstown for the Ohio and arived at Kirtland a thursday evening <.11> 11 [June 1835] found my famely and frends all well and in good sperits and the Lord was with them [[p. 37]] I have traveled a bout 8.00 milles sence I left Kirtland and preched about 12 times --

I left Kirtland wensday the 24 <of June> O. Hyde <Wm Smith> J. and P. Young B. Rigs D. Wood Wm Draper, arived at Fare Port about sunrise wee got a boat qurter Past nine went abord Sundaskey we arived at Bufalo at one the next marning 25 [June 1835] we went to Lewiston to gether. their Bretherin J. and P. Young and B. Rigs left ous for Youngs town we went abord the grate Britton about 8 oclock in the evening arived at Oswego the next morning at 10 A.M. -
while abord the Sanduskey I had anventasion to Preach I excepted O. Hyde and miself Preached [[p. 36]]

26 <of June 1835> we here left the Greate Britton and calculated to have taken the United Stats for Kingston O. Hyde and myself tuk our voleces and went to town we stoped to a bordinghouse - O. Hyde went to Bed I wen to. R- Oliphant Office and their I found him well. I went and tuck dinner with him I then went to whare O Hyde was and lade down and Slep. and the Boat United States came <in> and went out Before we waked Brother Wm Smith D. Wood and Wm Draper went and left ous. I felt verry bad for a spel but submitited to the Lord and I hope it was for som wise purpis for we found frend Oliphant frendly and [[p. 35]] willing to here we tared with him evning and the next day till 5 P.M. we then took the Boat Wm Bight <Avery> for Kingston we had a saft voige and arived at west Loborough Sabath the 28 [June 1835]and found the Brotherin in meting 29 [June] the next day we held our Confrence 30 [June] I Preached and was follard by O Hyde I Baptized 3 July the 1 [1835] the Brotherin thin parted Wm E McLallen and I went to Camdon to Wm Daniels and their Prached 2 [July 1835] then went to Earnist town to Wm Mires -

3 [July 1835] we went to the third conesion and their tared till the 5 sa first day of the weak <5> [July] then then [sic] wee Preac<hed> to an autentive congregation <Simon Snider house> [[p. 34]] except Daniel Perry made som destirbence and tride to brakeup the meting but was stoped by the oner of the house at intermsion we cald upon the ch[a]rity of the people to help ous on our Jorney. old Mr Snider gave a york shillen and a black man gave ten or eleven cents, when I was apreachin the sperit Came upon me to shake my garments in their prsence and declare myself clar from their blood, we then left the naborhood - I have traveled a bout five hundred miles sence I left Kirtland and preached 3 times,- we then went to [[p. 33]] William Mires and stad that day whic<h> was monday; we then started for Kingtn a tusday morning and found a boat that was a going to prescot and we went a board we went from prsscot to Addinsburge from their to Potsdam - & wensday <thursday> morning we went out to Stockhome we found Brother Fuller and the and the [sic] Frends ware all wall [sic] wensday we went to Brother Smith and staed all night the next morning Brother Marsh came to ous - thursday <fridia> morning Brother A. Fuller braught ous on our Juarney 13 miles and then we came afoot Freda <Satterday> we stped to a tavern in Swain by the name of M. Hawley and asked him to give ous brackfast as we ware trvelin Preachers and went without monney [[p. 32]] but he would not and sed that he was abondentliable - but sed that we ware impoisturs we left him and went on our way we washed our feet in testamony a ganest him we travled till we came to this place which is Port Kent and we are now wating for a boat to carey ous a cross the lake

July <the> 13, 1835 [Monday] took a boat and crosed to Burlington [14 July] tusday went throw Monpillier wensdy [15 July] went [to] North Dan Ville found frends and Brotherin tared ther thusday [16 July] held a confre[n]ce

17 [July 1835] fridia went to St. John Bery we had a good Confrence and a large Congration on Satterday [18 July] to here preaching - 19 [July] Sunday the barn [[p. 31]] and yard was crow[d]ed it was thaught their ware betwene 2 and 3 thausand People their was 144 cariges that was Counted by the Brotherin - here we found Fathers and Mothers, Brothers and sisters here we had our wants admistered to <more> then eney other Church -

20 [July 1835] monday I was taken on my Jurney twenty miles by Brother Miles - 21 [July] Thursday tusday I came on my Jurney with <elder> haraman and Elder O. Hyde we came to the towon of New Bradford 23 [July 1835] and I preached in the place. Elder Haraman Prached at <in the> house of Collia who was an Osgood ite. after he got throw a woman got up and aksed him and sed that we ware prud decevers and ahaering after the wiming and monney [[p. 30]] a numer of them spoke and after they had got throw I arose and spoke I testifide aganst the spirit they had we then went <to> my apointment which was at 5 P.M and I Prea[c]hed to the congrtion - the 24 [July] we then came on our Jurney.

Saterday the 25 [July 1835] we arived at E. Boying[ton's] the Fa[t]her of Brother J. Boying[ton], here we found Brother Thomas Marsh who came in the Stage <to> Concord and a foot from their - 26 [July] we T. Marsh O. Hy[d]e and my self held metings at Brother Holms T. Marsh O. Hyde Preached at 10 A M. O H. Hyde at 2 P.M. and my self at 5 P.M - on monday [27 July] Elder Marsh and my self was braut on our Jurney by Elder H. Haraman. we arived at Boston about 5 P.M and [[p. 29]] found Sister Fanney Brewer and hir famely and the Brothers and sisters well and in tolarable good s[p]erits - I have now travel a bout hight hundred and ninty five miles sence I left Kirtland the 24 of June - I now make this reckerd at Sister Fanney Brewer in Boston 28 day of July 1835 -

29 [July 1835] wensday Brother Wilber and my self came to Providence on the rail rode w we ware two ours and twelve minets coming forty miles, I went that same day and found Valentine young which ware living in North Providence - I found the few Brothers and sisters well [[p. 28]] and in tolarble good spirits I have held three metings in the place se[n]ce I came here and I have an apointment for this evening and two for to morow

sabeth day [2 August 1835] I Preched at Brother Millers a bout 1 mile of out of Providence and Baptized one then went to Pawtucket and and [sic]B Preached at 5 P.M. a [3 August] monday I spent the time with my frends and convirsed in the evening whith som in the c and found them som beleving a [4 August] tusday Brother Egar and my self went to Boston spent the time till thursday [6 August] Preached once and then went to Bradford - [[p. 27]]

August 7[th]- 1835 fridia our confrence was opned Elder Wm Smith prezided whe had a good confre[n]ce Preachen Satterday [8 August] and sunday [9 August] I Preached once in the place, we found Fathers and mothers sisters and Brothers who opened their houses <to ous> - and adminersted to our releif } sence the 24 of day of July I have traveled abou[t] 160 miles - making in all about 1055 miles sence I left Kirtland
O. Hyde and myself then left Bradford and went to Lowel and a [11 tusday [11 August] Brother Hyde Preached in the Jefferson Haul and I Preached the next night to a large congration and they ware [[p. 26]] August the 14 1835 ware inquirin thursday the next 14 morning we came to Boston and today we spent the time in Boston till the 16 [August] and Elder,s Marsh - Pratt and my self Preached in the Julian hall - monday <the> 17 [August] we started for Saco Confrenc which set the 21 of August we arived at Saco on wensday [19 August] I Preached thursday evening [20 August] then our confrence on fridia [21 August] Elder Boyington Prezi[d]ed on satterday [22 August] in the fore noon Elder Marsh Preached I Preached in the afternon Elders Kimbel and Hyde Preached in fore noon on the sabath [23 August] P. Pratt in the after non -

monday the 24 [August 1835] we held a meting with the Brothering and [[p. 25]] gave them such in structtion as was nessary for them to have on tusday the 25 [August] we started [for] formington we arived in farmington wensday 26 [August] our confrence set on fridia the 28 [August] Elder Lyman Johnson Presied we had a good confrence on satterday [29 August] Elder Luke Johnson Preached in the forenoon I Preached in the afternon J. Boyington L. Johnson on the Sabath [30 August] we held our confrence at Mr Pinkham tavern and our publick metings in the meting house at Farming<ton> Center we then returned to Saco whare the Brothering helpd ous to som monney to get home

wensday [2 Sept 1835] we returned to dover thursday Sept 3 I make this record I have traveled three hundred miles sence last record [[p. 24]] Sept <the> 3 1835 I have traveled this seson 21.55 from may 4 [1835] to this day

K Kirtland Sept the 26 1835 I have traveled sece my last record and now their is to be added 1.1.14 making in all 32.69 [[p. 23]]

[Book turned over and following text starts with first insert]

Sept 3 th 1835 I now continue my reccord from my other book Sept 4 [1835] Elder Hale broaght ous Elders T. Marsh P. Pratt and my self to Bradford whare we found the frends all well Father Boyington was preparing to move to Kirtland we startted from Brother Holms on Satterday the 5 [Sep] a quartter past twelve in the morning <for Boston> we taried in Boston til monday [7 Sep], and I went then to Hopkinton went to Ne<er>miah Howes where I was recived with much rejoiceing I found Granmother alive and [[p. 1]] comforttible well for heir she exsprest grate joy for the privilege of seeing one of mother[s] children once more I arived their about half past eight in the morning I tared their that day and night the next day [8 Sep 1835] I went to unkel Parkers and found them all well that was alive they had bered two girls I spent the day, their aunt Patty Mors came their in the afternoon and staid all night

wensday the 9 [Sep 1835] I auntsy Mors and Parker went down to see gran mother I went d[o]wn and [[p. 2]] that night and the next morning [10 Sep] I started fore Providence on the rail rode called at Boston arived in Providence at 4 P.M and found the Brothering well and in <good> sperits and to my grate Joy I found Brother Greene their, this record made this 11 day of sept at Brother Egars Brother greene and my self tarred in Providence and a bout their till monday the 14 [Sep] I Preached at North Providence on saterday the 12 [Sep] I [stayed] the night before at Brother Egars in the Citty of Providence here the Brotherin helped me so that I got me an over coat which I neded [[p. 3]]

Sep <the>14 [1835] this day B[rother] J P. Greene and my self was agoing to start on the 4 oclock Boat for New York and Brother John Boyington Came to ous here and bore ous compney home, we took the steame Boat for New York and the next morning [15 Sep] about I 9 oclock A.M. we arived their we taried till the next morn for a steam Boat for albony we arived at albony we arived at Albany about 8 P.M. we thir took supper and went acrost on the rail rode to Schenectady and thire we took a boat for Bubalow [sic] we had good lock and arived and their the 22 [Sep 1835] in the afternoon about 4 P.M. theire tenn met together and went from [[p. 4]] there home to gether we started the 24 day of Sep we went as far as dunkirk and going in to the harber the s[t]eam boat United Stats that we was on struck a rock and started the Boat aleeking and we got in to Erie harber and they ran the Boat on to the sanbar and their we lay till the next morning [25 Sep] we had to tarry till evening the steam Boat Gov Marcey Came from Bubfulow and we went aboard, and a Satterday morning [26 Sep] we arived at Fair Port arived home in the for noon found our fameules well and all the Brothering. I Brother P H Young came to ous in Bufulow Brother,s J P. G - P H Y left ous in bufulow for Kirtland [[p. 5]]

3-6 May 1835 • Sunday-Wednesday 

May 3th - 1835  this day held a meting with my brother in the 12 in the evening we met at the house of President Joseph Smith <Jr> at two oclock in the morning of the 4 wee the 12 started on our mishon to the east acompened by two other Brotheerin, brot on our way to Fair Port, by - El[d]or Rodger Oorton, and Wm Bosley, at 6.o.c; in the morning went <went> abor[d] of the Steam Boat Sandu[s]key Saftley arrived at Duncark harber <140 miles from home> at 4 P.M -  [[p. 44]] whare I found Julious Morton and his famely they ware well. I putoup with him that mi - in the evning of 5 in - P. Pratt and my self Preached in the acadamie to a large and a verry atten<tiv> Congration - in the evening of the 6 we L. Jonson and my self held a meting in the Villege of Laonia - 

7 May 1835 • Thursday 

7 tended a meting 2 miles west of Laonia - P. Pratt preachd 

8-11 May 1835 • Friday-Monday 

8 went to Westfield in companey with P. Pratt and L. Johnson and Brother Fisher whare I found the remainder of my Brotherin the twelve wee held our Confrence on the 9 and [[p. 43]] on the 10 Brothers T Marsh and D. Patten preached to a large Congreation 11 Confrence in the fore noon at 3 O.C P.M. I Preached - and the next morning took our leve of one another, their ware in the corse of the meting twelve Baptized - 

12-14 May 1835 • Tuesday-Thursday 

12 reterned to Laonia attended ameting in the evening the next morning started on our Jerney, traveld 10 miles putup with Brother Tinney in Hanover Brother Wm Smith that evening Preach<ed> on the evening of the 14 I Preached in Nashville to an atentive congr[ega]tion 

15 May 1835 • Friday 

15 Brother Wm Smith and my self viseted Elder Nickerson and som other Brotherin, in the evening I Preached [[p. 42]] in the Mc Bride Choolhouse  197 miles 

16 May 1835 • Saturday 

16  returnned to Brother Tinney held a meting in the evening 

17 May 1835 • Sunday 

17 I prached in the Chool house 2 miles East of Foriestvill I was folard by Brother - Wm Smith in the after noon I prachd at 5 P.M. at block chool house - and the next day wee held a meting with the Brotherin and setled som dificulty in the Church <ordained Wm McBride an elder> in the evning held a meting at Elder Nicker<sons> 

19-25 May 1835 • Tuesday-Monday 

19 wee started on our jurney stade with Brother Knight started the nex morning and arived at Doct Cowdrey [[p. 41]] the 21 whare wee found our Brotherin the 12 our confrence convened the 22 wee had a good time David Presied preachin on satterday and sunday their ware 2 Baptized; 25 started with Brother J.P. Greene and A. Orton for the purpis of visiting the remnen<t> of Joseph and here wee are at Big Valley at Lenard tavaren <J P. Greene prached that evening> 

27 May 1835 • Wednesday 

27 J P. Greene A. Orton and mi self started for the Cold Spring 12 miles down the river wee their saw meney of the seed of Joseph among them ware two Chefts one a prsbeterin the other a Pagon 

28-29 May 1835 • Thursday-Friday 

28 wee went and praid with the Prsbterin Cheft [[p. 40]] I then felt my mind at liberty wee returned to the big Valley that night  29 wee went to the Little Valley I Preached in a tavern 

30-31 May 1835 • Saturday-Sunday 

30 I then returned to big Valley and Brothers J P. Greene and A. Orton went down to the Prispterin metin house among the natives on the sabbeth day the 31 J P- Greene preached and gave them the book of Mormon, I preached at the great Valley at Lenyards tavern -