1853 November (possibly) Letter to Horace S. Eldredge


1853 November (possibly) Letter to Horace S. Eldredge


List of articles to be purchased in the States and shipped to Utah. Also, instructions to find two orphan boys in St. Louis and bring them to Utah.




Brigham Young


Horace S. Eldredge


1853 November (possibly)


Great Salt Lake City

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Duplicate Copy of Bills sent for previously, say. in the September and October Mails.
1800 feet of roofing paper, this number of feet will go over the space once, but you will get the necessary quantity even should it require 4 or 5 times that number of feet to make the building secure. Call at G & C. Todds, and get Six pounds of Hillers Co. half inch copper rivets with the copper rivets washers that go with them also
16 Yds of No 8.
4 " " " 6.
4 " " " 4. of the best quality of Dutch Anchor bolting cloth. Please say to Messrs Todd that Frederick Kesler, with whom they are acquainted, has made out the bill of the above articles for Governor Young, and he expects them to furnish the best the market affords.
Get one cast iron concave stop 10 inches across on the bearing, and 1 (1/2) inches deep, to be 12 inches in diameter, 8 Square in form and 3 inches thick; it is to run on wood, therefore please turn and polish the concave smooth; you will probably be able to get this at the Mississippi Foundry opposite Todd
Fill the following bill for cast Steel viz.
150 1 (1/4) inch Eight Square Cast Steel
250 1 " " " " "
150 2 " Four " " "
100 3/4 " Eight " " "
100 (1/4) " Four " " "
200 2 " by 3/4 inch " "

200 Flat cast Steel bars, assorted thicknesses & width
100 Best Blister Steel
In filling the Bill for Steel, should the bars overrun, in any of the amount, let them go in, and not be at the trouble of cutting them.
Get 2 Dozen Bottles of best Copying Ink, and 2 Copying Books, 9 inches by 12, with the accompanying oil paper, brush &c.
============================October 31st===================================
A Get from G & C. Todd.
6 Yards No. 8. Bolting Cloth
18 do " 9. " "
10 do " 7. " "
6 do " 2. " "
1 Dozn heavy Mill Stone Picks
2 " Common sized " "
1 " Light " " "
1 Run of 4 feet Burr Stones, extra strong banded, but not backed, nor the iron hoop for the backing put on. Iron enough, of the right kind, to make the hoop for the backing.
We have excellent plaster here for backing, and leaving it off will save freight.
Let the eye through the runner be 9 inches in diameter, and that through the bed Stone 8 (1/2) inches square.
Our wheat is hard and flinty, hence I wish you to select the white, hard and close grained Blocks, and let them all be of as uniform a quality in both stones as possible, and let the Blocks around the eyes be particularly hard.

8 Gross 2 (1/2) Inch Screws
6 Do 3 Do Do
6 Do 3 (1/2) Do Do
6 Do 4 Do Do
20 Do 2 Do Do
20 Do 1 (1/2) Do Do
20 Do 1 Do Do
6 Do 3/4 Do Do
4 Do (1/2) Do Do
4 Do Still smaller
500 Pure white Zinc Paint
4 Gross of assorted corks, from the largest to the smallest size.
I wish you to procure <purchase> One Circular Saw 48 inches in diameter with the teeth detached, and a box of teeth for it, and one or more smaller sized saws of the same kind, if there are any such, with plenty of teeth for each. If you cannot find them at St. Louis, you will probably be able to get them from Chicago, Buffalo, or Rochester, in case you cannot get this kind, get a hard thin plate warranted Saw 4 feet across. Find someone at St. Louis, who is acquainted with these Saws, & write if you find it necessary, to the above ramed places, or any other, that you may get the best.

Get 2 Copper Boilers, to be made of heavy Sheet copper, and copper riveted, to be 30 Inches in diameter across the top. 20 inches in diameter across the bottom, and 26 Inches deep, with a copper pipe 17 Inches long, having a metal cock, and to be so adjusted at the lower edge of the boiler, with the bottom so arranged that the liquid contents of the boilers can be entirely discharged by the pipe, the covers of the boilers to be of tin and put up a sheet of Copper of the same kind as the Boilers are made of, that they can be repaired; these boilers should be placed upon Hay, or Raw Cotton, when put in a wagon, and can have several articles carefully packed in them, and be sure to place no articles around them, that would wear holes in or injure them.
Get a good set of Counter Scales, that will weigh as high as 10 or 15 pounds which you will bring in your wagon wagon for the convenience of weighing rations on the road, and we need them here.
After filling our orders, and providing the necessary teams &c, should you still have funds, it will be good policy to expend the amount in Satinetts, domestics, and other good serviceable and staple articles.
There are two orphan boys in St. Louis named Ludworth, the last known of them they were with Thos. Leddin, in that City. I wish you to hunt them up if you can & bring them on next season.
Go to Todds, or some good Miller in St. Louis, and get a plain and correct draft on paper of the newest, and best mode of furrowing Mill Stones, and forward it by the first mail, retaining a copy to bring with you.
In packing the Mill Stones ordered, you will couple your wagon at such length, that they will not rub the standards, nor each other, get clear straight grained poplar planks 3 inches thick, and free of knots, enough to rather more than fill between the standards that gains can be cut for the standards and a stip of plank securely fastened to each bed plank back of the hind bolster, that all the planks may be kept in their places; then put plenty of straw in the planks, and lay the stones on that, with the face up, or down, as you may think the safest, and firmly bolt thick pieces of plank before and behind the Stones, and with scallops to fit nicely against them and one between double scalloped, in order to keep them apart, and in their places.

Bro Eldredge
You will observe that the foregoing bills are not intended to be doubled, but are merely duplicate copies of articles wanted, which were forwarded to you in letters per the October and November Mails. If those letters arrived safely at your point, the duplicates herein are void; but if any accident or failure of the mails prevented their reaching you, you will fill the enclosed and forward according to instructions.

Brigham Young

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