1837 Journal


1837 Journal



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Brigham Young Diary and record book, 27 July 1837 - 1 April 1845, holograph diary and record book, miscellaneous notes, copies of revelations and a letter of Orson Hyde. Red leather binding with remains of a clasp. A strip of cream colored paper pasted on spine, now partly disintigrated. Still legible in Spencerian scroll: "Brigham [Young] Journal 1837 to 4[5]." 5 7/8" (14.8 cm) high x 3 13/16" (9.7 cm). Brigham Young Collection (MS 1234, Bx 71, fd 2), LDS Church Archives. Written on faintly lined cream colored pages.

[The first three leaves (6 pp.) contain the following notes:]

Brigham Young [signature in blue ink]
[illegible words in pencil]
one pair of shose

may 2 No middle of Apriel

the tract deposotory
inquire for the Kingdom
of God is at hand
August 10 1837
from Chanaslade[?] to
Port Byron
[inside front cover, in pencil]

Mr John Bullen lives
in South Port or Pike River
West Conson [address in brown ink]
Comstock Hotell
at Loerend of
Albaney Bason
I am to Leve A. P.
Rockwoods trunk and
a Letter for him
I Promis to wright
J. Heibner [preceding in light pencil] when
I arive at Home J. Heibner [preceding in ink, signed by Heibner]
[[p. 1]]

Peter Rose lives in
William street No 130
Cutler and Surgeons
Mrs. Fordham
lives corner of Pirl and
Frnkford St
[preceding in pencil]
Mrs Fordham lives on the
corner of Frankfort and Pirl. St-
entrance on Frankfort St.
Gorge Fordham lives

in Cherry St, No- 327
[[p. 2]]

Levi Rodgers Proprier[..]
Amizia Henderson
Daniel Williams lives
at ashville
A. Evans westfield
O. Barnes 4
Stages Proprieriters
H. J. Rece
Hall of Northeast [preceding in ink]
Roys at Singsing [preceding in pencil
[[p. 3]]

Mrs Fordham lives on
the corner of Frankford
and Pirl. St- the entrance
on Frankford. St-
Rufus Merick lives in
Adrean County of -
Kineway Mishagan [preceding in ink]
Ruben Buck lives
in Wesconson in the
town Belvedere [preceding pencil]
[[p. 4]]

May the 4 1837
L Richards - - Dr
Syringes - 1.16

May <the> 12 Joseph Young Dr
to cash for house $30.00
Joseph Young Crd
17 by 11 lt of shugger [preceding in ink]
Spencer Cowart
on west hill town [ - ]
niles or mord[...]
Cortright [preceding in pencil]
Miss Pratt Nov 69
Water Street N. Y
[[p. 5]]

July 27 1837
T. B. Marsh crd by cash $3.00

Montrose July 14 1839
the daughter of Rodgers
that lives in London

B. Sangiovanna,
No. 21, Nassau Street.
Middlesex Hospital [preceding in ink]

Croton oil or tiglum [preceding in pencil]
[pp. 6]]

July 27 1837
Journal of B Young I started from Kirtland this evening to goe down the Lake in compiney with Joss Joseph Smith S. Rigdon T. B. Marsh and others: [words scribbled over] we went in a wagon to Asht[a]buley took a bout the nex day [July 28] at 3.oclock. P.M. arived at Buffalow at 6.o.c. A.M. the 29 [July] had a plent tim[e]: took cars for the Falls there Mr Rockwood and my self parted with the Brotherin that was going to Toronto. we haf to tarry till 1/2 past 3 P.M we vued the Falls wted wanted the Large house that Ruth Bond comenced one hundred and forty feet long [[p. 7]] Brother Rockwood & my self took the rail road for Lockport then went abord of the line Boat Wales Brother Rockwood went to Auburn I went to Utica took the Cars for Albania [Albany] at 10 P.M. took the stage for west Stockbrige arive at Unkel Richards 1/2 past 6 frida morning the firs day of Augest found them well and in good spirts returned to Ayte Albany the same day on Satterdy went to troy returned and found Coson Rockwood we went abord Steam Boat Swallow arived in N. York sunda morning at 5 o clok we Gorge Fodhames found that Elder B P. P. Pratt [[p. 8]] was in the Citty Brother Eliger Fordham had gon with him to meting we found them at the foot of Canal St Elder P. P. P. was Preching on Bord a chooner we held three in metings in the citty that day [[p. 9], remainder of page blank]

August 18 1837 took the steam Boat Da[n]iel Webster when about 3/4 of mile from the end of Pear a ladia fel from the stirn of the Vesel the mate <Mr Clark- > and 2 others took <Fredrick> small Boat returned of and took her up Jest as shey was sinking but alive Jane Groves [name written in pencil, remainder of page blank][[p. 10]]