1839 Journal


1839 Journal



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Brigham Young Diary and record book, 27 July 1837 - 1 April 1845, holograph diary and record book, miscellaneous notes, copies of revelations and a letter of Orson Hyde. Red leather binding with remains of a clasp. A strip of cream colored paper pasted on spine, now partly disintigrated. Still legible in Spencerian scroll: "Brigham [Young] Journal 1837 to 4[5]." 5 7/8" (14.8 cm) high x 3 13/16" (9.7 cm). Brigham Young Collection (MS 1234, Bx 71, fd 2), LDS Church Archives. Written on faintly lined cream colored pages.


[blue ink commences] life of B. Young 1839
[brown ink commences] left hom at Montrose Satard morning the 14 of sept [1839] at Bro[t]hers H C. K. till 18 [Sep] wen[t] Quincy 19 [Sep] evening 25 [Sep] we[n]t to Burton C. Rich 26 [Sep] at Bro Wilbers fridia 27 [Sep] went to Pitsfield [blue ink commences] B. S. Wilbor caried ous. found the Brothern jenarley well and in good spirits; monday the 30 [Sep] went to winchester to Brothers deckers and Wm Murrys found them all well. Tusday October the 1 [1839] went to Brother L. Young they well we receruted while here; frida the 4 [Oct] L. Y. cared ous to Tackenvill; the 5 [Oct] P the frends and Brothern convaid ous to Springfield, whare we ware kindley treated and nurst up and [[p. 13]] helped to pursue our jorney m[a]y the Lord bles them and all the rest of our Brothren wtlyith with all things they have ben kind to ous; fridia the 11 [Oct] evening Brother H. C. K. and my self in compny with Brotheres Hadlock Turley G. A. Smith and Mr Murry Started on our jurney went 8 miles stade with Father Draper started on our <jorney the> n[e]xt morning arived at Terry Hute thursday the 17 [Oct 1839] Brother H. C. K. was verry sick Brother H. C. and my self staed [with] Doct Modesitt till tusday the 22 [Oct] Brothers Hadlock Turley G. A Smith Mr Murry left ous [[p. 14]] here; an monday Brother A. Babbet and Doct Knight came to Terry Hute to see ous the next day Brother James Modesitte braught ous in a caredge twenty miles we went from their to Plesent Garden and put up with Br Jonathan Crosbay found them well Brother Babbet was Preching through the contry prospect good he had Baptized 5 [brown ink commences]

thursday evening 24 [Oct] herd a methodas preach - on saterday 26 [Oct] Br- Babbet caried ous ten miles to Br. Scotts we found them well. verry glad to see ous - 27 [Oct] his son John cared ous fifteene miles [[p. 15]] we had then traveled som miles in the rane we put up at a tavern <in belvile> staed til the Stage came along. we then took it and rode day [and] night till we arived at wilebe.

we arived at Kirtland Sunday November the 3 [1839] where we found frends and the Church in a striving to serve the Lord -

on monday the 4 [Nov 1839] John Young and my self visited Brother Kent and family found them well in good faith found a som devision of centiment among the brothern: Su[n]day the 10 [Nov] Brother Taylor Preached in the fore noon and H. C. Kimball in the after noon

Sunday the 17 [Nov 1839] I Preached in the [[p. 16]] fore noon; Brother Taylor in the after noon in the Evening I anointed Brother Taylor in the House of the Lord the Proses was as follars. after Brother Taylor had washed in pure water and castel soap then we all went to [the] House of the Lord H. C. K. opened the meeting by prayr I then aninted J. Taylor with pure seet sweet oil and pronounced such blesings as the spirit gave utrence. J. T. then arose and praid for him self Brother Turley was anointed by D. S. Miles then it was seled by Hozanna then their feet was washed the meeting closed.

monday 18 [Nov 1839] went to new bury to Brother R. Potters returned on tusday [19 Nov] to Kirtland on fridia the 22 [Nov] went to Fare Port here we are wating for [[p. 17]] a boat; on tusday 26 [Nov] went on board the steam boat Columbus at one oc clock P.M arived in Bufaloo the next morning; we had anexelent time on the lakae, the wind arose about one O' clock in the morning I went up on deck and I felt impres in spirit to pray to the Father in [the] name of Jesus for a forgiveness of all my sins and then I fe[l]t to command the winds to sees and let ous goe safe on our Jorney the winds abated and Gl[o]ry & ouner & prase be to that God that rules all things.

wensday 27 [Nov 1839] took the Stage went to Batava. Thursday evening Took the cars went to Rochester took the stage rode all night frida [29 Nov] morning at 10 A.M. [[p. 18]] arived in Auburn stayed till Satarday 30 [Nov] went to Morava found Brother Isac Hate Staed till the next frida the 6 of Decem. [1839] Br. I. Hate took his team Braught ous to Br. Joseph Murdock in Hamelton Madison County we arived here Saterday evening 7 Dec Preached at Br Murdock Sunday the 8. Preach in the evening, the weak following visited the Brothering they ware verry kind to ous I think I shall never forget them in time nor in Eternity had a meting tusday evening thursday evening

Sunday the 15 [Dec 1839] Preached in Watterville at Brother Gifford,s returned an monday to Hamilton on fridia [20 Dec 1839] went to Eaton Saw coson Fitze & Salmon Brigham on Satterday returned to Hamilton Cauled on [[p. 19]] Phineas Brigham on Sunday the 22 [Dec] Preached at Brother Murdock went to waterville on monday 23 [Dec] with Brother Gifford wensday <25> Star[t]ed to see Br- Blackslee went six miles beyend rome met with Brothers Blackslee & Br- roberson staed at Br- Spining,s and [blue ink commences] returned 27 [Dec] to watervill 28 [Dec] went to Hamilton Sunday Br- Blakslee Preached,