1840 January - September Journal


1840 January - September Journal


The full original transcription file for the January-September 1840 portion of Brigham Young's 1837-1845 journal.




January-September 1840


Brigham Young

extracted text

Brigham Young Diary and record book, 27 July 1837 - 1 April 1845, holograph diary and record book, miscellaneous notes, copies of revelations and a letter of Orson Hyde. Red leather binding with remains of a clasp. A strip of cream colored paper pasted on spine, now partly disintigrated. Still legible in Spencerian scroll: "Brigham [Young] Journal 1837 to 4[5]." 5 7/8" (14.8 cm) high x 3 13/16" (9.7 cm). Brigham Young Collection (MS 1234, Bx 71, fd 2), LDS Church Archives. Written on faintly lined cream colored pages.


on wensday the 1 day of Janu[a]ry 1840 Brother G. A. Smith & miself <left> Hamilton after Staying with the Brotherin three weaks and better we had a good visit with the Brotherin they helped ous on our jorney on thursday the 2 [Jan] came to Utica Brother James Gifford braught; fridia the 3 [Jan] came [[p. 20]] [to] Albona [Albany] <put up> at the Railrode House 4 [Jan] found the Brothern in Albana went to Troy & then to Lancenburge heard Brother P. Richards Preach on sunday the 5 [Jan 1840] I Preached in Lancenbu[rg] returened to Troy held a meeting with the Brotherin monday [6 Jan] returned to Albana tusday took the stage came to Richmond found the frends well spent the time with the our cosons had a good visit I Preached on wensday evening [8 Jan] G. A. Smith on thirsday evening [9 Jan] Sunday the 12 [Jan] we had a meting at Wm Persons Brother Burnon was with ous Brother <Jon. O> [insertion in brown ink] Duke from Albana Preached.

on frida the 17 [Jan 1840] Edwin Persons braut ous to Canon Connectticut Prached sunda the 19 [Jan] at Sheffield mills found the Brotherin well. staed till sunday the 26 G. A. S. & myself held a meting at Brothers Frenchs [[p. 21]]

monday 27 [Jan 1840] Brothers Smith & French convaed ous to New Haven we had to stay till friday <31> [Jan] we took the steam Boat New Haven went within 18 miles of New York took caredge arived in New York about 10 in the evening found P. P. Pratts house in afue minits.

Satard[ay] the 1 day of Feb [1840] spent the day at P. P. P. sunday 2 [Feb] G. A. S. & my self Preached in the Colomban Hall I attended meeting every night till sat [8 Feb] Sunday 9 I Preached 3 times in the hall attended metings through the week till Satterday [15 Feb]. this day I fel & hirt my self verry much so I was not able to dress my self for 4 or 5 days

Sunday 16 [Feb 1840] stayed at P. P. P. Sunday morning Br Kimball arived a[t] P. P. P. the next Sunday the 3 23 [Feb] I attended meeting in the Hall heard P. P. P. Preach tusday 25 [Feb] R. Hadlock & my self went to [[p. 22]] Hemsted [brown ink commences] Preached in Rockway and in the naborhoods about till wensday the 4 of march [1840] there was 9 Baptized we returned to N. York held a counsel with the church severl ordaned to the office [of] Elders we staed till sunday [8 Mar 1840] Preached in the Columban Hall

on monday 9 [Mar 1840] went on board the ship Patrick Henry had a long pasedge of 28 days 16 days head wind a numbor of days calm one savere storm 3 or 4 days som others stormes a grate deal of the time the ship <decks> would be washed from end to end - we landed in Leverpool the 6 of Apriel [1840] the first day of the eleventh year of the church found Br Taylor tusday 7 [Apr] wensday went to Preston W. Richards came home thursday [9 Apr], the next [[p. 23]] Sunday [12 Apr] severl of the Br Bore tesmona of the gospel - tusday the 14 [Apr] the twelve held a councel ordained W. Richards in to the corom of the twelve

wensday 15 [Apr 1840] met in councel with the Church thursday [16 Apr] the 12 met and finished the Bisness - frida [17 Apr] spent at Father Moones drank of wine that was made in the year eighteen hundred making it 40 years old

Satterdy the 18 [Apr 1840] Br. Woodruff and my self went to manchester stoped 3 or 4 ours then went to Burslem staed <19> over the sabath I preached mon[day] 20 [Apr] took Coach went to Wolver Hampton s[t]aed all night tusday 21 [Apr] went to Worsester viseted the old Catheredel then took Coach went to Ledbury staed [[p. 24]] wens[day 22 Apr] went to frooms hill met with the Br-in organized a branch of the Church at standly hill -

thursdy 23 [Apr 1840] went morons Cross - fridia 24 [Apr] went molven [Malvern] hill preach. Sat 25 [Apr] returned to Br Benbowes at frooms Sunday 26 [Apr] preached to the Br-in spent the time at Br Benbows in wrighting letters one to E. Roberson & D. C. Smith 1 to Joseph Young 1 to L. Young 1 to my wife 1 to John Young till thursday the 30 [Apr] we went to Brother Kingtons found Er Richards

May the 1 [1840] spent a part of day returned to frooms hill Saterdy 2 [May] I returned to Ledbury preached till wensday 6 [May] went [to] Mr Greene in Lugwardin preached in the evening thursday 7 [May] went [to] Br Tay in Marden Preached in [[p. 25]] the evening S<a>tterday frida 8 [May] went to Shucknel hill Preached in the evening at Br Wm Elles,s on Saterday 10 [May] returned [to] Lugwardine Confirmed about 12 in marden som in Lugwardine ordained P. Greene an Elder Preached in the evening on monday 11 [May] went to Shucknell hill Preached in the evening on tusday 12 [May] went to Frume hill to Br Benbows staed had a meeting wensday [May 13] evening with Br Woodruff thursday [May 14] went to Ledbury Preached in the Evening ordained Br John Preast an Preast on frida [May 15] went to Br Kington met with the Brothern Bros Woodruff & Richards was [[p. 26]] Present we spent the time very agreable attended a meting on sunday the 17 [May] in the Brick Chapel monday [May 18] went to Br Kington spent the day with the Brothering they had a tea Party we had Prayrs confirmed severel ordained anomber there was 20 Baptized that day - St tusday [May 19] Keysend <st> with Brother Richards & Woodruff I Preached in the evening. on wensday the 20 [May] we went an to Bacon hill we had Prayrs and alittle counsel Brother Kington came along and I started along with him came as far as wolverhampton and staed ove[r] night the next day I came to Burslem found [[p. 27]] Brother G. A Smith and Turley stayed till saterday the 23 then Came to Manchester found Br P. P. Pratt well all well amongst the Church met with the Church on sunday <24> [May] had a good meeting; an monday [May 25] we viseted the Printers tusday 26 [May] Br Taylor came here. on wensdy 27 [May] Br Kimball came. we sele[ect]ed hymns till saterday 30 [May] Br Taylor Kimball and my self went went [sic] to Liverpool I Preached on sunday 31 [May] to the Church saw the Brotherin that was going to america Brother Kimball and my self laid our hands on them an blest them on thirsday or wensday 3 [June] Br Taylor and my self viseted the printers on on [sic] sunday [June 7, 1840] I preached agan on monday [[p. 28]] 8 [June] I went over the river to Chessher in compny with J. Taylor Mi<t>chall his wife and sister tusday 9 [June] took the morning trane of cars came to Manchester went to celecting hymns thursday <11> [June] went to visit a garden it was raney and unplesent Came home I was rejoiced because I had acomfortble home - after Br P. P. Pratt and myself talked som time about the nesesity of the Elders having the power of god with them I fell asleep & dremed a dreme I first dremed of being at home in the stats I first saw Elizabeth I asked her whare her mother was she said she was about the house she soon came in I shook hands [with] her hartly as I had don with Elizabeth I imbraced her in my arms and kised 2 or 3 times and asked hir whare my dear Children was she & Elizabeth boath ansard and said they ware at chool and [[p. 29]] they ware well and injoyed the chool and loved there Books. my wife says we feele well but you must provide for your own familes for the Church are not able to doe for them. I next saw a small company on the north which I thaught ware saints and another company on the south. these both ware in west while the mane boddy of the inhabtence of the Kingdom ware East of the 2 small compnys. these 2 small one[s] was at ware [war] with each other the north company would over com the south from time to time. and as they <the south> deminishd they ware rplinished from the mane boddy from time to time who as a community took no notice of the contenchon be twene the small parties I saw the proces but not the End there off [[p. 30]]

Saterday June 20 [1840] I have ben here with Br. P. P. P. attending to the hym book sence the 11, last sunday <14> I preached in the room to the Church

Monday 22 [June 1840] I went to Liverpool to see a bout the printing of the book of Mormon on sunday 21 [June] Br P. P. P. and myself Preached in the Capenders Hall for the first [time] after hiering it - I returned from Liverpool on frida 26 [June] on sunday 28 [June] preached in the hall agan. finished the celection of hymnes prepaird the endex for press Brothers Kimball and Richards came to Manchester tusday 30 [June] -

July the first [1840] Brothers W. Woodruff G. A. Smith & T. Turley came from the potries [Potteries] 2 - [[p. 31]]

[[p. 32 blank]]

Sept the 5 - 1840 [Saturday] this day went to Liverpool to see the Brotheren of [the Church] staed till thirsday the 10 [Sep] I preached sunday morning [Sep 6] on saterday evening [Sep 5] we held a meeting of the Brn that was going to america B[r]- T. Turley was chosen to take charge of the company. then we celected 6 more to be his councelores so the company was organised Br Richards and my self staed on bord monday [Sep 7] night on tusday morning [Sep 8] the vesel went out about 9 a.m. We went out a bout <15 - or> 20 miles with left them all in good sperits Br Richards returned that night [Sep 8] I returned on thursday 10 [Sep] -

24 [Sep 1840 Thursday] as I was comming from Duckingfield in compa[n]y with Henry Royal I descoverd [[p. 32]] the frost had kild the potatoetops I had ben up there to preach had a good time the saints rejoiced I preached from Romans 9. C- [[remainder of p. 33 blank]]