1853 December 1 Letter to Amasa Lyman and Charles C. Rich


1853 December 1 Letter to Amasa Lyman and Charles C. Rich


Caution on purchasing property in Eucador [Ecuador], means to purchase supplies in California and counsel to John Horner on temporal wealth.




Brigham Young


Amasa Lyman
Charles C. Rich


1853 December 1


Great Salt Lake City
San Bernardino, California

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Perpetual Emigration Fund
Business Matters

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G. S. L. City, Dec. 1, 1853

Dear Brethren,

The California Mail has just arrived bringing two letters from you, dated Sept. 16th and Nov. 11th, and a letter written by Major Mc Kinsley together with minutes of Conference.

As the return Mail had left before your letters arrived, it gives me but little opportunity to answer, and as I shall have to send this after the Carrier Train Express, I shall be obliged to refer you to the News for particulars, and confine my letter to business matters.

On the Subject of Major McKinsley's letter, it is my opinion that nothing can be done in the matter without knowing the owner's name, whether the title is indisputably valid, the terms of sale and lastly, whether the government of Eucador will guarantee rightful and peaceable possession to who ever may purchase the property in question, and defend those rights if assailed. When you have obtained information on the above points, and have learned the conditions and available value of the property in question, we shall be better able to determine what to do.

Bro. Enoch Reese will leave here in a few days for California, by way of San Bernardino, with the purpose of returning by the same route with a train of goods. He will have a bill of paper needed for the printing Office, which he is expected to fill, and bring the paper with him; to do this he will require means, the most if not all of which I hope he will be able to raise on the subscription list of the News sent to your place, & other parts of California, hence I wish you to jog the memories of the Subscribers in your place to have the Cash on hand when called for,-- You were right in retaining the Tithing & P. E. Fund means, until a safe opportunity presented for its transmission; this opportunity will offer upon the return of Bro. Reese, and it is probable I may give him a Draft on you for those funds, and if so, I presume they will be on hand.

You are well aware that Bro. John M. Horner has been exceedingly prospered in business, and is constantly <branching> tending out, and you know as well as myself that his riches are liable to vanish suddenly, and unexpectedly by the force of unseen circumstances, and leave no returning rewards, and few truly gratifying reflections, unless they have been gained, and used for building up the Kingdom of God and the Salvation of men.

From the above & other reflections, and believing from all I can learn, that Bro Horner desires to do good, I have concluded that it will be wisdom for Brother Lyman to visit Bro Horner at his earliest convenience, and teach him with all care, that inasmuch as he desires to do good, and wishes a covert from a coming storm, that it would be excellent Spiritual & Temporal policy for him, in the plenitude of his means, to make a deposit in this City, with the Trustee in Trust at this place of $100,000, more or less, in readily available funds, which will serve him as the shadow of a rock in a weary land should disaster befall him. Bro Horner can readily be made to understand that such a deposit would be the safest, and best for himself, and all Israel, that he could at present make and I wish him to be particularly instructed that any other use he may make of his Surplus means, other than paying tithing, or making such deposit with the Trustee in Trust, cannot be placed to his credit on our hooks, with the exception of such donation as he may make by the dictates of the Spirit.

Donations to divers individuals for supplying their wants on Missions, and for other purposes, you are aware do not apply on our books in tithing, nor in any way in which any person can claim a drawback; this you will instruct Bro Horner in, and also to be cautious of speculations, not only in his dealings, but more particularly in forming any kind of Co-partnership, whether those speculators be in the Church or out of it.

General health Prevails, and we are in the enjoyment of delightful weather, and abundant prosperity.

Praying always for your welfare in Temporal & spiritual blessings,

I Remain as Ever
Your Brother in the Gospel
Brigham Young

Elders Amasa Lyman and Charles C. Rich.
San Bernardino