1844 August - November Journal


1844 August - November Journal



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Brigham Young Diary and record book, 27 July 1837 - 1 April 1845, holograph diary and record book, miscellaneous notes, copies of revelations and a letter of Orson Hyde. Red leather binding with remains of a clasp. A strip of cream colored paper pasted on spine, now partly disintigrated. Still legible in Spencerian scroll: "Brigham [Young] Journal 1837 to 4[5]." 5 7/8" (14.8 cm) high x 3 13/16" (9.7 cm). Brigham Young Collection (MS 1234, Bx 71, fd 2), LDS Church Archives. Written on faintly lined cream colored pages.


[starting here, pages are numbered but not by BY]

[Brown ink commences]
August the 8[th] 1844

this day is long to be rememberd by me. it is the first time I have met with the Church at Nauvoo sence Brs Joseph and Hyram was kild - and the aucasion on which the church was <Cauld> somwhat painful to me, Br Rigdon had Com from Pitsburge to see the Brotherin and find out if they would sustain him as the Leador of the saints, I perseved a spirit to hurry buisness, to get a Trustee & Trust and a Presede[n]cy over the church Priastood or no Priesthood right or rong & this grevied my hart, Now Joseph is gon it seamd as though menny wanted to draw off a party and be leders. but this cannot be. the church must be one or they <are> not the Lords; the saints looked as though they [p. 47] had lost - a frend that was able and willing to councel them in all thing[s]: in this time of sorrow my hart was fild with compostion, after Br Rigdon had made a long spech to the saints (I should think 5 thousand) I arose and spocke to the people, my hart was swolen with composion toards them and by the power of the Holy Gost even the spirit of the Prophets I was enabled to comfort the harts of the Saints. in the afternoon a corden to my request the pe<o>ple assembld by thousands I lade before them the order of the church and the Power of the Preasthood, after a long and laboras talk of a bout two ours in the open air with the wind blowing, the church was of one hart and one mind they wanted the twelve to lead the church as Br Joseph had dun in his day. Br Rigdon was cauld upon to make som remarks but refused to due [p. 48] so I cauld upon the church to expres their wishes by vote if they wanted Br Rigdon for their Presedent on which moshen Br Rigdon objected and wanted the vote cauld to see if the church wanted the twelve to Preside and it was don, and the Church with one hart and voice liftid up their hands for the Twelve to Preside. in this meeting the Quorams was organised the high councel high Preast Seventes Elders. &c. &c--

friday 9 [Aug 1844] had a councel with the 12 had a good councel. we aunited [anointed] Brs Newel K. Whitney and Gorge Miller as trustees for the Church in Hancock Co on Saterday 10 [Aug] Continued our councels to trancact buisness for the Church Sunday the 11 [Aug] Br Luman Wight Preached and set the Bretherin in a grate fevor [p. 49] [to] leve here and goe with Br L. Wight into the wilderness. we continued our councels from day to day to regulate the Buisness of the Church. I found that Br Emmet was rasing a company to goe away in to the wilderness or some whare elce

on Sunday the 18 [Aug 1844] I Preached to the Saints in the morning I had good liberty and by the help of the lord I was enable to satisfy the Bretherin and unite them together so they so that they [sic] will finish the Temple

on monday 19 [Aug] the twelve had a councel herd a letter from Js. A. Bennet - [p. 50] Br Wilford Woodruff is going to England to take charge of all the Churches Printing and emegration Buisness. Br H. Clark goes with him

Sunday 25 [Aug 1844] went to the stand Br Woodruff Preached I spoke to the saints 3/4 of an our had a good meeting gave much inst[r]uction to the saints and liberty to Baptize the saints for there dead relitives Brs Hyde P. P. Pratt Cahoon and Phelps Bore testamona

26 [Aug Monday] Baptised Gorge stiles the Lawyer - had a confrence with the officers of the Legon

27 [Aug Tuesday] met with the officers of the Legon the councel desided that they wou[ld] carrey out all Josephs vues in all things [p. 51] there was 6 of the twelve was present the Brethe[r]in felt sperietet on the subjected

a list of the States

W. W. Phelps Mariland
4 in York State
1 Connectticut
1 Dea[l]ware
2 Virginnia
2 Ohio
1 Alabama
1 Missispi
2 Pensyvania
2 North Carolina
1 South Carolina
2 Georga
2 Tennisee [p. 52]
1 Jersey 1 Jersey
1 Lewisaney
1 Arkensaw
1 Missouri
2 Indiana Willard Snow
1 Maine
1 New Brunswick
1 New Hapshier
1 Vermaunt
1 Mishagan
1 Wis Conson
2 Contuckey
1 Rodiland
1 Lower Canaday
1 Upper Canaday
1 Texces Lucian Woodworth [p. 53]

August 28 the 1844 [Wednesday] Brother Wilford Woodruff in company with Br Hyram Clark and D. Jones Started this day for England they went off in good spirits, they took their wifes with them

29 [Aug, Thursday] we ware in councel this day it is our fast day with the Saints their is 16 present we have had a good meeting I came home with Br E D. Wolley. I lade hands on a good menny at the stand

30 [Aug, Friday] a company of twenty of the Bretherin Came down to Father Mikesells to get Peaches and more came after words Br H. C. Kimball J. Taylor orson Hyde G A Smith Amasa Lymond Father John Smith was is with us [p. 54] Father Mikesal famely are glad to see us, we have a good day

31 [Aug, Saturday] took my wife and Unice went on to the hill found Br Greene verry sick cauld on Br Joseph Young Lambs Clarkes came home about 1 o c P.M attended cortmarshel at the seventis hall the cort marshel elected me for their Leutenant Jeneral and Charles C. Rich for their Major Jeneral it was don with out a decenting voice in the evening at 6. o.c. we had a school meeting chose 3 trustees

Sept 1 th 1844 [Sunday] I went to the meeting ground in the fore noon B[ro] S. Rigdon Preached his descorce was compelecated and [p. 55] and some what scattered he said he had all things shone to him from this time to the winding up sene or the grate Battle of gog and may gog, there was grate things to take place but he did not tel what the saints should due to save themselves
at 1/2 past 2 P.M. I met with the high Preast Quoram I spoke to some le<n>gth to the Bretherin Br Kimball Spoke, then went to the high Seventes hall spok to the Bretherin in that place conserning there organization. Feremo[r]se Little (here)

2 monday [Sep 1844] went on to the hill got my bugga ficks at Br Pecks took tea with Br Joseph young Saw Br J. P. Greene he was sick [p. 56] Br Willard Richards a sick man in the evening went to Br H. C. Kimballs, saw Sister Williams and seald hir to hir husben F. G. W. Br H. C. Kimball stod as procksey

tusday 3 [Sep] had an intervue with Br Rigdon he said he had Power and authority above the twelve did not concider him self bound to thir councel in the evening the twelve had a councel with him again he was far from being or feeling an in trist with the twelve after a long conversation Br Rigdons licence was demanded he would not give them up said the church had not ben led for a long time by the Lord, and he should come out [p. 57] tell all a bout the secrits of the Church

4 [Sep, 1844 Wednesday] Br Alexa[n]der Hunt Paid in $25.60 for the temple had a day of rest

5 [Sep, Thursday] Br Marks Came to see me about P[r]es Rigdon and his revelations in the afternoon went to the prayer meeting and exposed the fals prophets
Sister <Sariah> Rockwell came with 5 pare of gloves for the temple. 1 do [ditto] mittens $525

6 [September, Friday] Br Kimball and my self visited the sick till 2 o.c P.M. Brs A. Lyman C. Pa d irt ge - had a councel in the evening with the officers of the Lagon [p. 58]

[pencil starting here] 6 Br Alonzo W. Whitney stated to Br H. C. Kimball that he <and my self> was in a meeting last weak at Lenard sobes [Sobey's] there he heard S. Rigdon <some say> say that the 12 ware in the Bogas buisness and there was rits out for them at Carthege.
they [said] Sidney Rigdon and his party must send cirten men to the Branches to turn the saints to him & then he could lead them to S. R. said he should goe to Pitsburgh and publish all the wickedness & history of Nauvoo [p. 59] let it rest on the Living or the dead insinuating that Joseph & Hyram was rong Sameul James read a chapter [and] made the aplecation that Joseph was decived and left to have falce revelations. Some said thire was no use to pay enny thing more on the temple namely Crouse Hunter twist & Richar[ds] Rigdon asscented to it all and gave them som instricton
Twist or Soby said me we must not come out against Joseph at once or pull on that string to hard you know the [p. 60] feelings of the People and the man of sin spoken of is the twelve

[brown ink commences] 7 [Sep 1844 Friday] I seald Br John P. Greene [to] my sister Rhodia Young and to Mary Eliza Nelson, as he was dying

Br John Mc Gewin came to my house to Bord or live with me [written sideways along edge of page]

the names of my staff
4 adicamps
Isac Morley first
Jefferson Hunt 2
2 Secreterry
12 garde
1 Alfus [Alpheus] Cutler [p. 61]
Ronalds Choon [Reynolds Cahoon]
James Allread
Thomas Grover
John Butler
Gorge Cremer
Abraham C Hodge
Shedrick Roundy
Cornaious [Cornelius] P. Lott
Dunbar Wilson
Henery G. Sherwood
Sameul H Smith

1 Chaplen
Drill master genaral
Commander of the S[t]aff [p. 62]

[pencil writing commences] Sept 9 1844 [Monday]

Thomas R Heris one rifel $20.00 for the temple

[brown ink commences]10 [Sep Tuesday] Br John Trayer crd for the temple - $10 -

10 [Sep] Da[n]iel Corbett crd by cash for temple thirty three dallars

on Sunday the 8 [Sep 1844] we had a meeting on the stand a bout 6 or 7 thausand People Present we tried Br Sidney Rigdon and Cut him of from the Church and Samuel James [blank] Newton Gorge [p. 63] Morrey John Horges [Hodges?] and som others, we ware over 6 ours on the stand the congration was well satisfyde. Rigdon and his party held ameeting in the morning and concluded not to make enny defence

Monday 9 [Sep] I visited the sic Br J. P. Greene P. P. Pratt and others

Stusday 10 [Sep] Br J. P. Greene died this morning about 6 o.c. Jan. Demming I was made a quanted with Br. O. Hyde started for Kirtland had a Councel with the 12 and others [p. 64]

Sept 10[th] 1844 this day I visited Br. Isac Chace Bro H. C. Kimball was with me Br & Sister Chase with their daughter Claricy was at home, we had a good visit Br H.C.K. and I stoped at Br Geans [Gheen's?]

wensday 11 [Sep] Burid Br J. P. Greene visited Br E. Snows famely

12 [Sep 1844 Thursday] Br Otus Hobert came to me wanted councel of me concerning his famely Br Hobert said Br L Wight helped him to a team to come to this place. L W. sent Br Horbert to Missi<ci>ppy to see the Bretherin there a bout going with L. W. to Read Rever [Red River] [p. 65] Br L. W. said Br H. that the 12 understod all about it

friday 13 [Sep] went to the perade ground whare the officers war drilling Johnathan Dunam was elected Brigeder Ganeral of the 2th corhort to the Nauvoo Legon I viseted Mother Smith with Br & Sister Kimball -

Saterday 14[th] [Sep] cauld on Sister Hyram Smith Brs H C Kimball & G A smith was with me attended to offering up prayrs for A Lyman then went to Citty Councel apointed J. C. Wright marshel & W. W. Phelps recorder of deads at 2 o.c. P.M. Br J Taylor [p. 66] and I went up to the perade ground Saw the second corhort inspected in the evening paid Br Amasa Lymond a visit found him much better 1/2 past 8 o.c. P.M -

Monday 16 [Sep 1844] at 6 o.c. A.M. I went to the ground where we Located the arsnel on the lot Graham Colton lives on near the temple H. G. Sherewood scurvade the ground for the Building 48 feet 4 ench[es] north & south 33 feet 4 east & west. we then uncoverd our heads and lifted our hands to heven and I dedecated the ground to the God of the armes of Isreal. I then took the spade and broke the ground for the Soller [cellar] Jenerals present [p. 67] M T Charles C. Rich Jothan Dunam and others of the officers of the Legon

wensday 18 [Sep] w I have ben in councel with the 12 and Brs Whitney G. Miller. we have had a good visit to gether read Br W. Smith J J. Adams & O. Hydes letters
Thomas Morris crd on tithing for one Bord 2.00

thursday 19 [Sep 1844] staed at home all day my wife is quite sick I saw Sister Louisa B. Smith H. C. Kimball & Silva L. Smith &c. &.c. grate is the work of the Lord in these Last days [p. 68]

Sept 20 1844 [Friday] went to the temple cauld at Sister Evens seald hir up to hir husban Horres [Horace?] hir oldest son stod as proxey lad hands on sister Durby the Lord is with me continuly

Sunday morning 22 [Sep]. 1844 I Preached to the congration of the Saints had a go[o]d time <told> the saints some new things. had a councel councel [sic] with the men that came here to take up the murders of Bro Joseph & Hyram Smith

Monday evening [23 Sep] had a councel with the 12 the Mair & others concerning going after thouse men [p. 69]

Sept 23th 1844. a list of arms from L. By Thomas McKenie
one 2 bareld fouling peace
Six single Barrll
2 Swords 1 Pistol
2 Bullet Moulds
1 tin Box Bullets
3000 or more Caps
1 Barrell of Powder
1 lot of lead [previous entry in pencil]

25[th] [Sep 1844 Wednesday] Ira Miles Said Father Cutler told him about the Last stone was laid on the wales of the Temple for it seamed the Devel was in the thing [p. 70]

Sept 23th 1844 the murders

26 [September, Thursday] the govener came in to to town [sic] with a bout 4 or 5 hu[n]dred troops. we had officer drill

27 [Sep] had our Genaral perade the govener came on to the ground with general Harden and others of his officers we had a [good?] day there was a good feeling a mong the officers and solgers [remainder of p. 71 blank]

Oct the 3t 1844 [Thursday] Brother H. C. Kimball and my self was at Br Steven Marcoms Sister Eliza Snow & Betsey Farechiles was there
we took diner with them went to the temple

4 [Oct., Friday] Br H. C. Kimball and my self was at the seventis hall paid Sister Fany a short visit Sister Anny Wicks was there. Br Horten & wife put up there for confrence
went up to the Temple in the fore noon went to see Sister Clark lent hir Seventy five dollars in gold [p. 72] [previous entry in blue ink except "Wicks" later added in blank space in brown ink]

Oct 3th 1844
Mother Smith $50.00
Willard Richards 26.56
H C. Kimball 25.00
P. P. Pratt 35.00
D. Jones 50.00
L. Woodworth 22 50

Sameul Shepard cr by corn for temple wagon Box Length 10 feet weth [width] 3 feet en hight 1 foot 3 enches [This paragraph in pencil]
[p. 73]

Oct 8[th] 1844 [Tuesday] this day ended our confrence we have organized eleven Quorams of Seventis. have had a first rate confrence
Br Kimball and my self stoptd at Sister Knoons saw sisters Sarah Alley and Clary Blake

9 [Oct] John Websor [Webster?] crd one gun for temple $10.

9 [Oct] was at Br Isac Decker Sister Rebeca Holman was there on a visit Br H.C.K - [This paragraph in blue ink]

10 [Oct] at E Snows P. P. Pratt and sister Anney Parker was there [p. 74]

Oct 10[th] 1844 [Thursday] Br H. C. Kimball & my self are at Br Ezera Chases from 10 am. till 1/2 past 3 P.M
H. C K Sharlot Chase
Br. Y. Diana Chase was there we had a good visit -

tusday the 15[th] [Oct 1844] Br H. C. K. & my self Started for the east from Br. L. y. at 4. o.c. Pm. Came to Layharp put up with Br E- Bingham found Br P. P. Pratt there the next morning [Oct 16] Started for Autuway Came 44 miles Stayed with Br. Ames we fel in with 2 other teams that had ben to confrence. Brs Busard & Andrus

17 [Oct 1844 Thursday] Came to Lafaett staed with Br Grant [p. 75] and Br Gillot - Came the next day [Oct 18] to a place cauld Providence staid all night at a tavern kept by H. Barney the snow fel a bout 6 inches in corse of the day - Saterday 19 [Oct] came through to Autuaway 48 miles - found som of the Bretherin they ware well and in talarable Spirits. Br P. P. Pratt taulked to the saints in the after noon of Sunday 20 [Oct 1844] had a meeting in the evening with the Britherin

21 [Oct] monday went to Br Millers took dinner crost the Fox river Staed all nite with Br Dunavan

22 [Oct] tusday Came to the Norwegon settlement had a meeting in the evening with the Bretherin [p. 76]

Oct 23th 1844 [Wednesday] Brs H. C. Kimball P. P. Pratt & Lorenzo young & my self held a meeting with the Bretherin in Noraway I cauld the Bren to order as a confrence. we appointed G. R. Dikes Presiding high Preast of the Branch & regon of contry. we ordained Br Miller a Bishop over the Branch in that Plac
we Baught one hundred acors of land from Brs Goodman & Anderson for the Perpus of laing it out for a citty we celeceted the ground for a meeting house x stuck the stake at the Sauth East corner
in the evening we ordained Br Busard high Preast for one of Br Dikes Counceleas [p. 77] staed all night at Br Busards cauld on Br Nurs he said he was strong in the faith. the Bretherin seamd to be lauth to Part with us

24 [Oct] thursday [1844] we left Autuway we drove all day a gainst a strong south wind Came to Br P. P. Pratts farm 43 miles found Br Anson Pratt and his famely well they ware verry glad to see us staed all night cauld on Sister Delon She was glad to see us

25 [Oct] frida we came on 3 miles this side of Peoria put up with Nathan Stevens. I have ben unwell for a day or two but now am well [p. 78]

[half page blank]
Oct 31th [1844 Thursday] 12. a.m. at sniveley Br P. P. Pratt was with me Hanahett Snively & Susanah Snively was at home we took diner. Br Kimball was with me at the temple [p. 79]

November 7[th] 1844 [Thursday] 7[th] at Br J. B. Nobles Br A. Lymon Sister Olive Frost & my self & others was there

10 [Nov] on sunday I Preached to the Saints on the meeting ground there was agrate menny People Present Spoke 2 ours to them we had a good time the Saints said they ware satysfyde and much edefyde

11[th] [Nov 1844 Friday] held a cauncel with twelve Bishops high councel Mair & Paleseman

12 [Nov] went to the temple cauld to Br Richards & Br Kimball found them boath better they had ben sick- [p. 80]
[pencil commences]
Ormel Bats
Andrew Perkans
John Lytle
Andrew Lytle
Charles Shumway
William L. Cutler
James H. Glynes
Howard Egan
Joseph Kelton
P. P. Pratt
Cyrus Daniels
Edmond Elsworth
Joseph <W> Johnson
Jessey D. Hunter
G. D. Watt
Jacob Wilder [p. 81]

Elexander Williams
Daniel S. Thomas
Tarelton Lewis
David Lewis
Milow Andrews
Isreal Barlow
Lorenza Clark
George W Langley

James Clemenson 5 00
Marget Clemenson 5 00
Daiel Mork 5 00
Dolley Bissell 5 00
Cr on Book Decr 9[th] 1841 [written in ink in another hand over last 4 names] [remainder of [[p. 81a ]] blank]

Mr Green who keeps the Land agincy for selling real Estate Said at the foot of Main Street, to Dr Ciprus That Wm Law was an honorable upright man, and that Joseph Smith would lie a little, and if a man would lie he would do worse. The above was testified to by two witnesses [preceding paragraph not in BY hand][remainder of p. 82 blank]

Loren Farr
Aaron Farr
Charles Patten
Aderson Everet [pencil writing ends, brown ink commences]