1845 Journal


1845 Journal



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Brigham Young Diary and record book, 27 July 1837 - 1 April 1845, holograph diary and record book, miscellaneous notes, copies of revelations and a letter of Orson Hyde. Red leather binding with remains of a clasp. A strip of cream colored paper pasted on spine, now partly disintigrated. Still legible in Spencerian scroll: "Brigham [Young] Journal 1837 to 4[5]." 5 7/8" (14.8 cm) high x 3 13/16" (9.7 cm). Brigham Young Collection (MS 1234, Bx 71, fd 2), LDS Church Archives. Written on faintly lined cream colored pages.


Jan 20 [1845]
Mary Snively Crd for temple 5.00
Mary A Snively 5.00
Susanah Snively Crd for temple 1 stock 1.00 [remainder of p. 83 blank]

Wensdy 15[th] of January 1845 went to the temple & ston Quarry at Br J. B. Nobles Saw Sister Mary Ann Clark. and went to seventis haul in the evening and at Br Aaron Jonson went to the high counsel was there visiting

16 [Jan] went to the temple spent the most of the day with B[ro] H. C. Kimball in coricting his history went to Robert Pearces in the after noon with H. C. K

17 [Jan, Friday] went to the temple and to doctors <Richards> to see about the record of the church. in the evening Brs Kimball J. Taylor & G A Smith was at my uperroom in the evening [p. 84]

Jan 18[th] 1845 [Saturday] went to the temple eat supper at Br Joshaway Hotmans

19 [Jan, Sunday] at the temple went to see sister Snivelys famely Spent som time with Doct Richards also at W. R som time

21 [Jan] the new Poles [police] was organized last saterday this morning roat a letter to Br P. H young to Kirt[l]and Brs L. D. young & H. C. K with me at Br W. Richards the Quoram of 12 had a councel in the evening Br H. C. Kimball Orson Pratt G. A Smith Amasa Lyman Present Br E. Jordain was with us [p. 85]

Janury 22th 1845 [Wednesday] went [to] Br Richards Printing office at Br Woodard visiting
yesterday John McCuing ran aganst Br R. Persons Daughter

23 [Jan] went to Doc Richards rote to Br Benson & Sister A. C. went to the temple from there to Doct R. to H. C K. N. K. W. A. Lymons T. Turles John Taylors Br Patrick home then to O. Hydes got a box for sister Hadlock come home. Br John Scott was at my house said Br Aaron Smith had jest returned from Apernos he said Wilson was up there lectord to the mob he told them they must dr[i]ve the mormons from Nauvoo before the temple was don or they never could [p. 86]
Frida 24 the [Jan] 1845 Brs H. C. Kimball and N. K. Whitney was at my house we washed and anointed and Praied had a good time. I inquaired of the Lord whether we should stay here and finish the templ the ansure was we should. Br Hyde arived from St Lewis thurs[d]ay [Friday] 24 had good succes there

Saterday 25 [Jan] Br Cambel is ingraven our Privet seal for the Twelve ben to the temple this morning

Sunday 26 [Jan] I was sick in the morning went to the high Priest corum they agread to finish the upper [p. 87] part of [the] temple next summer then I went to the temple store had a meeting in the high Quorum

monday 27 [Jan] attended to sending the Brothern of on there mision

28 [Jan] went to the temple herd a letter from Wm P. Richards Maccomb concerning emagratin to some other place

29 [Jan] went to the temple had a councel with the trustes & committy I think good will result from it Came to Elder Kimballs assisted him to prepare his jurnal for the paper. Br Kimball namd his son Brigham Heber & I Blesed him [p. 88]

thursday Jan 30[th] 1845 went to the temple and other places held a councel with the citty concel high councel old Poles & others - had a good meeting was at Br snows in the evening stoped at Br Woodar[d]s she gave me a purse

31 [Jan] thursday had visiters at my house, a bout 25 visited till after midnight

Feb the first [1845] had my famely at my hause on a visit. Br J & L young Str[..]y and others of our famely-

2 [Feb 1845] I Preached in the Consert Haul [to] a ful hause & a good meeting spent the evening at home with my famely

monday 3 [Feb] went to the [p. 89] election of the Citty Cauncel there was a bout 9 hundred vots without eney opesision. went to Br Gleseson on the parira staed all night

tusday 4 [Feb] had a councel with the fifty righted up & organized we droped a number of the members

5 [Feb] went to the temple to sister Fanys took diner with L Young

thursday 6 [Feb] Br Lorenzo Young started for Ohio with Lorenzo Snow Br Folk took them in his caredge to Lyma I Preached Br Whitney furnal surman in the consert hall [to] a large congrtion took diner with Br Orson Spencer Supper with Saria Whitney

Saterdy 8 [Feb] attended citty councel the old councel desolved & the new [p. 90] councel took there place they p[roc]eeded to apo[i]nt there officers for the citty Br Kimball took dinner with me jest at night we went to Br Chases on the Praira staed all night

9 [Feb] Br Kimball and myself Preached at Br Horners mill had a first [rate] meeting withe the Bretherin and a large congration Came hom Spent the evening with Br J. Young at Doct Richards

tousday 11 [Feb] Eliot one of the murders of Joseph & Hyram came in tow[n] was taken up and braught before square wells and Johnson proved gilty sent to Ca[r]thage on thursday morning the 13[th] - Spent my time at the temple did not attend the triel [p. 91]

The Subject of the dispensa[t]ion of the fulness of times - EPHESIANS I.9-10
9= Having made known unto us <the> mystery of his will, acording to his good pleasur which he hath purposed in himself.
10= that in the dispe[n]sation of the fulness of times, he might gether together in one all things in Christ both which are in heaven and which are on Erth even in him -
Gen 3-9-10
9 and the Lord God called unto Adam and said unto him where art thou?
10 and he said, I heard thy voice in the garden, [p. 92] and I was afraid because I was naked; and I hid myself.
Gen 4= 4
and Abel, he also braught of the firstlings of his flock, and of the fat thereof. and the Lord had respect unto Abel, and to his offering: [remainder of p. 93 blank]

Frida 21th [Feb] 1845 I Priched the funarel sermon of Br Moris Whitesids at Robrt Pirce

Saterday 22 [Feb] attended the high councel Br Elester Brooks was tried and cleard

Sunday 23 [Feb] Preached at Hiram Kimball had a good meeting

on monday 24 went to Masadona [Macedonia] in company with H. C. Kimball Gorge Miller O. Pratt. A. Lymon Wm Clayton Gorge D. Grant E. D. Woley John Kay J. L. Smith we came in 6 ours found all well

25 [Feb] Spent the day with the Brotherin settleing up the church affairs had a meeting in the evening Br O. Pratt A. Lymon G. Miller and my self spoak we had a first rate time in Meeting [p. 94]

The names of the Twelve as chosen
1 - Lyman E Johnson
2 - Brigham Young
3 Heber C. Kimball
4 Orson Hyde
5 Luke Johnson
6 David W. Patten
7 William E McLallin
8 John F Boynton
9 Wm Smith
10 Orson Pratt
11 Thomas B. Marsh
12 Parley P. Pratt [p. 95]

Febuary 25 - 1845 [Tuesday] at Br Bengeman Johnson Rames after meeting we set up till late. I set up till betwene one & two o.c. in the morning Br Gorge Grant Siras Daniles and John Key was watching a bout 1/2 past 2 o.c. the Brn from Nauvoo came in to town a bout 10 in number. they waked us up. we thaught it was the mob at first but soon found our mestake the Bretherin at Nauvoo herd that Br Kimball and my self was taken to Carthage jale by the mob this was the reson of the Brn coming out

we returned home to Nauvoo wensday the 26 [Feb]. 22 of the Ramos Brotherin came out part way with us. we met a smart snow storm in a bout 6 miles from town arived safe home found all well, and on the whole we had a first rate visit to Ramos [p. 96]

Feb- thursday 27[th] 1845 this morning went down to the river Bank whare the grate dam is to be built to dedacate the ground. I cauld upon Br J. E. Page to make the prayer dedacation Prayer then went to Br W. Richards was in councel till a bout 3 o.c. P.M. we aupointed Br A. Lymon to goe to visit James Emets company to try to reclame them Br D. Spencer goes with him. in the evening went to Fathers John smiths to Pray for him we drest and prayed and had a good meeting and he was blest

28 [Feb] went to the temple saw the trusttes all things going well viseted Br Truman Angel and Mother Angel and Br Woodards folkes in the evening [p. 97]

Saterday March 1th 1845 this day I cauld the councel of 50 to gether admited of som others taking seats in the room of absent members Brs J. D. Lee & J. Pack seated. we had a good meeting it lasted all day.

2 [Mar] Sunday I did not leve the house till jest evening Cauld on Father John Smith a fue minuts. came home went with my wife to mother smith

monday 3 [Mar] I was stil more unwell Br Kimball came to my house wanted I shauld goe with him on to the hill. I went with him to see Br Beach came home quite sick went to bed did not setup till thursday [Mar 6], walked out to Br Joseph Youngs on frida [Mar 7], rode on to the hill Saterday the 8 [Mar] I had no docter in my sickness but the Lord and my wife and the laing on of the hands of the Elders [p. 98]

March 28[th] 1845 [Friday] went to Br Packs took supper there was a bout 90 took s[u]pper

30 [Mar] Su[n]day I went to the stand made preperations for the confrence

31 [Mar] I recived a letter from T. Craig mo -

Apriel 1th 1845 [Tuesday] this day I comencd revising the History of the church Br G. A. Smith was with me, we took grate delight in perusing the history of the Church in it[s] infency
I cauld at Br L youngs in the morning sister Dianita Walker was there

[remainder of p. 99 blank and 6 following pages (3 leaves)]