1837 - 1844 Journal Miscellanea


1837 - 1844 Journal Miscellanea


Full original transcription of miscellaneous notes and entries recorded at the end of the 1837-1845 diary/record book.




1837, 1838, 1839, 1840, 1841, 1844.


[Brigham Young]

extracted text

Brigham Young Diary and record book, 27 July 1837 - 1 April 1845, holograph diary and record book, miscellaneous notes, copies of revelations and a letter of Orson Hyde. Red leather binding with remains of a clasp. A strip of cream colored paper pasted on spine, now partly disintigrated. Still legible in Spencerian scroll: "Brigham [Young] Journal 1837 to 4[5]." 5 7/8" (14.8 cm) high x 3 13/16" (9.7 cm). Brigham Young Collection (MS 1234, Bx 71, fd 2), LDS Church Archives. Written on faintly lined cream colored pages.


March the 15 - 1841 Letters to the Bishops & Clergy By Sir Charles Wobseley Bart Presented by a Bible Reader
Letters to Charles Daniel by a Bible Reader
Mr Daniels letters to the Rev. Mr. Powell a church minister
A letter to the Rev Mr Powell Feb the 12 1840
the controvercy betwen the Rev. H. T. Powell Vicar of Stretton-on-Dunsmore; and C. Daniel, Shoemaker in the Same Parish nov 1837 .. Doubts w<h>ether Matthew Parker,s consecration did ever take Place [[p. ]] .. Doubts whether the Lambeth Register, be of enny authority [brown ink ends; remaineder of unnumbered p. blank]

the names of those to be Baptized
Adeline Garrow [these 2 lines in pencil; remainder of p. blank, followed by 3 blank pages]

[book turned over, commencing from back]

[Inside front cover and 3 following pages contain miscel. notes, names, math, etc., some in pencil and some in ink; much of the penciled notes are illegible now]

[the following is written upside down in faded pencil on inside of front cover:]

Expences [written sideways by figures]
[illegible] watch
Br 0.50 do do 05
075 [illegible]

433 vest 13
[names mostly illegible] [inside front cover]

43 Norfalk st
John Taylor Liverpool [sideways in ink on inside of front cover]

Modesitte [in brown ink at top of first page]
[pencil commences]
Charles Baker
Joseph Baker
Kenion & Williams
[five illegible lines]

[upside down at bottom of page]
[ - ] Schenectady
from Port Byrom
to Buffaloo
Boat Capt
Marion [ - ]
---------------- [first page]

[brown ink at top of 2nd page]
D Doct. Modsitt
Terre Hute

[pencil upside down]
L, [-]
From all that [ - - - ]
Jerusalam my happy home
L -
in god let all his [ - - - ]
James Gifford Samyersfield
45 lb 6 oz of butter from
one cow in 22 days
[blue ink commences]
James Giffard at waterville his wife made from one cow in 22 days 45lb 6 oz of butter
[[p. 2]]

[pencil commences]
Brother David Nelson
lives in Warren County
Franklin township
works for worley

[[remainder of p. 3 blank]]

[brown ink commences]
Trates in B. Young in his chara[c]tor
A grate atachment deg - 17
Love of children - do - 12
ConCentrativeness - do - 1.0
Self esteme - 13
approbativeness - 13
Coutiousness - 12
firmness - 18
Consciatiousness - 13
veneration 13
hope - 12
benevolence - 13
imitation - 12
mirthfulness 13
Causdity 15
comparison 13
eventuality 13
individuality - 12
bacality 13
form - 12
Combativness - 12
Distructiveness - 12 [[p. 4]]
Secritiveness 10
mechanical 12
Order 10
[[remainder of p. 5 blank]]

study or imaginat<i>on 10
cal[c]ulation - 13
time 12 tune - 12
alamentativeness - 12
amativeness - 13
language - 13

[pencil commences]
Sept 16 1844 monney for to send for guns gold $118 12
in paper 227.00
in silver 127.00
[remainder of p. 6 blank]

[following pages numbered later by someone other than Brigham]
[brown ink commences]

New Franklin March 30[th] 1839
Dear Sir
I now attempt to write you a few lines to express, in short, the feelings and desired of my heart. I saw Brother Kimball at Far west soon after you left that place, and he invited me very Strongley to come back and go with him to England. I asked him if he Could forgive me, and he said yes. I asked him if the Church would for give me, and he said yes. and I told him I would come and go with him. and so I will (if the Lord permit).

When I see you and the Church I will give you a full history of my course, and [p. 100] and the reasonings of my mind; and freely confess all my sins; and as to the terms upon which I can be recived back into my place I shall not be pocticlar; for to live in this way I cannot; and to join any other society, I have no more disposition then to eat when I am full. I talked of writing to England, but have not don it. I saw I was pl[a]ced in a situation that I could do no good, and felt disposed to do as little harm as possible. Sometimes, during the past winter my mind had ben so exercised that I could nether work nor sleep, and would frequently find [p. 101] myself weeping before I was a ware of it; and asking myself this qu[e]stin why in God,s name is it so. what have I don that I am left in this situation, or rather that I have ben suffered to fall into this dilemma. when I returned from England, my spirit was pure and my soul loved virtue. I was uncoscious of guilt. when I lay sick at Farwest I thaught if I could but depart. I should be at rest. I felt like taking no part whatever in the Danite movements. the convisions of my own mind ware, that it was not a good and virtuous institutioun, and these Conv[i]ctions ware strengthend [p. 101] by the tales of some who had been initiated into the mysteries &c, &c.
But those things do not rest upon my mind with that weight which they did at that time, I may say, they are no more in my mind now then afeather in the wind. I had engaged a school which would have been worth three hundred dollars a year or more before I started for Far West. I however, would not bind my self for only a Quarter at a time. when in the upper Country I intended to have gone to Liberty to see the prisoners, But their had ben an attempt [p. 102] made to rescue them a few days before, and for this reason they would admit no one into the prison; theirfore I did not go. I spoke with Parlay through the Cracks and thaught If I had ben a Sampson. the prisoners should go free.
Bro. Kimball told me I had better get clear of my school if I Coulc. I have done so since I returned, and expect Bro. Oliver Olney to send a team here for my family in the Course of two or three weeks. He will take them to the Iowa Territory, there is a fine chance for me in a wholesale Grocery here, [p. 102] Can get good wages and am now in the owners employ until the team coms. Had I better remain here a time in order to fit myself for a m ission or a campaign, or had I better leave as soon as the team Coms for my familey, and if I leave here whare shall I find the authorieties of the Church. the chastning hand of the Lord has don for me that which nothing else would. I think, If the Church will accept me as a minister, or a sol[d]ier, or a door-keeper, they can have me. I need not write to you that I have litterally [p. 103] died and ben rased from the dead since I was last at Far West, But I will tell you more about it when I see you face to face. Keep this part to yourself, if you please -
Brigham, will you forgive me: will the Church forgive me? If So, God will for give me. Please write me immeditly on rct of this and tell me all you think to be for my good Direct to New Franklin Howard County Mo [p. 103] whatever the church may Decide upon respecting my case, they may rest assuard that the feelings of following are the real wishes of my hart.
"I truly wish Mount Zion well What ere becoms of me,"
With a fresh remambrence of formar times, and formar sceans, with feelings of tnderest kind towards you, and all all with whome you and are conneceted, I Subscribe myself your Younger Brother in a distant land feeding swine
Oroson Hyde
Brigham Young [p. 104]

[2 pp. (1 leaf) blank]

Revelation given July 8th 1838 at Far West Caldwell Co Mo
Shew unto us Thy will O Lord concerning the Twelve. - Ans= Verily thus saith the Lord let a conference be held immediately let the Twelve be organized and let men be appointed to supply the place of those who are fallen let my servant Thomas remain for a little season in the Land of Zion to publish my word let the remainder continue to prech from that hour and if they will do this in all lowliness of [p. 105] but in meekness and pureness and long suffering. I the Lord God give unto him a promise that I will provide for their families and an effectual door shall be opened for them from lies henceforth and next spring let them depart to go over the great waters and there promulge my gospel the fulness thereof and to bear record of my name let them take leave of my saints in the City Far West on the 26th day of April next on the building spot of my house saith the Lord let my servant John Taylor and also my servant John E. Page [p. 106] and also my servant Wilford Woodruff and also my servant Willard Richards be appointed to fill the places of those who have fallen and be officially notified of their appointment [p. 106 numbered twice; remained of second p. 106 blank]

[foregoing revelation not in BY hand]

[one blank page]

A Revelation given Kirtland July the 23. 1837 [title not in BY hand]

the word of the Lord unto thomas B. Marsh concerning the twelve Apostles of the Lamb. verely thus saith the Lord unto you <my> servant thomas. I have heard thy prayors and their alms have come up as a memorial before me in behalf of those thy Brotherin who ware chosen to bare testamona of my name and to send it abroad among all nations kindred,s tongues and people, and ordained through the instrumentality of my servents. Verely I say unto you there have been som fue things in thine hart; and with the, with [p. 107] which I the Lord was not well pleased, nevertheless, inasmuch as thou hast abased thy self thou shalt be exalted, therefore all thy sins are forgiven the; let thy heart be of good chear before my face and thou shalt bear reccord of my name not only unto th Gentiles but also unto the Jews, and thou shalt send forth my word unto the ends of the Earth. Contend thou therefore morning by morning and dafter day, let thy worning v[o]ice go forth, and when the night cometh let not the inhabitance of Earth slumber; because of thy spech, let thy habitation be known in zion and remove not thy house; for I the Lord have a grate work for the to do in pub[l]ishing my name among the [p. 108] children of men, therefore gird up your loins for the work, let your feet be shod also for thou art chosen and thy path lyeth among the mountians. and among meny Nations, and by thy word meny high ones shall be brought low and by thy word meny low ones shall be exalted thy voice shall be a rebuke unto the transgressors and at thy rebuke, let the tongue of the slanderer cease its preverseness, be thou humble and the Lord thy God shall lead thee by thy hand and give thee an answer to they [sic] prayers. I know they hart and have heard they prayers concerning thy Brotheren, be not partial to wards them in
lov above many others but let your lov be for them as for yourself, [p. 108, each facing page given same number] and let your love abound unto all men. and unto all who love my name, and pray for your Brothern of the twelve. Admonish them sharply for my name sake. and let them be admonished for all their sins and be ye faithful before me unto my name, and after their temptations & much tribulations behold I the Lord will feele after them & if they harden not their harts and stifen not their necks aganst me they shall be converted and I will heal them. Now I say unto you. and what I say unto you I say unto all the twelve; arise gird up your loins take up your cross. follow me and feed [p. 109] my sheep; exalt not your selves, rebel not against my servent Joseph for verily I say unto you I am with him and my hand shall be over him, and the keys which I have given him and also to you ward shall not be taken from him untill I com. Verily I say unto you my servant Thomas thou art the man whome I have chosen to hold the Keys of my Kingdom as pertaining to the twelve abroad among all Nations that thou mayest be my servant to unlock the dore of the Kingdom in all places wheare my servant JOseph and my servant Sidney and my servant Hyram cannot com; for on them have I layed the burden of [p. 109] all the Churches, for a little season. wherefore wethershethersoever whethersoever they shall send you. go ye and I will be with you and in whatsoever place ye shall lproclame my name an effectual doore shall be opend unto you. that they may receive my word. whosoever reciveth my word reciveth me, and whoesoever <reciveth> me reciveth those the first Presedency whome I have sent, whome I have made Councillars for my name sak unto you: and again I say unt[o] you that whoesoever ye shall send in my name by the voice of y our Brotherin the Twelve duly recommended and autherised by [p. 110] you shall have power to open the door of my Kingdom unto any Nation whithersoever ye shall send them: inasmutch as they humble themselves before me and abide in my word and harken to the voice of my spirit. Verely: Verily I say unto you darkeness covereth the Earth and gros darkness the minds of the People, and all flesh has becom corrupt before my face: behold vengence cometh speedely upon the inhabitence of the Earth; a day of wrath day of burning; a day of distruction of weeping, of morning and of Lamentation; and as a whirlwind it shall com upon all the face of the Earth. [p. 110] saith the Lord, and upon my House shall it begin, and from my HOuse shall it go forth saith the Lord, first apon those among you saith the Lord who have profesed to know my name and have not kn[o]wn me and have blasphemed aganst me in the midest of my house saith the Lord. therefore see to it that ye trouble not your selves concerning the affairs of my Church in this place saith the Lord. but purify your harts before me, and then go ye into all the world and Preach my hospel unto every Creature who have [p. 111] nor recived it & he that beleiveth and is baptised shall be saved, and he that beleiveth not and is not baptised shall be damned - for unto you (the twelve) and those of the first presedency who are appointed with you to be your Councellars and your leaders is the POwer of this PRiesthood given for the last days and for the last time, in the which is the dispensation of the fulness of times. which power you hold in conn[e]ction with all those who have recived a dispensation at eny time from the beginning of the Creation; for Verely I say unto you the Keys of the dispensation which ye have [p. 111] recived have com down from the Fathers. and last of all bring sent down from Heven unto you. Verily I say unto you: behold how grate is your caulling. Clense your harts and your garments lest the bloos of this generation be required at your hands; be faithful untill I com for I come qu[i]ckley and my reward is with me to recompence every man according as his works shall be I am Alpha and Omega Amen [p. 112] [brown ink ends and blue ink commences]

[the following genealogy is not in BY hand]

William Peirson was born May 2. 1793.
Nancy Peirson November 22: 1792
Edwin Dwight born Dec. 10th 1819
Aliza Ann - April 14th 1822
Amelia Elizabeth April 16th 1825
Levi Richards March 29th 1827
Albert Howe June 8th 1829 died Oct. 15th 1839.
Susan Sanford Dec. 13th 1831

Joseph Richards, born March 17th 1762
Rhoda Richards - July 8th 1762
Were Married Dec 20th 1781
Joseph Richards born Sept. 29th 1782
Rhoda Richards - Aug 8th 1784
Susan Richards - Aug 13th 1786
Phinehas Richards - Nov 15th 1788
Levi Richards - Dec 7th 1790 [[p. ]]
Nancy Richards - Nov 22 1792
Hepsy Richards - July 28th 1795
Betsey Richards - May 17th 1797
Levi Richards - April 14th 1799
William Richards - May 2nd 1801
Willard Richards - June 24th 1804

[space, brown ink commences]

Manchester Oct 12 - 1840 at Brother Richards - No 1 Chman Street Sister Catherine told Br Richards that Br- Joseph Smith & councel was on their way to England and would be here soon Brothers H. C. Kimball & W. Woodruff present [[p. ]]