1840 October - December Journal


1840 October - December Journal



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1840/10, 1840/11, 1840/12

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Brigham Young Journal, 19 Oct 1840 - 1 Aug 1844; holograph, 4 5/8" (11.7 cm) x 2 3/4" (7 cm), black leather, unlined paper. Brigham Young Collection (MS 1234, bx 71, fd 3), LDS Church Archives.

[Pasted inside front cover, printed in black ink on green paper: "Harwoods' Improved Patent Memorandum Book. Handwriting in pencil on the first page facing the cover is rendered mostly illegible due to rubbing against the cover]

[pencil writing commences]
John Cowell Hanover
St Duglas (John Taylor
adress in the Ile of man
Samuel Cryer Crook st
opsit the trinity Church
sweet greene Bolton
James Albetson
James Howard
Messrs. Gleichman & Busse
Grassbrook Fabrick
Germany [last four lines not in BY hand]
[[p. 2]]

Improved Patent
Memorandum Book,
with Metallic Pencil.
No. 3
J. & F. Harwood, 26, Fenchurch Street
[[p. 3 followed by 3 printed leaves]]

this Book was baught this 20 o[f] oct 1840
on monday the 19 [Oct, 1840] P. P. Pratt arived here from america with his wife and famely. P. Pratt gon to Liverpool H. C. K. gon to Baptise Wm 20 [Oct] Miller - 21 [Oct] at Joseph Batemans Came to Preston Stop with Br Burrows

22 [Oct] at sister dorsons lad hands on mary she was sick - at sister Fieldings held a confrence in evening with the Brotherin it [at] sister Fieldings -

23 [Oct] visited through Preston at Sister Morgans at tea, Brs mellen & White head was their

24 [Oct] Br Kimball and my self went to Penwortham at Br John Mellen 1. o c. p.m. as plesent a day as I have seene sence I have ben in England. took tea at Edwin martons had my feet face and neck washed by Lucia Claton, this evening at Mr Firness to Jane Charnock & Eldon Weldon, attended a confrenc with the officers in preston.

Sunday 25 [Oct, 1840] I preached in Preston in the morning had the sacrament in the afternoon went to Penwortham in the evning held a meeting <in> the house of Broth[er] Edward Martons the Brotherin [and] sisters staed and sing to us a long time after meeting [p.]

monday the 26 [Oct] went to Preston had dinner at Br Nibors came to Longton held a meeting with the Brotherin staid all night at Brother Garners the Brn ware kind to us and administered to our wants

27 [Oct] Came to Church down north Meals cauld at Br Sims tooke dinner then came to Br John Highton held meeting in the [e]vening Staed all night Brs Mellen & Whitehead was with us 28 [Oct] went Brother Joseph Jackson and see them weave silk and to <John> Lloydds and see hiym weave silk P. Mellen ca[lle]d a Bleson meeting in the evening at John Highton 4 was Baptised

Oct 29 [1840 Thursday] went to south port to the hous of Sister Dickson in company with Elders Peter Mellen H.C. Kimball James Whihitehead Robart McBride & wife and Sister Alles Highton Br P- Mellen spoke by the Holy gost and said that there was some - seting here present that should [not] sleep in the grave till they should see the son of man com in his glory or in the clouds of heven namely Elder young Kimball and Whitehead [p.] held a meeting in the evening staed all night

30 [Oct Friday] took choach went to Liverpoo[l] arived there 1/4 past 11 a.m. took dinner at Br E mitchell went to Br Richard Harison staed all night - Saterday the 31 [Oct 1840] took the steamboat at 3 P.M. Came to Eastam then Kings ferry Came to Harden took Super at Gorge Wright then to the level 20 miles from L.pool

November the 1 [1840] Sunday went in the morning to the Rev Mr. Beckwell Preach[ed] Wereturned to house of Joseph Elles whare we staed all night Elder Kimball Preached in afternoon to very attentive congration I Preached in the evening at the house of Mr Dickon to a verry attentive congration

monday morning [Nov 2 1840] 12 took coach for Liverpool saw Br Canon & famely took rail way Came to Manchester found Brothers L. Richards Burnam J. Blakesly & L. Snow jest arived from america upon a mision [p.]

tusday 3 [Nov] we remained at Manchester

Wensday 4 [Nov] at Br Richards staed all night at Wm Hardemans with H. C. Kimball - Thursday [Nov 5] at P. P. Pratt at 12 o.c. -

Saterday the 7 [Nov] at Br Richards. I Be

sunday the 8 [Nov 1840] We had no meeting in the Hall I Baptised John Taylor in the morning Mondy 9 [Nov] took dinner at old Mr Brehiston tea at Mother Miller

tusday 10 [Nov] Came to Pendleton in the after noon at the hous [of] James Bome - wensday 11 [Nov] took dinner at Wm Hardeman fathers-
Saterday 14 [Nov] took dinner at Wm Hardmans

Sunday 15 [Nov 1840] I went with Bro Charles Miller to duckinfield held meeting in fore noon at intermision I hered a gentleman [p.] and lady play a butiful tune the lady plaid on a dubble harp it was butiful in the after noon held a meeting with the Church then went to Stock port held a meeting in evening and returned home to Manchester

monday 16 [Nov] J Taylor came to manchester st[a]yed till 20 [Nov]

saterday <21> took rales in company with L & W. Richa[rds] came to Bolton cauld at J. Cryer & Br Crooks tended councel in the evening staed all night with Adam Young

Sunday 22 [Nov 1840] W. Richards Preach[ed] in the morning upon the Preasthood I Preached in the evening upon the same subject Staed at Br young [p.]

Monday 23 [Nov] returned to Manchester Staed till Wensday 25 Started for London in company with Elder Kimball to[ok] raleway to stockport tared one our fued [viewed] the arches of the raleway over the town the highest arch is 135 feet above the water took coach came to Macklesfiel cauled at Br Ia Galley staed all night tooke coach <next morning> [Nov 24] Came to the Potries I preached in the evening upon the evedence of the Bible and Book of mormon [p.] Staed all night at Br Johnson met with Elder G. A. Smith at the meeting at Hanley

friday 27 [Nov 1840] I am at Br Johnson with Br Smith

Saterday 28 [Nov] tooke the omnibus at stoke came to lane end Elder H. C. K- got on to the omnibus We came to West Brummedy Cauled on Sister Roden took tea their then came to Gritts Greene cauld on Br Walker found Br [p.] A. Cordon when we ware coming back from Sister Rodens we overtook a man who was morning and c[r]ying [a]lto gether and stagering lened up a ganst the fence I asked him the reson of his feeling so he replied he was fainting for the want of food he said he had not eat ennything for 2 days Br Kimball hand[ed] him 6 pence and we left him -

Sunday 29 [Nov] Preached in Greets Greene in the morning attended meeting in the afternoon Came to Birmingham Br snow spoke I followed [p.] him Br Kimball then spoke staed all night

monday the 30 [Nov 1840] took the Cars <at 12> came to London arived here a bout 6 - P.M. found Br Woodruff at his lodgens came to see Father Corner

December the 1 [Tuesday] Br Woodruff Kimball and myself went across London bridge Went in to the Borrow took dinner at Allgood Sister Turley sister came acros another Bridge through smithfield market I Preach[ed] in the evening -

wensday 2 [Dec 1840] went to see Br Rodgers daughter mrs Sangiovanni had a good visit Came home in the [e]vening I went to see [p.]

thursday 3 [Dec] v[i]sited the tower of London went through it and then went to the tunnel of under the Thames and retur[n]ed home Preached in evening

frida 4 [Dec] Br Woodruff and my self went to visit the Westmister abbey we walked through St James Park had a fare vue of all the Palses saw whare qwene Victory rezide[s] in Buckinham Pales went from there to the abby had a vue of the hol of it and returned to our lodgens whare Br Kimball had ben all day

Saterday the six <5> [Dec] staed in the house most of the day

on Sunday 6 [written over 7] [Dec 1840] I went to st Palls Church in the morning [p.] Br Kimball & R. Williams went with me in the after noon Br Kimball Preached to a fue in the little chappel I Preached in the evening We had a good meeting had the sacrement in the eve at Father corners after mee[ting]

monday 7 [written over 8] [Dec] Brothers Kimball Woodruff and Williams & my self went and visite[d] the surgent musem of er[l]ia times and preserved bodies and the[n] to the Nation[al] galirey - & - c - in the evening -

tusday 8 [Dec] went to the Park and the Pantheam and so home mist of our company -

wensday 9 [Dec 1840] went in the morning to St Paul Church [p.] went all over it up in to the ball 404 feet high went in to the valt saw the tombs [of] sir Bengman West who died in London 1820 we then went to the monume[n]t then crost London Bridge and a cros the Iron Bridge then went to the British musaman and then home

thursday [10 Dec] went to mr Akins Church as he brake bred to his Church verry [every] thirsday morning - but they would not let [us] goe in we returned home had a good meeting the evening -

frday morning 11 [Dec 1840] I started at 6 a.m. Br Woodruff and Williams came with me to [p.] the Raleway station took the car at 8 rode 63 miles in a bout 2 1/2 hours then took [the] coach road 38 miles came to Cheltenham, in a fue minits found a good home at Sister Marthen Brewit No 12 Warick Building Winchumb street Cheltenham - lodged at temperenc[e] hotel 2 nights -

on sunday <13> [Dec] I Preached twice to a large congration a good Prospect of a good work walked in the evening to the liegh to Br Brewet staed all night

monday 14 [Dec] went to the Gadfield Elm chapel attended confren[ce] had a good time - went to Br Hiles staed till wensday 16 [Dec] Came to Br Kington. Went to mr Hill to the P. H house [p.] spent the evening staed at Br Kington all night -

thursda 17 [Dec] Spent the day at Br Kington went to Elder Pitt in the even[ing] had a good visit staed at Br Kin[gton]

friday 18 [Dec 1840] went to visit Sister Fidler spent the afternoon and evening sistere Mathews and daughter was there had a good visit came to Led burry staed at Br Pullen all night

Saterday 19 Came to standly hill staed all night at Br Okeys

Sunday 20 [Dec] I Preached at Frooms hill in the morning at standly hill in the afternoon tended meeting in the evening same place [p.]

monday 21 [Dec 1840] attended confrence at Standly hill staed all night at Br Okeys - I have had a good time with the Brethrn I find Fathers & mothers sisters & Brothers whare ever I goe Came to Ledburry Preached in the evening st[aed] at Br Pollen -

wensday morning 23 [Dec] left Br L. Richards a[t] half past 9 a.m came to Birmingham then to gritt greene found L. [L written over E] snow at Br Walkers jest geting over the measels staed all night with him next morning [24 Dec] [p.] took coach at the juncion Came to Lane end staed all night at Br Players tended Church meting in the evening -

frida 25 [Dec 1840] attended confrence with the church had a good time gave the church much instruction found Eld G. A. Smith not verry well staed all night with him at Br Sameul Johnson

Saterdy 26 [Dec] took the Coach in the after noon Came to Manchester found Br Richards ther in councel with the Brethern at Br Pratts

Sunday 27 [Dec 1840] I Preached in the Carpender Hall morning and evening it [p.] being our las sabath there staed all night at Br Pratt

monday [Dec 28] staed to due som buisness and came to Br Richards Lodgen at Ed Walkers I shall stay all night

tusday [Dec 29] came to L.pool cald on our Printer paid him som monny Br Taylor was gon to harden came home on thursday [Dec 31] had a confrence on friday the first day of Janery 1841 staed at Br Harises with Ed Taylor Elds P P. Pratt J. Burnam & J. Curtis [p.] was at the confrence the last day in december I was at Br Richards [&] Harison with the Br Taylor and others set up till after 12 o.c.