1841 Journal


1841 Journal



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Brigham Young Journal, 19 Oct 1840 - 1 Aug 1844; holograph, 4 5/8" (11.7 cm) x 2 3/4" (7 cm), black leather, unlined paper. Brigham Young Collection (MS 1234, bx 71, fd 3), LDS Church Archives.


Eds P. Pratt & Taylor and myself came to Preston on saterday the 2 [Jan 1841] attended confrence on sunday the 3 [Jan] Br P. P. Pratt went to Manchest[er] on monday 4 [Jan] -

tusday 5 [Jan] Br Taylor and I went to Penwortham J. T. Preached in the evening

wensday [6 Jan 1841] went to Longton to see Br Rocklef & Blackus

A Marble Quarry a bout 10 miles a bove the mouth of the Illinois River by Fra[n]cis Clark Ribchester - Jan the 9 - 1841

found them unwell b[ut] in the faith. Br Mellen was with us we laid our hans on them they braught us good knews from our famelies and Brethrin we returned to Preston the same night [6 Jan] staed till frida [8 Jan 1841] Br P. Mellen & I started for Cletheroe confrence [p.] I left Br Taylor in Preston unwell - we came to Ribchester sta[e]d all night with E[d] Clark

Saterday 9 [Jan 1841] Came to Cletheroe stoped at Br L. Smith found E[d] Richards Staed all night [with] Steven Langstoth had a good confrence

a sunday the 10 [Jan] staed all night at the same place Staed at Br smiths till tusday 12 [Jan] Br Richards went to his wifes Fathers. I took coach on tusday morning [12 Jan 1841] at 5 o c - [p.] came to manchestr found Br Pratts famely all well staed all night on wensday 13 [Jan] took dinner with Br Patrick staed at Br- Pratt all night

thursday [Jan 14] took the cares at 2 o [clock] - 45 min came to Liverpool Preached in the evening in the musac hall staed at Br Harisons all night spent frida [Jan 15] there here in the evening Br. Richards came here [p.]

Sunday 17 [Jan 1841] I Preached twice in the music hall

monday [Jan 18] Br W. Richards and myself commencd our index for the Book of mormon - at Br Harison

wensday evening [Jan 20] I Preached in hall

thursday evening [Jan 21] Preached at B. Greene aws -

sunday 24 [Jan] I Preached in musac Hall twice -

Feb 3 [Wednesday] I gave a Lector on the music hall - [p.]

on the 7 of Feb [Sunday] the Companey started on Bord the ship sheffield Capt Porter Br Hyram Clark took charge of the companey
Spent the time in L.pool -

on tusday 16 [Feb 1841] Br Daniel Browett from gloster Shier and his company of one <109> soles started on bord Echo - capt wood [p.]

Feb Saterday 20 [1841] went to Harden with Br Burnham preached twice of on the sabath [Feb 21] also on monday even[ing] [Feb 22] also tusday evening [Feb 23] on Wensday 24 [Feb] returnd to Liverpool - thursday 25 [Feb] at a blesing meeting at Br damville No 9 Fletcherstreet

Saterday [Feb 27] came to Manchester found Br P. Pratt & famely well the Bretherin all well [p.] much rejoiced to see me

Sunday morning 28 [Feb] I preched in Lumbert bur St room visited the Brotherin

on Monday march 1 [1841] tusday 2 [Mar] came to Holdham stoped at Br Joseph Marsland Worneth Mills

wensday 3 [Mar] came to manchester staed at Br Busheas all night
thursdy [Mar 4] went to see Br Greene found him well came to Br McKilrick

Saterday 6 [Mar] Br Kimball came to manchester [p.]

8 of march 1841 I Preached in the Carpenders Hall <yesterday> in the morning Br H. C. K. in the evening now at E[d] Gorge Walkers monday 8 [Mar] was at a meeting in the evening at Br Coopers Staed at Bro Walkers all night tusday night [Mar 9] staed at Father Broth[er]tons -

wensday 10 [Mar] took diner at Br Pratts Staed at Br Bushes all night - 11 day [p.] thursday [Mar] - 12 o.c. at Br Walkers took rale coach at 2 p.m. came to L.pool found Brs Richards & Taylor, all the saints well. a com[pany] reddy to start for america Br T Smith & Wm Mors in the com[pany] went to a blesing meeting

thursday evening <12> [Mar] at Br Wildens

went to a blesing meeting to Br Mitchel frida eve 13 [Mar] went to the Hall to meeting in the afternoon [p.]

monday 15 [Mar 1841] took tea at Br Dumville whare there was a blesing meeting

wensday 17 [Mar] the ship Alasto saled with the Brethrin Brothers H. C. Kimball & W. Richards started for Preston in company with Peter Mellin & Whitehead. Br R. Hadlock and my self came to Harden staed all night at Joseph Ellis Br Hadlock Preach[ed] in the evening found the Bren all well. [p.]

Saterday 20 [Mar 1841] I went to overton with Br Fredrick Cook stoped to Br Price found Br Burnam <&> Royal J. Mahon, J Burgel all well. I preached in the morning sunday 21 [Mar] and in the evening at Br Price had a large congration, staed all night held a meeting monday. [Mar 22].

tusday [Mar 23] came to Lpool walked a bout 15 miles took rale car at Chester [p.]

Wensday 25 - 26 - 27 [24 - 25 - 26 Mar 1841] Spent the time as wetness on the case of Joseph Holaway

Sunday morning 28 [Mar] went to here Mr Aitken Preach Brs W. Richards R. Harison went with

monday & tusday 29 . 30 [Mar] Packed up Books of mormon [remainder of p. blank]

Busness for the Councel of the twelve on the 6 day of Apriel 401 a peace prapared for the Star for to govern the getherin of the saints from Urop - an agent at L.pool for to conduc the saints - a nother Patrick ordained [p.] a peace wreten to enstruct the Saints a bout getherin to america - an agent in L-pool & one in N.orlans

the Elders are not Fathers but medwifes

high Preast to be ordaind G. D. Watt - A. Fielding T Richardson - Wm Key, John Greenehow <and> Mc guffee Br Whitehead an Elder to Ipswich 1 to Cheltenham [p.]

north south
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sebe nwbw sebe swbw
ebn wbn ebs wbs
east west east west [p.]

[page blank]

my Jornal wensday 31 [Mar 1841] attended confrence in L.pool

thursday first day of Apriel Br W. Richards & my self Came to manchester arived at 47 oxford St at P. P. Pratts betwene 12 & 1 found Br H. C. Kimball O. Hyde W. Woodruff & G. A. Smith was much rejoiced to see my Bretherin especely O. Hyde [p.] Spent the time till the next day [April 2] when Brs J. Taylor & O. Pratt came to hand a bout 2 P.M. we commenced Buisness frida [Apr 2] & saterday [Apr 3]

Sunday 4 [Apr] 9 of the 12 was at the hall namely B. young H. C. Kimball O. Hyde P. P. Pratt O. Pratt W. Richards W. Woodruff J. Taylor & G. A. Smith all bore [p.] testamoney to the Bible Book of mormon J. Smith as a Prophet 4 at Br Walkers in salford[?] 5 in councel with the Bretherin of the 12 -

tusday 6 [Apr 1841] our confrence commenced at 10 A.M. We had a good time

on wensday 7 [Apr] the Corum of the 12 war to gether a part of the [p.] day spent the time visiting the saints took tea at Mothers Millers on 7 [Apr]

on frida 9 [Apr] we all went to the Z<o>ologacal gardens. I was sick in the forenoon. Stead at Fathers Brothertons all night -

on, sateday 10 [Apr] Br Snow & Adams left for Burmingham [p.]

Sunday [Apr 11] I rested in Bed till a[l]most 12 o,clock Br Woodruff Preached in the morning O. Pratt in the evening I attended the meeting in the after noon & evening we had a good meeting left the Bretherin in good faith & feloship

monday [Apr 12] traded a little at Falkern [p.]

tusday night [Apr 13] Br Levi Richards staed with me at Br Bewshers

thursday wensday morning 13 [14 Apr 1841] Br Kimball left for Preston. Breatherns L. Richards W. Woodruff & G. A. Smith are present

thursday 15 of Apriel 1841 Came from Manchester started 1/4 to 3 p.m. in com [p.] pany with L. Richards, Woodruff O. Pratt G. A. smith - attended the tea party in the musac hall

Tusday the 20 [Apr 1841] went on Bord the Rochester Cast ancare till wensday 21 [Apr] waed ancar a bout 10 a.m. saled out of the River a bout 12 had a fine brease till out of the chanel [p.]

we had 8 days contry wind 29 [Apr] wind changed had fare wind and a plesent sale for 4 days then the wind fel was be calmed on the Banks of new found Land. I was verry sick & destresed in my hed & stomick I felt as though I could not endure menny such voiges as I had indured for 2 years or sence I started on my [p.] mision and ware it not for the power of god & his tendere mercy I should despare. but the Lord is my strength this is the 5 day of May 1841 it is a fine plesent day yesterday was the first day that looked like anamerican day for the pureness of the atmostfere - [p.] there has ben som sickness on bord sence we started Sister Ersken['s] Child and Sister Greene['s] Child has ben sick - the Bretherin and Sisters apere to feele well this morning though som have felt to grumble som sence we have ben on our jorney - [p.]
when the winds ware contry the 12 a gread to humble them selves before the Lord and ask him to calm the sease & give us a fair wind, we did so & the wind emeditly changed and from that time to this it has blone in our favor [p.]

thursday 6 [May 1841] wind contry al the pasengers well able to eat saw a velsel [vessel] to the winderd

friday 7 [May] we had a fine sale in the fore part of the day, in the afternoon the wind blue from the south west which stoped our progreese, storme after Storme till it blue a gale and continued till the next day [p.]

Saterday 8 [May] in the afternoon it is fine wether a gane 5 P.M. I have jest come up stares for the first time to day

Sunday the 9 the wind from the north we sale a bout 12 not a noure we are all perty well my head akes a little my helth is verry feeble [p.]

monday 10 it is a fine day but little wind and that a h[e]ad I had a good nights rest last night feele pirty well the Bretherin are generly well and in good spirits - Calm till 12 in the night the wind arose from the south west blue hard we ran a lou 9 not a nour all day

tusday 11 [May] a[t] 4 o c P.M. we hove [p.] in sight of a vessel going the same way we are going

wensday 12 [May 1841] the wind is right a head of us a bout 10 a.m. we came in sight of land the south point of novacoshia the Cap[tain] said it was Cape Sable we have seene 3 vessels to day wind died a way calm all night fougey & raney

Thursday 13 [May] calm cloudy & raney [p.] in the after noon the wind blue from the south west it went down in the evening

friday morning the 14 [May] fare and plesent a light wind from the north east all feele perty well we are a bout 500 m from N. york ca[l]me all day the ship lies still on the water we see a grate menny small fish we thaught mackrel [p.] there is a grate menney see weeds in the water for 2 days back - in Longetude 67 from London & 7 from N. york a plesent evening 367 miles from N york

Saterday morning the 15 [May 1841] verry plesent a light Brese in our favor goe a bout 3 miles a nour all well [p.] plesent all day Sister Richards came on the deck -

Sunday 16 [May] fauga this morning light Brese som of the pasengers sickley, at 12 the wind shifted in to the South then south west blue a fine brese

monday morning 17 [May] the wind is high the see rough I have ben unwell through the night we run [p.] 8 1/2 nots anour the wind ded a head. a bout 3 P.M we took on <bord> our Pilot the wind began to die a way a bout 5 o.c. the Pilot said we ware a bout 65 miles from Sanday hook fine and Plesent [p.]

tusday 18 [May] fine and plesent win[d] not faverable 11 1/2 saw a smoke arising from Jersey shores had a fine night rest last night we saled south from N. york about 30 or 40 miles then tacked a bout for N. york a bout 5 P.M. we soon came in sight Barneget light light house 45 miles [p.] from Sanday hook -

Wensday 19 [May 1841] we came in to the bay a bout 4 a.m. fine morning my native Land looks good to me we are all well this morning - Could not get in to harber Cast ancor a bout 11 a.m. [p.]

thursday 20 - [May] 1841 fine morning it looks like my native Contry we are on Quarintien Ground we feele perty well Br Kimball is unwell

Came to the citty thursday 21 [May] evening Came to sister [p.] adms found the Bretherin jenerly well -

Saterday 22 [May] Br Edward Okey was mared to Eliza Brewer at Br Latsons By Br W. Woodruff [p.]

went on to Long Island monday 31 of may Saw the Bretherin all well returned to N. york

June the first [1841] this day I am 40 years old there was menny fires in N. y. while there - the Brethern [p.] and Sisters ware verry kind to us while there -

on frida 4 of June 1841 - Brs Kimball and Taylor & myself Self left N. y for home we took Steam Boat for Pheladelpha - [p.] Brs G. A. Smith & R. Hadlock came part way went to New Egypt to a 2 day meeting. we arived in Pheladelpha at 2 o- P.M. we found Som of the Bren a bout Sundown staed till 12 in th[e] night - [p.] we then took the cars Came better the[n] 100 miles then took the canall, came 140 miles to holadyburger then came over the mountens on the raleway 38 miles - came a bout ha half way came to a level two or [p.] more miles the trane was verry long - 2 or 3 car[s] had a fine caredge on it, which took fire & before the Ingener could be notified it burned up so as to spoile it came to the canal at Johnston at 4. o P.M - [p.]

on monday June 7 [1841] - staed in Pitsburge till Sateday the 12 [June] looked a bout the citty - Started this morning a bout 8 o.c. found the water verry low the boat rubed on the Botom sever<a>l times [p.] 12 miles below Pit we run a ground we staed all day and nigh 8 Boats came up 1 past us to Pits 2 down we went a shore spent the time a greable we have a good company on Bord

Sunday 13 [June 1841] - we staed all day on the Sand bar menny [p.] of the pasengers left the Boat - I went a shore spent part of the day we got off the bar a bout 1/2 past 7 o.c. in the even evening

on monday 14 [June] we spent the time a greeable

tusday 15 [June 1841] came down the river till a bout 11 a.m. stoped for the lighter that we had left [p.] Started 1/2 past 12 when the steam was put to the whell the condenst steam in a scape pipe pord out of the & scolt [a] woman and a daughter & child by the name of Thomas Dodsworth going to Cencanata from Nova coca [p.] we laed up 7 miles a bove wheling

wensday 16 [June 1841] we Started verry earley in the morning Came a bout 3 mi - got on a sand bar got off about 4 P.M - put up at wheling [p.] the Boat Cicero is a verry slow runing Boat Cap Thomas oconner is verry kind to us staed at whiling all night

17 [June 1841] thursday came on our way finely arived in Cencenate [p.]

Sunday morning 20 [June] went in to the town found some of the Bretherin here we take a nother steam Boat for St Lewis by the name of Meourmade mermaid arived at Lewisville tusday [June 22] 6. P.M. it is a fine town a verry nice market - staed till the next day

wensday 23 [June 1841] left at 12 I went on to the Stone Bridge that the Steam [p.] goe under went in to the dry dock hewn out of asolled Rock we ware a bout 2 hours going through the locks

Saterday morning 26 [June] a bout 1, o.c. a.m. we ware at the mouth of the ohio Saw the Steam boat metera she is a fine Boat [remainder of p. blank]