1843 Journal


1843 Journal



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Brigham Young Journal, 19 Oct 1840 - 1 Aug 1844; holograph, 4 5/8" (11.7 cm) x 2 3/4" (7 cm), black leather, unlined paper. Brigham Young Collection (MS 1234, bx 71, fd 3), LDS Church Archives.


[1843, page numbering in another hand later added in ink; the diary is written in pencil]

March 2th 1843 paid a visit at Br Kimballs - their was present E[d] Hyde Far Nobles - there wifes my wife was with me 5 day[s] went to meeting at Fathers Alles herd Elder Kimball Preach then went to Br Joseph Young

Saterday the 11[th] [March] 1843 Left Nauvoo at 9 a m arived at Ramos at 1/4 to 3 P.m had a fine viset on the way put up at Br McClarey [p. 1] staid with Br B Jonson Saterday nigh

Sunday morning the 12 [March] - 1843 Br. J. Smith feeles unwell we found the Brethern well Br Joseph Preachd from the 14 Chapter of St John at 10 - o c - a m he taut menne grait and glorious things - I Preachd at 2 o c P.m from the 15 c. of st John I visetd Br W. Purkins in the evening Br Joseph & I staed at Br B. Johnsons all night

monday 13 [March 1843] had a church meeting at 2 o.c. P m A. Babbet Presiding Elder Br J. Smith Blest 27 children

Came home on tusday 14 [March] in a severe snow storm found my famely well [p. 2]

26 of march 1843 mared Caoline Frances Angel to David Davis
viseted Br G. A. Smith on tusday 28 [March]

went [to] LaHarp on saterdy the first Apriel Br J. Taylor with me we preached 4 times returnd on monday the 3 [April] -

Apriel 20 marred B. Artemes Millet

on Saterday 29 [April 1843] went to Agusta with H. C. Kimball Joseph Young G. A. Smith W. Woodruff held a meeting had a good time returned on monday 2 of may

on the 6 [May] I staid at home maried a copple by the name of William [p. 3] [.]inscoug[.] and Mary Wakefield

on Sunday 7 [May 1843] ord[a]ined a Bro to the office of an Elder by the name of O - F. mead

wensday evening [May 10] went to Br Pearses to here a Lector on anenmal mg magnatisem, went up to the Landing to see the Bretherin that was goning East namly Wm Smith J. Grant E. Robenson

Sunday may 7 - 1843 [I] preach at Layharp in the morning, Brs Nickles & Tufts spoke in the afternoon [p. 4] menny of the Brether[n] spoke we had a good meeting - Vilate and Mary ann was with me staed at Br Hampton Last night Came to Br Holman Sunday evening Staed all night Came home on monday [May 8]

tusday 23 [May 1843] meet in councel with the 12 set a part Brs Rodgers & Pratt for a forren mision to the Sandwich Island with others - Brs Hadlock and John Carnes for England

14 [May 1843] herd Br Joseph Smith Preach [p. 5]

Sunday 21 [May 1843] was at home -

Sunday 28 [May] at home & at Br Joseph Smith in Councel in Br[s] J Smith H Smith H. C. Kimball N. K Whitney Judge Adams & W. Richards

June 4 [1843] Went to Bair Crick at Br Smith from their to Nolton naborhood Came home on munday [June 5]

We moved in to our new house on wensday the 31 of may in the year 1843 I prase my god for [p. 6] the privelege of a house

June 9[th] went to Cartheg then to Br L. youngs went to Laharp on Saterday [June 10] preached sunday morning [June 11] in L.harp went to the south chool house in the afternoon held a meeting Staed at Br Hamptons all night Came home on monday [June 12]. Br P. H. young was with me he preached in the morning at L-harp with me found my famely well [p. 7]

June 13 [1843] tusday at Br Deckers with Brs L D. & P. H. young
[most of p. blank]
July 1843
Rapids Steam Boat [p. 8]

Frida [July 7] 5 m. to 3 o c P.M. Left Nauvoo was at the mouth of the Illinois 15 m past 10 the next morning [July 8] we have had a good time so far in our selves well [sic]

arived at St Lewis on saterday 8 [July 1843] at 2 o.clock P.M - took the Steam Boat Lancet

Left Sunday morning [July 9] at 9. o.c. 10 minits [p. 9] was at the mouth of the ohio river at 2 o.c. next morning [July 10]. we have had a good passeg so far

at the foot of the ohio falls wensday 7 o.c 35 minits 12 day of July

Sunday 16 [July 1843] tended meeting in the morning at the home of Father Hewits Br Woodruff and I went to Kentuckey in the after noon to Licking Branch Staid over night found Br John Yantsey and James Cobbertson in a cold Backen state [p. 10] Staed with Br Colens Pembetton mondy nigh [July 17].

tusday [July 18, 1843] came to Cincinati - on wensday [July 19] to see Br Marton found him at home, we asked for him found him and that was all he did not say Brother nor ask our names. we went to see Br Burch the next morning [July 20] and found a Brother, we returned to Cincin<n>ati. Started for Pitsburgh on saterday 22 [July] on bord of steam Boat Ad Elaide Capt Boughar Johnson Clark. we left the Boat on thursday morning [July 27] 2 miles be [p. 11]low Bevor town we came up to Bri<d>gewater took the stage at 11 o.c. am - had a verry ruf ride. arived in Pitsburgh at 7. P.M - B[r] Smith and my self went to find the Brethern we found Br Small in a bout 1/2 an our went to meeting herd Br Page Preach.

had a meeting frida evening [July 28, 1843] at Br Coopers I ockepied the most of the time had a meeting at Br Savory Saterday evening [July 29] for to instruct the Elders had a good time -

30[th] [July] Sunday morning Br Woodruff and Br Smith preached [p. 12] Brs Page & Pratt in the afternoon Br Kimball and my self in the evening - monday 31 [July 1843] we went to visit the glass works water works iron Boats nale factory and came home to Br McDowels - Brs John Smith Beck and Anderson was with us

August 3th [1843] took the Stage for Pheledelpha at 6 a.m. in company with H. C. Kimball, O. Pratt J. E. Page W. Woodruff and G. A Smith Came to a viledge cald Washington [p. 13] (Br Beck came with us 18 miles.) 25 miles from Pits here we came to the national road Came to Cumberland (125 m. from Pits) at 6 o.c. the next morning [August 4] took the cars for Boltomore at 8 o.c. arived there at 6. P.M 180 mils. then took a Steam Boat at 7 P.m. Came 51m. took cars 18 m then Steam Boat 65 Came to Pheledelpha arived there at 5 o Clock [p. 14] on Saterday morning the 5 [August 1843] - staed there and Preached to the Brethern visited the old state house waterworks and menny other places. in coredegd the Bretherin - left them with good feelings menny are going west left yesterday frida the 18 [August] Came to Br Wm Richards in mount Holley Br Kimball came with me & B. Winchester [p. 15]

Sunday the 20 [August 1843] Came to a place cauld rising 10 miles, here I met with Br Wm Smith Br. Page & G. A. Smith was there Br Joseph A Stratton was with us in Pheledpha and here he bids fare fore a good man

Monday 21 [August 1843] Came to New York Stopd at Br Mc Lane 182 Canal St - found Br Davis and Br Carnes. I was sick with the head ake and in my jows a grate pane here this morning [p. 16]

tusday 29 [August 1843] went to the arlington House in Company with Br. L. R. Foster the Janeral was not at home soon came. Staed all night had a plesent visit

wensday [August 30] he took his caredg took us to Coney Island we went in to the water a swiming Mr Bennet said to us could Baptise me we did so and confirmed [him] in the water Came home to his house he felt well. we staed till [p. 17] the next day [August 31] had a plesant visit

held our confrence in new york tared Some days Came to Boston had a good visit at linn [Lynn] hed our Confrence acording to a pointment Staed till Septmber 29 [1843] then Started home with Sisters Alley & Cobb Came to New York staed one day Came to Pheledelpha oct 1 - on Sunday stad till tus wensday [October 4] started with Elders Kimball and G. A. smith and margret Adams

arived in Pittsburgh on Sunday [October 8, 1843] 1 o.c A M [p. 18] took the steam Boat Rariton at 11 am found Bradford Eliott Capt John McCloy Sister Cobbs Babe was sick we arived in Cincinata on Thursday [October 12] 4. P.M. when a bout one our from the Boat hir Babe Died of the sonsumpsion we staed till saterday morning [October 14] had hir Babe put in to a tin coffin tooke it with us - we left Cincinatee 11 a m Saterday [14[th]] on the Boat nautilus Capt John [p. 19] Miller lay in Luaville on Sunday [October 15]. M Marton we had a good pasedge to St Lewis arived there thirsday [October 19] at 10 a m left in the evening arived at nauvoo Sunday 22 [October 1843] a bout 12. m. found my famely perty well Br J. Smith fealt well was glad to see us went in to counsel with the Bretherin in the afternoon

Sunday 30 [29 October 1843] Sisters Cahoon Cutler & woodworth was taken in to the order of the Priesthood - monday evening [October 30] Baptised Sisters Coobb & Haritt Cook [p. 20]

[most of p. 21 blank]

Nov 1th - 1843 Mary A. Young admited in to the hiest orderer Preast hood [p. 21]

December 2 - 1843 Recived into the Quorum Orson Hyde P. P. Pratt W. Woodruff G. A. Smith Orson Spencer Runald Cahoon Thadus Cutler
this night had a dream thaught I was traveling to the East with my wife in a caredge Coverd, it storamed I let the curtins down travel safe along though muddy [p. 22] we turned to come back. Br Joseph Smith sat on the Back seat with my wife he whisperd to hir sead it was wright if she was a mind to nothing more past betwen them as I drove a long the Caredge droad out to be so long I cauld not see my wife Br J Smith was an the seat with me I looked Back to see my wife but could [p. 23] not Br Joseph said we must goe and get the caredg or part of it that had Mary ann in it we got the Caredge but saw nothing of Mary ann. for she was in side and the Caredge closed in with curtin and they war Black we was puling it over a Bridg the last I remember -

Sunday 3 [December 1843] had a meeting in the upperrom Br Phelps read Joseph['s] a Peal to the G[r]eene mountn [p. 24] Boys -

December 7 - 1843 went to Br Joseph Smiths with Br James Moses tenderd Sister Hambleton 26.55 Cents for L. Robers dead [deed]
Lett all men know that <on the> 16 day of Dec - 1843 the Citty Councel of <the> Citty of Nauvoo Conferd the office of occener [auctioneer on Heber C. Kimball] for said citty wher by he can get a Penny for his famely [p. 25]

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