June 1835


June 1835


Brigham Young and the Quorum of the Twelve serve a proselytizing mission in the Eastern states and Canada.




June 1, 1835 - June 30, 1835


Brigham Young


New York
Ontario, Canada

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Missionary Work

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1 June 1835  • Monday 

monday the first day of June Elder Green and my self started on our journey for the east 

2-3 June 1835 • Tuesday-Wednesday 

June 2 <th> wee ar now at Brother Eaton in Rushford Brother Greene will tarrey her[e] I Preached at 5 oclock P.M at the house of Mr - [[p. 39]] Chapman's  3 <the> Brother Eaton' son cared me to Brother Markes in Portige I Preached in the evening 

4-7 June 1835 • Thursday-Sunday 

4 they Brother Marks's son then carried me in a one horse waggon to geneseo I then got achance to ride to Lymia their I found Brother Bishops famely they ware well, I stade their that nite - 5 went to mendon found Brother Morton,s famely and father Tomlinsons and they ware all well and in good sperits I then went to the cannal that nite and arived at Lyons town the 6 [June] whare I found som of mi Brotherin and som of them had started for the Confrence in [[p. 38]] Jefferson County. their I lerned that Brother  O  O. Hyde and mi self was sent for I their foun[d] Brother Smalley and he acompneyed me to Kirtland wee had a meting a satterday Luke Johnson Preached I spoke after him on the 7 sunday O. Pratt Preached in forenoon to a large congration folard in the after part of the day by J. Boington I found the Brotherin all well and in good sperits - 

8-11 June 1835 • Monday-Thursday 

8 day of June monday I left Lyonstown for the Ohio and arived at Kirtland a thursday evening <.11> 11 found my famely and frends all well and in good sperits and the Lord was with them [[p. 37]] I have traveled a bout 8.00 milles sence I left Kirtland and preched about 12 times -- 

24-25 June 1835 • Wednesday-Thursday 

I left Kirtland wensday the 24 <of June> O. Hyde <Wm Smith> J. and P. Young B. Rigs D. Wood Wm Draper, arived at Fare Port about sunrise wee got a boat qurter Past nine went abord Sundaskey we arived at Bufalo at one the next marning 25 we went to Lewiston to gether. their Bretherin J. and P. Young and B. Rigs left ous for Youngs town we went abord the grate Britton about 8 oclock in the evening arived at Oswego the next morning at 10 A.M. - 

while abord the Sanduskey I had anventasion to Preach I excepted O. Hyde and miself Preached [[p. 36]] 

26-30 June 1835 • Friday-Tuesday 

26 we here left the Greate Britton and calculated to have taken the United Stats for Kingston  O. Hyde and myself tuk our voleces and went to town we stoped to a bordinghouse - O. Hyde went to Bed I wen to. R- Oliphant Office and their I found him well. I went and tuck dinner with him I then went to whare O Hyde was and lade down and Slep. and the Boat United States came <in> and went out Before we waked Brother Wm Smith D. Wood and Wm Draper went and left ous. I felt verry bad for a spel but submitited to the Lord and I hope it was for som wise purpis for we found frend Oliphant frendly and [[p. 35]] willing to here we tared with him evning and the next day till 5 P.M. we then took the Boat Wm Bight <Avery> for Kingston we had a saft voige and arived at west Loborough Sabath the 28 and found the Brotherin in meting 29 the next day we held our Confrence 30 I Preached and was follard by O Hyde