1844 January - July Journal


1844 January - July Journal



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Brigham Young Journal, 19 Oct 1840 - 1 Aug 1844; holograph, 4 5/8" (11.7 cm) x 2 3/4" (7 cm), black leather, unlined paper. Brigham Young Collection (MS 1234, bx 71, fd 3), LDS Church Archives.


Janury 1th 1844 Spe[n]t the day at Br. E. D. Woolley -

tusday [January 2] Sister Cobb - Came from Mosura -

friday 5 [January] went [to] L. Harp Brs Wolley & Rule went with me
Reuben Hadlock No 36 Chapel St L Pool [p. 26]

Janunary 15 - 1844 Br. Joseph Smith had a bee for cutting and halling wood - in the evening at Br W. Richards my wife and Sister Cook

24 day of Jan had a good party at my house a bout 16 copple -

Feb 4 [1844] held a meeting at Br Chamblins in comp - with Brs Joseph P. H & L. D. Young & John Pack [p. 27]

Thursday Feb 15 - 1844 this day viseted Father Lews or Lous Luce

Last Friday went to Bare Crick with Br L. Young met Brs John Pack & Joseph Young on Sunday at meeting staed til Tusday the Brethern gave me som corn & Pork a little Butter & hunny had a good time with the Br-in -

24 [February 1844] went to Bare crick Noltons setlement Br P. H Young went [p. 28] with me held 2 meetings the Bretherin ware all well and in good spirits

Bonday [Monday] 26 it was lowery & rany the Brethern gave me som provision

march Saterday the 2 [1844] went to masadona L. D. Young went with me Sted over the Sabath
thursday March 7 1844 had a general meeting at the temple J. & H. Smith H. C. Kimball P. P. Pratt O. Pratt W. Richards J. Taylor [p. 29] G. A. Smith W Woodruff and my Self - had a good meeting spock on meny things
Wensday March 13 1844 met in councel at Br J. Smith store in company a bout 20 to orginise our Selves into a compacked Boddy for the futher advenment of the gospel of Christ [p. 30]

May 21th 1844 took the steam Boat Ospry Cap Anderson had a good pasedge to St Lewis held a meeting in the of Wensday [sic] with the Brethe[r]in Left St L. thursday 23 at 12 a.m. on Steam Boat Lewis Phillippe Capt J. J. Worman a fine Boat good cap and matt [p. 31] arived at Cincenata Sunday 26 [May] - at 5 pm
David Thompson Clark for the union Fir Comp
Dr P. C. Hovaker St Louis Mo
June the first <1844> held a confrence in Pitsburgh with Elder J. E. Page

on Sunday [June 2] Preached in the morning to the Saints and Spectators had sacrment in the after noon Br Leste[r] Brooks Preached [p. 32] in the evening

on monday [June 3] left Pits[burgh] for Beavor I Pr[e]ached in the evening in old Briton to anatentive Congration

tusday 4 [June 1844] started in company with Br Brooks & F. D. Richards for Kirtland at 4 in the afternoon

wensday 5 [June] arived in warren a bout 9 o.c. a.m. took on a large Party going to Acron to an ablishnest convension - the sperit manifested by som was to put down every body but them selves [p. 33]

June 6 - 1844 Br F. D. Richards & my self are on the Publick square of Ravenna Portage County Oh

arived in Kirtland on the 8 [June] found B. G. Young & sister Kent well I Preached in the Lords house in the morning Br F. D. Richards in afternoon. I gave them a lecttor in the evening on the Location of Nauvoo - the people are ded & cold in relegion here in Kirtland [p. 34]

wensday morning [June 12] went to Fairport took steame boat arived in Buffalo the next morning [June 13] took the cars at 8.o. a.m. on Friday morning [June 14] at 10 a.m. arived in Albany. took Steam Boat at 5 a.m. arived in New York the next morning 15[th] [June]

Saterday evening [June 15] 5 oc took Steam Boat for Boston arived there the next morning which was Sunday the 16 [June] stayd
I went <to> salen on tusday the 18 [June] Saw Vilate Spe[n]t 2 or 3 days then [p. 35] went to Lowel spent the Sabeth (23) went [to] Boston met the Bretherin on the 30 of June [1844] and the first of July met Bro Kimbal Wight Wm Smith O Hyde O Pratt W. Woodruff we had a good meeting held a political meeting on monday [July 1] held a Confrenc in salem July 6 - 7 had a good time the[n] came to Boston then to to [sic] Lowel with Br Orson Pratt. wensday 10 [July 1844] came to Lowel 11[July] Came to Peterborro. this is 12 [July] at Br Livinston

13 [July 1844] had a good Confrence [p. 36] with the Bretherin ordained 28 to the office of Elders the Brn was glad to see us we injoyed our selves we taught them meny good things had meeting friday night [July 12] all day Saterday [1]3 meetings on Sunday the 14 -

tusday 16 [July 1844] Started for Boston having heard of Bro J & H Smiths deth - Came to Lowel Stad all night - wensday 17 [July] came to Boston found Br Kimball & Woodruff staed in Boston till [p. 37] Br Wight Came in on tusday 23 [July] in company with G. J. Adams

on wensday 24 [July] Brs Kimbl Wight & myself started for home - we had a good meeting on sunday [July 21] Br H. C. Kimball prea[ched] in the morning I prea[ched] in the evening had a meeting tusday evening [July 23] with the Church ordained 32 to the office of Elders left the Bretherin in good feelings - Sister [p. 38] Cobb & Vilate came to Boston monday [July 22] Vilate staed till tusday [July 23] to visit me - we arived in Albany at 6 p.m. took the cars for Utica got to schenactada found Brs Woodruff O Hyde & O Pratt & Sister R Sayers. Came on to Buffalo arived there thursday evening [July 25] at 9 o.c. P.m found Brs Wm Hyde and [p. 39] Wm Pratt. took the put up a[t] Huffs 83 Main St Buffalo took Steam Boat Buffalo friday morning 26 [July 1844] Br. Hyde left us at Fairport we arived in Detr[o]yt Saterday evening [July 27] a bout 10 o.c. p.m put up at the Rail road Hotel on sunday morn [July 28, 1844] at 10 am took the Propeller* [p. 40]

Jerman Silver 66 1/2 cents per M 5. c. do. discount Salnixon 3 3 Pence per M

* Steam Ship Harcules at Macanaugh at 12 on tusday 30 [July 1844] - August the first [1844] the first Capt F. S. Wheler Clark A H. Gardner

Geo Myers St Louis [written upside down at bottom of page in another hand] [p. 41]

G. C. Oliver
2 dores below witter
St on the Left hand. on
5th st Pheledelpha
Henry S Magraw |
4th Street |
Pittsburgh |
----------------------- |
James Stevens |
21 South Water St |
Philada |
----------------------- |
Penna Canal |
Wm H Goge
St Johnsbury East Vt.
H. W. Merrill
U.S. Rifles
Fort Washita. Red river
[the content of p. 42 written upside down]

10 of August 1843 at 1/2 past 10 am in the old state house in Pheledepha
Pol Poulterer
12 st Pheledelpha
Whartan Elijah
betwene 5 & 6 St. Phe
above Parish St-
Norwalk at the foot Liberty St
6 o.c. a.m. Albert Merrel
Elder Wandell Merrel
hatter [p. 43]

Soloman Angell
Hanover Township
Licking Co. Ohio
John Reas 3 Jay St

[tracing of Kinderhook plate with the following written upside down in the plate]

May 3th 1843
I took this at
Joseph Smiths
found near
Quincy [p. 44]

F Freeland
north missipa
Oct 7 1843

[the following written upside down on the remainder of p. 45]

the names of thouse Present at the orgination of the Church of Jesus Christ of L day Saints in 1830 - on the 6 day of Apriel
Joseph Smith Se
orin Rockwell
Joseph Smith Jun
Hyram Smith
Samuel H Smith
Oliver Cowdry [p. 45]

10 Stop B[...] [faded pencil]
read Ezkiel 16 C - 6 V
or white paper under
the upper Lipp

G. S. Clark
171 pickets E. Little

Speres [name written sideways on page partly over 171]

[the following written upside down on bottom half of p. 46]

a pepor wash
100 white Lead <vitrel>
one eightyth part
of shugar Lead
Same of greshen
safom or [p. 46]

Apriel 20 1844 went to yelarome to Father Morleys Settlement Br W. Woodruff went with me Preached on Sunday had a good time Came home on Tusday [p. 47]

[three blank pages]

[Book turned over and commencing from back on sheet pasted to back cover]

the name of Enfedels
orfen of New York
Wm Cobet M.P.
L[....] to < - > members of

[the following written upside down on bottom half of page]

A Clark at Nauv[oo]

English mision -

Bougher Capt
of Steamer
[Inside back cover]

Meeting room in
Back King Street
Lorenzo Snow No 24
Park Street Birming
Mackelsfield [ - ]
[ - ] Standly Street
[ - - ] [faded writing]
Orson H[yde]
40 North
Richmond Street
[Edi]nb[urgh] Scotland [p.]

Samuel Johnson
upper Pitt Street
near the old Church
Stafford sheir
Gorge Roden
Dudley Street
Henry C. Comer
No 24 St Gorge Stre Row
St Lukes

William Mitchell
42 Garden Street [p.]

Question to ask Br J. Smith. Concerning Children that die in their enfince
Was David a man after gods own hart
did you see one of the 3 Nephits in 1840
who Baptised John the Baptis. or Christ
the order of ordaining a Patriarch for the church
a woman shall compas a man
Children Cast out of the Kingdom [p.]
what is the sealing of the servents of god all so sealing them up unto eternal life
times of refreshings from the presents of the Lord
did Enock & Elija die or will they
has a woman a right to nomanate a Presedent in the Church [p.]

Mr Robert Cleft
Boyce Lodge Dymock
Gloster sheir -
for F Kington
John Cheese
Brick Mason
Standly Hill near
Ledbury Hereford
Boshery Parish
Daniel Browett Leigh near
Tukesbury Gloster sheir
to lo left at Thomas
Margrets [p.]

Theadoah C[ur]tis
Hills Burrow county
of Down Iroland
Lucian R. Foster
13 Oliver street
New york
Reuben Hadlock
in care of John Mc
Caul<e>y no 3 East tarb<u>t

John D. Week [written sideways at bottom of page] [p.]

John Price Plum
mer & glashier
Overton Flint
Edward Oakey
Castle Froom
near Ledburry
Hereford Shier
Mr Robert Bicherd Bickerdyke
Painter betwen plum
and western Row
Cencinata United St. [p.]

Peter Maughen
Alston Cumberland

E. C. A
C. E. Adams
103 spring st
N. York

186 Wocester
Steam Boat
Gorga - [p.]

He[n]ry Gooding
Greeneville Bond
County Ill -
Wm Hill mobel
Presedent of the
female instutan
Mr Croft Clark
in St Lewis in a
Counting house
John Bats in Soap
manafactory -
Same [p.]

articuls wanted from home -
Bucks dickenery
Butterworth Concorda[nce]
hym Book
Mason aporn
over coat
Cobbs dictenary
Mr T. B. Parker
Palmira Mo
he wants an Elder
to mount Stirling
Br Browning 1 mile
this side Palaske
then to Agustia [p.]

A. Ennis
[the following written upside down on the remainder of this page]

expence from Boston 1843
to New york $16.50-
to Pheledelpha 975
Joshua Perkins -
52 Fifth Street -
Oct. 7th 1843
Ch Cochram of Pitts
camellite Preacher
John Edwards Johnson
R. C. Gordon
Warsaw Ill
---------------------- [p.]

New York
67 Northmore St
Jones Levingston
Peterborro N. Hamsheir
Varanes Libby
Lowel Mass
Lovina Chandler
Times & sesons one
year (Crd) $2 00 [p.]
[then follows the three blank pages mentioned above]