1853 January Ellerbeck Entries


1853 January Ellerbeck Entries



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Thomas Ellerbeck

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Saturday 1 Jany 1853. Very mild thro the night Rained slowly all day. At Evening The Social Hall was opened <by a Concert and dancing> commencing at 3 P M & continuing till Midnight. - Concert & dancing various comic songs By Elder Dunbar Also songs from the Kay family - Music & songs from the "African Band"- (the boys with faces blacked) Present B. Young H. C. Kimball & several the twelve
Sunday Jan 2. 1853. Mild but not very clear. Snow gone from bottoms. Preaching in Tabernacle in the middle of the day by Elder Toranto & Hans Hanson
Monday 3rd Jany 1853. Very clear warm day - B Y sealed two aged persons H.C. K. in Legislative Council W R in Legislative Council
Tithing hands engaged in erecting the Bents of New Tithing Store Hay very dear - 12 to 16$ per ton.
Tuesday Jany 4. 1853 Very clear warm day.
Wednesday Jan 5. 1853 Cloudy most of the day
Thursday Jany 6th 1853 Dull and Rain falling thro day at intervals -
Friday Jany 7. 1853. 3/4 in Snow fell during the night - clear da morning - warm handed "An Act concerning the Judiciary granting unto Danl. H. Wells the An Act right to erect Ferries across Green River and to control the same Resolution to pay postage on letters &c to and from Members of Legislature during Session All to T B. & An Act appropriating money to promote the Iron Interests in Iron Co.
Saturday Jany 8. 1853 Dull and Mild - The Buil
Sunday 9th Clear morning rather dull day Preaching by Elders P.P. Pratt and - - - Grouard - B Y.H C K present Elder Grouard gave a very interesting account of his mission since '42 to the Sandwich Iles which fully proved to be a very"important mission" fulfilling the words of Joseph uttered when he was sent from Nauvoo a mere boy.
Monday Jany 10th 1853 - Very clear morning.
Thursday 13th. About 2 in of snow fell last night. Clear morning - Warm sun - snow melting. B. Y. H.C.K. in Leg Council. W R. Home sick. The fine weather has enabled people to get some wood.
Monday Jan: 17. 1853 Fine day The shingling of new Tithing Store completed
B Y in Legislative Council some to day H. C. K. in Legislative Council W. R. in ill health at home principally.
Tuesday Jan: 18th 1853. Very fine clear day. Very cold and frosty nights. Snow to some extent in the valley. B Y - P M called in at the Leg: Council H C K in Leg. Council all day W R - unwell - but in Leg. Council
Wednesday 19th Dull morning
Friday 21st Part of the Building in which the Sugar is to be made fell (the roofing) down to day - Nobody hurted fortunately.
Monday Jan 24 1853 Rather dull. very severe night frost - The foxes come to the Hen Roosts in the night which will account for the disappearance of so many chickens. T.W.E. saw one last night.
B Y sealed 2 couple 2 P. M. H C K sick at home. W. R around. Eastern mail arrived this P. M. having been dragged from Weber on [?] flesh.
Tuesday 25th Jan 1853 Rather dull - fair day. B Y sealed a wife to Bro Grouard Missy from Society Islands. 1 P.M. H C K much better, around. W.R. not very well. Invitations are sent to day to most all the principal Gentiles of G S L City to attend "Presidents "Party" 5$ a couple - with their Ladies. tom Thursday next at the Social Hall.
D. Ballo's concert came off in the same place this night.50 ticket pretty well attended.
Wednesday 26 Jany 1853 Fine day B Y in his new office all afternoon and arranging about the party tomorrow. H. C. K around W. R. at home
Thursday 27 Jany 1853 Fine day. B Y Sealed a couple in N W Office, H C K around W R in office at home pretty well apparantly.
This day the following Bills having been approved by Gov B Y were sent to Mr Secy Ferris approved Jan 21.st "Palmyra Charter Springville Charter Washington Monument (Resolution) Act - Criminals Cases procedure Hams Fork Ferry Charles Hopkins Bridge Act Repealing An Ordinance (2) Resolution relative Terrl. Library
Act appg. Money for Completion Big Cotton Wood Canal. to repeal An Act concerning Joint Enclosures & Division fences"
Friday 28 Jany 1853. Fair day. B Y. around ordered E. T. Benson to seal Sister Lilleywhite to Bro. Sidney Knowlton <for time> acting proxy. for Br Lillywhite at 3 to 3. P. M.
,, Saturday Jany 29. 1853 Sent the following to Mr Secretary Ferris "Resolution for distributing a certain number of the Laws and Journals of the Legislative Assembly" Resolution to convene the annual Legislative Assembly
Act concerning certain animals running at large
Act concerning a Ferry or ferries across Bear River and a Bridge across the Malad.
Monday Jany 31. 1853. Cold Cloudy Snow in the evening.