1853 March Ellerbeck Entries


1853 March Ellerbeck Entries



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Thomas Ellerbeck

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Tuesday Feb 29. March 1 1853
Saturday March 5. 1853 Fine day
Thursday March 17. 1853 Fine day T B T W E engaged in the meeting of Sugar Co which took place to day in Rep Hall Articles of Agreement respecting Arsenal - B Y in <Gov> office
Friday 18 March 1853 Dull and rather warmer T B Poor fund a/c specifications for Arsenal. T B. copied affidavit respecing Mail to California B Y in office A M Flour is very scarce at the Tithing Office and the wheat is most gone
Saturday 19th March 1853. Clear mild morning fine day. T B. P E F Coy. a/c with Bishop Hunter T W E Do.
B Y at Lower Mill (Chases) took some Iron works W R around & in Library. T B giving him plan of another Secretary Bro Cannon taking Daguerotype of the Tithing Store and of the Stone for the Washington Monument -
Many brethren at work on the Temple block this day fresh Trout & Suckers offered for sale Trout @ 154 pr lb
Alfred A Smith posts up notices of his intention to preach tomorrow at 2 P M North of Livingston's store on subject of authority to lead the Church.
On a/c of the loss of Potato Crop last Season - that article is now 2$ p Bushel
Monday 21st March 1853. Fine day Grows warmer T B T W E P.E.F. Coy's a/c A. O. Smoot & E Hunter were both in office handing in the above a/c
Tuesday 22nd March 1853. Very fine & warm morning. T B. P E.F. Co. a/c & with A. O. Smoot & in garden T W E Do and <printing> for T. O. Angell
A. P. Rockwood in office giving titles to Persons for land in Big field. - gave T W E title to 10 Acres pay - thro T. B.
Wednesday 23rd March 1853 - Fine & windy dusty in the streets.
Saturday 26 March 1853. Fine day. B Y in library P M & around T B with D H Wells - cash a/c A M T.W.E. P E. F. Co a/cs Bro Rawleigh in office A M reported his 1st wife died last night.
Monday March 28. 1853. Windy & dull A M Fine warm P M T B in garden & with H.C.K. & W. R. in W R's office reading Heber's sermon. T W E office P E F a/c & writing forP. Office P P Pratt & D W preparing former's speech for press
Tuesday, <29 March 1842> Fine day, but rain in the early part of the morning. T W E in office & in his garden T B in office
Wednesday 30 Fine day T B T.W.E. "Order of day - 6 Apl") writing the above &c and went to Moons & Big field
Thursday 31st March 1853. Fine day. T B Mail Correspondence T.W.E. Do