1853 April Ellerbeck Entries


1853 April Ellerbeck Entries



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Thomas Ellerbeck

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Friday April 1. 1853 Fine day T B Garden T.W.E "Order of day" 6 Apl B Y around & on Temple Block with D H W Flour is getting scarce
B.Y. came in with Bro Geo. W. Johnson & the sister he was divorced - after a long talk they were told to "go and live happy" B. Y, told a bro & Sister who had come, he to stand proxy for her deceased husband. B Y said the eldest son or daughter was the lawful heir. That her son ought to act for and on behalf of his father so they went away.
Saturday - Apl. 2 Fine day T B T W E Land Record
Monday Apl. 11. 1853 Dull morning - some rain & wind last night
Wednesday Apl 13. 1853 Cloudy day T B. T.W E Land Record (Ruling new one)
Thursday Apl 14. 1853 Dull Morning T.B. Mill Exchanges T.W.E. a/cs for Deseret News Office & Mill Ex Book
Secy Ferris stole another load of Wood from Council House
News recd. this morning that bro Lewis & Co have come from Bridger starved out.
Friday 15 April 1853 Dull clear and Cloudy T. B. Poor fund a/c, T.W.E Do letter for D. H Wells to J C Little W R in office 5 P.M. about P P Pratts discourse for press &c &c
Saturday April 16. 1853 Very fine clear and warm, T.B. Land Business Perpet. E. F. a/c, settled some a/cs thro' T. Office Went with br Coward evening T.W.E. P.E.F. a/cs, Bonds & License for Thomas C Ivie to trade with Indians B Y went in his large Carriage with ladies west by Council House
Sunday April 18. 1853 Fine day. Meeting morning Tabernacle Preaching by A. Lyman & C. C. Rich and B. Young. In afternoon Meeting of Missionaries P M 5 B Young spoke to them; T.W.E gave delivered the certificates to them.
Monday 19 th Fine morning very windy last night some rain. T. B. P E F a/cs &c T.W.E. Copg Pres Sermon &c W R Se 2 Couple Sealed
Tuesday 20 <19> April 1853 Dull A M. South wind B Young started south Bro W R sealed a couple in his room 3.40 P M. T W E looking thro Papers
Wednesday 20 April 1853 Dull day - Rain last night T B in Mint W R in his office H C K in his office T W E making Summary for News
Thursday 21 April 1853 Dull day T B started southward T W E in W R room
Friday 22 Apl 1853. Stormy 3 or 4 in Snow on ground this morning and still falling - Thaws rapidly Noon T W E. Presidents Mill a/c
Friday 23 April 1853 Rather cold and clear T W E W R's room making Summary & B Y Mill a/c
Saturday Rather cold and clear T W E P. Mill a/c & Summary W R married a couple (3) 1 P M in his room Gov Proclamation concerning mexican traders issued. A man killed somewheres about the bath House a wagon of Holladay & Warner ran over his chest. He had covenanted, to stay and help make Sugar.
Sunday 24 April 1853. Fine day Meeting in Tabernacle A M P P Pratt O Hyde & W. W. preached P.M. Sacrament. O. Hyde & D Fullmer
1 P. M. W. R. married a couple
Monday 25 April 1853 Dull & windy morning. dull cold day. T.W.E. filing papers
Tuesday April 26. 1853. Fine Morning Dull P M & Some rain with south wind T W E Writing General orders N. Legion &c. for Gen Wells This day about noon W R said "The peace of these valleys is over for the present." A party of Ferguson & others started southward
Wednesday April 27. 1853 Fine day
Thursday 28th April 1853 Fine & Windy
Friday 29 Apl 1853 Windy & Dull at 2 O'clock P M. Rodney Badger was drowned in the Weber attempting to save a family of drowning children emigrants Well done good & faithful, thou hast earned a rich reward
Saturday 30 Apl Stormy General parade of Troops