1853 May Ellerbeck Entries


1853 May Ellerbeck Entries



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Thomas Ellerbeck

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Monday 2 May 1853 Fine day General training
Wednesday 4 May 1853 Dull day The Mail of November which was left cached arrived to day B Young granted G D W the privilege to prepare and publish whenever he pleased of his discourses and send them to England.
T B Sick home T W E Stray Book for D H W - rewriting rept to give for printing in News
Wednesday 11 May 1853 T B in office all day - synopsis of news by mail of Elders &c for "News" T B writing sermons for G.D. Watt
Thursday 12 May 1853. B Y H C K D H W All started for Salt Lake Island
Friday 13 May 1853 B Y. H C K D H W all gone to the Salt Lake Island
Saturday 14th May 1853. Fine day, very heavy rain all last night Report that Grasshoppers are eating up all the wheat in Big field! T B reading N. Y. Heralds for News
Sunday 15 Cold B Y & others returned from Island this evening
Monday 16th May 1853 Cool. few drops of Rain T B T W E papers, for News
Tuesday 17 May 1853. Clear. Cold. This day Livingston & Kinkead handed over to W. Richards T.B. Land Records T W E Do & Ex Pro - pardon for Nephi Stewart
Wednesday 18th May 1853 Fine Morning Windy night. T B T W E.
Friday 20 May 1853. Dull. large shower rain last night T B Land Records T W E. Do & Newspapers
Saturday 21 May 1853. T. B. filing papers &c had a case of Jenkins & Dalls before Bishop E Hunter T.W.E Newspapers & removing Governors papers to his office.
Sunday 22 May 1853. Hot -
Monday 23 May 1853. Thunder & small rain afterwards Clear & Warm. T.B. filing papers in Gov Office T.W.E. Executive Records &c
Friday 24 May 1853. Cloudy. T B Land Records. Legislative Party &c T.W.E. P. Office communications Do. writing for. B Y in his office W R around
Wednesday 25 May 1853. Rain last night Cloudy A M. T B reading Sermons to B Y in Gov Office T.W.E. filing Newspapers & writing Elders Certificates &c
Thursday 26 May 1853. Fine day. T B read sermons to B. Y. & Land Business T W. E. Copd Sermon of B Y for publication in England & Certificate of Chas Hubbs.
Sunday 29 May 1853. Cloudy Heavy Rain in Evening B Y preached in Tabernacle P. M. J. M. Bernhisel arrived in the city from Washington
Monday 30 May 1853. Cloudy morning