1853 June Ellerbeck Entries


1853 June Ellerbeck Entries



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Thomas Ellerbeck

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Wednesday June 1st. 1853 Some rain last night. Legislature convened in Joint Session. Legislative Party in Social Hall in Evening. B. Youngs Birth day and addressed the Party. B Young sealed 2 couple P M 4.30 in Pts. Office. This morning B Y and about 300 hands turned part of City Creek water northward, - by an old course, thro A. Carringtons garden - O. Hyde's garden &c
Thursday 2 June 1853. Dull morning, some rain last night. Legislature in Joint Session
Friday 3 June 1853. Still dull and rain, Thunder & lightning. Joint Session of Legislature. B Y present Iong while Legislature adjourned
Saturday 4 June 1853. fine & dull wet, and showery. Gen Muster Militia this dist Lieut Genl out inspecting B Y in office (Gov) approving laws T B reading to him T.W.E. writing them W R around
Sunday 5 June 1853. Fine day Judge Lazarus Read arrived in the city at 3 P. M.
Monday 6 June 1853. Very fine & warm. T B. laws T.W.E. do B.Y. in Gov office evening
Tuesday 7 June 1853. Very fine T B read laws to Govr T.W.E writing laws California Mail arrived about 6 P M Sydney A. Knowlton's house "caved in" thro the water from City Creek being turned north
Church Recorders Office opened to day. Bro Jonathan Grimshaw, a gentleman from England installed, -
Wednesday 8th June 1853 fine day. Spendid Shower in the Afternoon. T. B. Recorders Office T.W.E. engrossing Laws &c
Thursday 9 June 1853 Clear & Warm. B Y in Gov office in the morning with Capt. Hooper T B. Recorder's Office & P. Office Land Records T.W.E. preparing laws for Printer
Friday 10th June 1853. Windy & Dull B.Y. in P. Office 6 P M T.B. Recorders Office T.W.E. Ex Pro - Com. for G S L City Mayor & Aldermen
Saturday 10th June B. Y. signed Commissions for Mayor and Aldermen G. S. L. City in this office in afternoon T B Recorder's Office T.W.E. Read proof with Judge Smith of News &c. Architect's Office Removed from, Top to N. E. upper Room Council House
Sunday 12 June 1853. J. Taylor preached, Tabernacle A M
T B & E. T. Benson preached Tabernacle P. M.
Monday 13 June 1853. Fine, hot. T B T W E read Utah Record, Laws, with proof News T B read - revise all over -
Tuesday 14th Fine day T B. T. W. E. City Creek falling & Jordan -
Wednesday 15th Fine day T B T.W.E. Re-writing minutes of Meetings of Sugar Co. &c. B Y riding out with D.H. W. in carriage
Thursday 16th Fine day W.R. Sealed a couple H C K came in office P.M. W.R. & H C K then went to Livingston's Livingston & Kinkead's first train of goods arrived from East 3 P. M. O Hyde called at Architects about Sugar Works
Friday 17 June 1853. Very warm day. B. Y. went north in his carriage. W. R Irrigating his garden T.B. Sealing Records. T.W.E. Rewriting Minutes of Sugar Co meeting.
Saturday 18 June 1853 fine day B Y around W R Irrigating T B Sealing Records T.W.E. Ex Ro
Monday 20th June 1853 Fine, hot day T. B. P.Office T.W.E. Commissions for Legion Eastern mail containing last winters papers & some letters arrived W. R. in P Office B. Y. in Gov Office H C K came to Presidents Office
Tuesday June 21. 1853 Fine W R sealed D. B. Dille wife to him 10.40 A.M.
Monday 27th June 1853. Storm of hail last night. some rain this morning.
Thursday, June 30th 1853. T B T W E wrote Indian report for Gov Office. wrote letters for Postmaster.