1853 July Ellerbeck Entries


1853 July Ellerbeck Entries



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Thomas Ellerbeck

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Friday 1 July 1853 Mail started east.
Saturday 2 July 1853. Fine day Nauvoo Legion; in Coy drill.
Sunday 3 July 1853
Monday 4th July 1853. hot day Celebrated - see News
Tuesday 5th July 1853. Very hot day. B Y & Committee arranging for the 24th in Gov Office T.W.E. Ex Pro - & License for C. Merkley, Trader
Wednesday 6 July 1853. Very hot day Wacher (In) left for Provo A. M. Conference of 70s. Judge Read in Eds. Room with W. R. A.M.
Thursday July 14/53. Hot day W. R. in Ed. room - B Y sick, home. O Pratt's (No 8) Seer is creating considerable arguments pro & con Eternal Progression.
Friday July 22/53 - The weather has been very hot, of late. Rumors of difficulties with Indians at Peteetneet, and that a bro. killed
Saturday 23d. July 1853. Hot. The rumors of indian difficulties increase. W. R. sealed wife to bro. F. Forney in Ed. Room.