1854 February 28 Letter to Samuel W. Richards


1854 February 28 Letter to Samuel W. Richards


Brother Franklin and Little will leave for England in April allowing Richards to return with the Emigration this season.




Brigham Young


Samuel W. Richards


1854 February 28


Great Salt Lake City


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Great Salt Lake City, Feb. 28th 1854.

Dear Bro. Samuel,

The last mail due on the 31st of January arrived on the 26th inst, having been impeded by snow; it brought to hand the letters dated Nov 28th, and two letters of Nov 17th, one relating to Thomas Margetts, the other to J. C. Armstrong, each of the latter containing minutes. There is no general news of importance differing from that contained in our last of Dec. 31st. in which I also informed you that bro Franklin would leave for England on the first of March, accompanied by bro J. C. Little The depth of snow, scarcity of grass on the route &c, have prevented their starting at the time mentioned, but they will be ready to start on or about the first of April, and will be able to go much more comfortably than now, and probably will get through nearly or quite as soon, and I presume in season to give you the opportunity to leave for home in goodly season. It is probable that several Elders will go to England with bro. Franklin. I approve of your proceedings in regard to the emigration, as stated in your letter, and in fact of all your doings so far as I know them. Dr. Bernhisel may draw on your Office for some assistance, but he is instructed to do so on as limited a scale as possible, and notified that I wish those funds to be used in emigrating the Saints, as I deeply sympathize with the poor in Great Britain who are honestly anxious to gather to this Valley, and am ever mindful of our Covenants and duties in relation to the poor of all climes. General good health continues, & your Uncle Willard's health is better than it has been for some weeks past. Your family are well. Praying for your prosperity and welfare in the pathway of all truth, I

Remain your brother in the Covenant

Brigham Young
Saml. W. Richards

Liverpool, Eng.