1854 May 14 Fillmore Address Fragment


1854 May 14 Fillmore Address Fragment



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Thomas Bullock

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May 14, 1854 at Fillmore.

President Brigham Young arose & said I can bear testimony to the remarks that have been made by brother Pratt as being correct & tends to good. The discourse is summed up in the text, I have given the elders to preach from, last Conference Jesus says unless ye r one ye r not mine every person would be happy in becoming one with the God & Savior of our Fathers but when we get the people to reduce this to practical religion it is a work of years I dont dispute but that God if he felt disposed he would be perfectly able to make the people of one heart & mind so that they would understand the things of God as they r but this is not his method it would infringe upon the agency of men the Lord is capable of taking a sinner, the vilest wretch on Earth, into Heaven but that would be the hottest hell for him if a man is not purified to dwell with God in the midst of eternal burnings he could not endure it we have to become <purified> initiated & purify our hearts & minds that we may dwell where God dwells it takes the work of years if the Lord was to give this people an open vision & continue it, it would take away their agency they must act upon the principle of faith & be of one heart & mind in the things bro Pratt has laid before you Is there a man who has the wisdom to build up Zion if there is any man it must be by practice & continuing faithful in his calling Joseph has tried & I have been long trying to instruct the people to be of one heart & mind in the things you can & do understand but dont talk about it, but go to work & do it we have to grow little by little if we apply ourselves to our every day transactions we have the privilege of receiving wisdom, and light, and intelligence we have to learn those things that pertain to life & prepare ourselves for glory what a pity it is for men & women to strive to accumulate the hidden things & who r ever learning & never able to come to the knowledge of the truth what a pity it is to see men deceive th emselves who have never learned the first lesson to become of one heart & mind there are thousands who think they are going into celestial glory will be deceived, and that Saints too they will find themselves alone I