1854 May 20 Address in Cedar City


1854 May 20 Address in Cedar City



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Wilford Woodruff

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Ceder City May 20, 1854 Address of President Brigham Young
Reported By W Woodruff
President Young arose & said I arise to speak to the brethren I expect they will wish to hear somthing from me I wish to be understood in what I say I do not expect to make a long speech I do not feel that I can to night but what I do say I will try to make plain I feel thankful to Brother Joseph for speaking while the people were gathering the Ideas which he has given are correct. it is hard to speak to a people when we dont know what they are doing I have been trying to tell the people while upon our journy what to do I do not speak to please the ear & speak the truth & if that does not satisfy the people they may go to hell as soon as they please I aim to tell the people what to do. are the Latter Day Saints to be prepared to know how to enjoy the society of God. we have to be judged according to our works not by our faith alone. I dont care for faith without works when I see a people profess great faith but show no works I have but little faith in them but when I see a people that show forth good works I have faith in them. I have confidence in this people for I have visited you many times I have confidec in you I see your works & I have felt a good spirit when I have been here I dont hear any dog barking or any one howling I do not know what I may hear before I leave. this people & those at parawan are doing the best of any people in these mountains I believe. I preached at conference when I was here before & took for my text be of one heart & one mind & I will now say that you may dispare of ever being saved unless you are made one in spiritual things but you cannot become so faster than you can.the child has to progress step by step in learning so with us you have been here only 4 months & you have done more than older settlements you have done the best that any settlement has in the mountains it was said when we were here before that this people had done four times more than the people in Provo had we have to judge all people from their works people may profess many things but we have to judge them all by their works Our work is all temporal & spiritual it is all one with me. I went out this morning to take breakfast & for the first time since I hve been on this journey we had family prayers where we were called to visit this was with Brother Deaken I will not ask any man to pray in his own house for this is his duty I will not do his praying. You may ask if I live my counsel for you I will say I have and that is as you are faithful in temporal things I want you to be faithful in the things of God in your prayers I do believe their is No people on earth that have done as much as this people I do not believe that we have done as much acording to our in the City of the Salt Lake. You have done much Now be faithful in all things I can praise you & have reason to do it & I feel to bless you in the Name of the Lord & if you continue faithful you will have glory in the Celestial Kingdom of our God. Many have asked why do you begin to build walls & fort up in Salt Lake & settle there first I tell them because it is the worst place in the Vallies to build up a City I did not think it wisdom to pick out the easiest place to build a city but let the largest body of men take the hardest place. I now want to say a word upon the subject of the Iron works & that is I want you to persevere & not be discouraged Brother Lunt said that if I had thought that I could not have accomplrshed more in that work before now I should have been tempted to have run my country. but I will say that if you all work two years & make but one good bar of wrought Iron it will be the greatest victory that I have ever heard of. for I have heard of whole companies that have been broaken to peaces becaus they have spent all they possessed in experimenting. & when you begin to make good iron then their will be times that your furnice will not work well this is the case with all Iron works. but you must not be discouraged I will tell you what the trouble is your Iron Ore is to rich that is the difficulty with it I expect that a good deal of the iron that is made will have to be made into wrought iron. I do not expect that <evy> any man in the world can make iron ore without expense I wi11 tell you another thing & that is you may think that we have privileges that you dont have & wish you was there I will tell you that this is the best of Utah & if the United States should not make a rail road
then we cannot get goods but 5 months in a year while you can get supplies from Sandiego any month in a year this will be the best market in the world. President Young what do you think about our situation here our Heards &c. I think I would keep every thing safe I think it best to make good walls & prepare for war in times of peace keep good walls around your cities so that when you shut your gates at night you can lie down & sleep in peace in times of war I sill say a word about Walker He is now for peace He has not been in the war I know he has not. I pray that He has the spirit of God & does pray. He told the Indians that they should not steal from this people if you do I will make you Howl. Now be kind to them all. it will not be many generations before they will be a white & delightsome people be kind to them. I will say a word about your wall when you get your grain in build your fort 8 or 10 feet hier so they cannot get to you in times of war I will tell you how to whip the Indians & be perfectly whiped keep your gain so safe they cannot get it nor get your cattle nor kill you & then they will not want to go to war with you but will keep peace & want to work for something to eat. but take the opposite course & let your children begin to fool with the Indians & leve your walls down & let them into your Homes & get into your beds & you will soon have all the fuss(?) you want with them. But keep your boys at home. Make good fenses around your cultivated fields & keep good walls around your fortts so an Indian cannot get in unless you open your gates & let him in & they will be still & not trouble you.
I will close my sayings at this time I pray the Lord to bless you all in the Name of Jesus Christ Amen